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Fox River Valley PC Mini Trial

May 15-16, 2021 - Barrington, IL

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
CT - Preliminary - Saturday Final Scores   Jamie Bigelow Big River 39.1
CT - Training - Sunday Final Scores   maddy glazier Amir 38.8
Training Extra Show Jump Round - Sat Final Scores   Aspen Duffin Tag You're It 0.0
Training-Extra Dressage Round - Saturday Final Scores   Ella Bernardi Roxy 30.0
Training-Extra Dressage Round - SU Final Scores   Bernard Morauw VC QUESTERA 37.4
CT - Training /Novice - Saturday Final Scores   Ruth Ann Kowalski Morning Echo 31.2
MT - Novice - Saturday Final Scores   Lauren Traut Three Cups Jammy Dodger 25.0
MT - Novice - Saturday - JR/YR Final Scores   Liliana Villarreal Rich Beyond Measure 36.1
MT - Novice - Saturday - SR Final Scores   Jennifer Dougherty Sunday morning 27.4
MT - Novice - Sunday Final Scores   Bernard Morauw VC QUESTERA 24.5
Novice Extra Dressage Test - Saturday Final Scores   Shelby Jensen Chloe 35.0
BNovice Extra Dressage Test - Sunday Final Scores   kristen Rozycki Witch Hunt 28.9
BNovice Extra Dressage Test -Saturday Final Scores   Miranda Palmer Figaro 31.4
BNovice Extra Show Jump Round - Sunday Final Scores   kristen Rozycki Witch Hunt 8.0
MT - Beginner Novice - JR - Sunday Final Scores   JOSIE MACKEY Bella Doll 35.0
MT - Beginner Novice - Junior - Saturday Final Scores   Riley Mueller Gemily 29.7
MT - Beginner Novice - Saturday Final Scores   Kate Lassiter Colette 31.1
MT - Beginner Novice - Senior -Saturday Final Scores   Lucille Masten Island Sun 29.4
MT - Beginner Novice - Sunday Final Scores   kristen Rozycki Errill Lass 32.5
CT - Pre-Starter - Saturday Final Scores   Julie Pflaumer Leo 35.0
CT - Pre-Starter - Sunday Final Scores   Amber Bauman Gitan de Fremes 29.1
CT - Starter - Saturday Final Scores   Jill Zubak PK Kaloo 36.4
CT - Starter - Sunday Final Scores   Lucy Perkins Riding the Waves 30.0
MT - Starter - JR - Saturday Final Scores   Emily Stubitz Hawk's Girl 36.7
MT - Starter - JR - Sunday Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 1:42 PM Sun.
Charlee Witham Generation's Major Hotshot 52.6
MT - Starter - Saturday Final Scores   Kathryn Elliott Duke of Wellington 33.9
MT - Starter - SR - Saturday Final Scores   TRACY ROWLEY Better Than Pearls 31.9
MT - Starter - Sunday Final Scores   Diana Zeigner Night Tango 29.4
Pre-Starter Extra Dressage Round -SU Final Scores   Gina Powers Proven Warrior 40.3
Starter Extra Dressage Test - SA Final Scores   Diana Zeigner Night Tango 32.2
Test of Choice D - Intro - SU Final Scores   Jenifer Kloss Linka 63.438%
Test of Choice D - Training - SU Final Scores   Taylor Kogen Carlos Z 66.207%
Test of Choice D 1 - First - SA Final Scores   Mary Kolzow Manny 58.750%
Test of Choice D 1 - Intro - SA Final Scores   Jenifer Kloss Linka 62.500%
Test of Choice D 1 - Training - SA Final Scores   Taylor Kogen Carlos Z 61.379%
Preliminary Extra Show Jump Round - Saturday Entry Status  Times  
Dressage: 5:45 PM Sat. Ring 1
Pre-Starter Extra Show Jump Round - SU Entry Status  Times  
Dressage: 12:21 PM Sun. Ring 1
Starter Extra Show Jump Round -SA Entry Status  Times  
Dressage: 2:18 PM Sat. Ring 1
Test of Choice D - First - SU  
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