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Mill Creek Pony Club H.T.

May 28-29, 2022 - Kansas City, MO

Stall Assignments

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Preliminary-Open sponsor One Stop Trailer Shop Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 11:00 AM Sat.
Julie Wolfert HSH Bitcoin 32.1
Training Open (sponsor Ginger and Mallory Stiver) Times  Scores  
XC: 11:40 AM Sat.
Lesa Cafferty Bay Drummer 32.9
Novice - Open A (sponsor Cassie Sport Horses) Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 1:02 PM Sat.
Debra Lemberger Yoshi 32.5
Novice-Junior (sponsor Cassie Sport Horses) Times  Scores  
XC: 12:20 PM Sat.
Paige Borylo Talisker 31.1
Novice-Open B (sponsor Cassie Sport Horses) Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 12:34 PM Sat.
Anne Altorfer El Mariachi 27.5
Beginner Novice - Junior (sponsor Gold to Blue Sport Horses) Times  Scores  
XC: 1:45 PM Sat.
Holly Goen Fernhill Happyness 30.0
Beginner Novice-Open A (sponsor Gold to Blue Sport Horses) Times  Scores  
XC: 2:15 PM Sat.
Julie Wolfert Dolcetto 24.7
Beginner Novice-Open B (sponsor Gold to Blue Sport Horses) Times  Provisional Scores  
Dressage: 10:12 AM Sat. Ring 3
Jennifer Jantz Forty Proof 27.5
CT-Beginner Novice-Open Times  Scores  
Stadium: 10:35 AM Sun.
Mae Lieberman Casper 40.6
CT-Beginner Novice-Open Times  Scores  
Stadium: 10:35 AM Sun.
Caroline Spitler Blazer 40.6
CT Green As Grass Times  Scores  
Dressage: 11:54 AM Sat. Ring 1
Logan Ostergard Major Sweet Pea 38.4
CT-Starter-Open Times  Scores  
Dressage: 1:44 PM Sat. Ring 2
Michele McCarty Woods Autograph 31.7
Starter-Open Times  Provisional Scores  
Dressage: 11:04 AM Sat. Ring 2
Alice White Patrick 30.3
Starter-Junior Entry Status  Times  
Dressage: 12:19 PM Sat. Ring 3
Pony Club Teams
Level Phase Team Score
Any Level Scores    HM Scores Jump for Joy 40.60
HT Scores    HM Scores Can't Rein us in 34.10
Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)