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Midsouth Pony Club Horse Trials

June 20-21, 2015 - Lexington, KY

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Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Intermediate/Preliminary-Open Final Scores   Hope Walden Lily Langtry 28.5
Open Preliminary, Div. 1 Final Scores   Nita Sanfilippo Alarmabull 38.7
Open Preliminary, Div. 2 Final Scores   Melissa Miller-Slusser High Finance 35.3
Open Training Final Scores   Meghan O'Donoghue Runaway Fantasy 24.8
Training Horse Final Scores   Conor Rollins Edison T 24.7
Training Rider, Junior Final Scores   Macy Clark Baron B 35.7
Training Rider, Sr. Div. 1 Final Scores   Amanda Buday Van Rushkin 33.0
Training Rider, Sr., Div. 2 Final Scores   Lexi Crow Last Call 29.6
Novice Horse, Div. 1 Final Scores   Aisling Carroll Joinem 22.5
Novice Horse, Div. 2 Final Scores   Layne Sanders Chigger 27.3
Novice Rider, Jr. Final Scores   Mia Fox Sport Tracker 26.8
Novice Rider, Sr., Div. 1 Final Scores   Terry Cain Weis Lilie 20.0
Novice Rider, Sr., Div. 2 Final Scores   Sheri Birmingham Sea Breeze 26.8
Open Novice Final Scores   Elissa Gibbs Diamond Cut 22.0
Beg. Novice Horse, Div. 1 Final Scores   Marty Whitehouse Recurrent 25.0
Beg. Novice Horse, Div. 2 Final Scores   Paige Thompson Little Bit 29.8
Beg. Novice Rider, Jr., Div. 1 Final Scores   Miriam Copeland D'Stinctive 20.8
Beg. Novice Rider, Jr., Div. 2 Final Scores   Mary Grace Timmons Say Jas 28.5
Beg. Novice Rider, Sr. Div. 1 Final Scores   Alyssa Plewacki Myers Wonder 32.0
Beg. Novice Rider, Sr. Div. 2 Final Scores   Shawna Dietrich Marlon Nando 30.5
Open Beginner Novice Final Scores   Carrie Barrick Etch-A-Sketch 24.5
Starter, Div. 1 Final Scores   Susie Gertz Whistler's Question 26.0
Starter, Div. 2 Final Scores   Crosby Rudd Rudy Ruxpin 28.3