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Midsouth Pony Club Horse Trials

June 21-23, 2024 - Lexington, KY

Stall Assignments

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Open Intermediate/Preliminary-Open Final Scores   Margo Goldfarb Ridgetop Pirate 34.1
Open Preliminary Final Scores   Madeline O'Brien Carlevo 32.1
Open Training Final Scores   Megan Edwards Global Pixie 28.1
Training Horse Final Scores   Megan Edwards Spotted Chap 28.3
Training Rider, Div. 1 Final Scores   Marin Swyers Fernhill Mac an Bata 24.8
Training Rider, Div. 2 Final Scores   Molly Casey MoonLight Crush 31.9
Training Rider, Div. 3 Final Scores   Lisa Edinger Quinto Quest 29.3
Novice Horse Times  Scores  
Stadium: 8:30 AM Sun.
Laura Crowl Fille de Coqueire 24.2
Novice Rider, Div. 1 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 9:20 AM Sun.
Claire Rigney Cobra King 27.8
Novice Rider, Div. 2 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 11:56 AM Sun.
Chelsea Garrison Je Suis Bernard 30.3
Novice Rider, Div. 3 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 12:26 PM Sun.
Alyssa Cairo EWSZ Jalando 25.0
Novice Rider, Div. 4 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 10:26 AM Sun.
Slater Boos Sozo 24.7
Open Novice, Div. 1 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 9:50 AM Sun.
Erika Adams Townsend 25.3
Open Novice, Div. 2 Times  Scores  
Stadium: 11:20 AM Sun.
Hannah Reeser Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier 23.9
Beginner Novice Horse Times  Scores  
XC: 10:06 AM Sun.
Madison Temkin Prime Star 25.6
Beginner Novice Rider, Div 1 Times  Scores  
XC: 8:50 AM Sun.
Diane Begemann Middle of Nowhere 25.9
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 2 Times  Scores  
XC: 9:28 AM Sun.
Nicola Tucker Pandora 29.1
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 3 Times  Scores  
XC: 10:54 AM Sun.
Sophie Donohoo Redfield Riptide 29.7
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 3 Times  Scores  
XC: 10:54 AM Sun.
Hannah Sooy MEF Prince 29.7
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 4 Times  Scores  
XC: 11:28 AM Sun.
Gina Keller Snack Attack 27.8
Open Beginner Novice, Div. 1 Times  Scores  
XC: 8:00 AM Sun.
Melanie Helms Edelweiss du theil 26.9
Open Beginner Novice, Div. 2 Times  Scores  
XC: 8:26 AM Sun.
Kate Sand Miss Congeniality 27.8
Introductory Times  Scores  
XC: 3:40 PM Sun.
Lexie Yingling Gabby RVM 30.0
Open Starter, Div. 1 Times  Scores  
XC: 12:30 PM Sun.
Katherine Naselsker Foudroyant de Bellerose 31.0
Open Starter, Div. 2 Times  Scores  
XC: 1:04 PM Sun.
Hannah Reeser Little Ireland Illusion 23.0
Open Starter, Div. 3 Times  Scores  
XC: 2:46 PM Sun.
Lia Ramey Doonhill Dancer 30.3
Open Starter, Div. 4 Times  Scores  
XC: 1:38 PM Sun.
Martha Lambert Michael George 29.3
Open Starter, Div. 5 Times  Scores  
XC: 2:12 PM Sun.
Olivia Palmer Contessa 28.0
Non-Compete Entry Status  
Dressage:   Ring 1
Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)