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Jump Start Horse Trials

October 1-3, 2021 - Lexington, KY

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Intermediate Championship Final Scores   Dan Kreitl Horales 46.0
Open Intermediate Final Scores   Alexandra Knowles Street Call 50.7
Open Preliminary, Div 2 Final Scores   Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp FE Caison 24.4
Open Preliminary, Div. 1 Final Scores   Benjamin Noonan Keep Kitty 30.7
Preliminary Championship Final Scores   Maxine Preston Wants To Be Cooley 32.2
Open Training Final Scores   Marty Riney George Alexander 28.3
Open Training Championship Final Scores   Adalee Ladwig Diego 29.1
OpenTraining Jr Championship Final Scores   Lydia Eifler Hans Christian 25.0
Training Amateur Championship Final Scores   Cora Severs Cuervo 25.2
Training Horse Final Scores   Ciaran Thompson Ooh La La SCF 29.2
Training Rider, Div. 1 Final Scores   Jenny Lackey Dallo de la Galerna 25.5
Training Rider, Div. 2 Final Scores   Micki McDaniel Magic Artist 30.9
Novice Amateur Championship Final Scores   Jane Musselman Bentley's Best 25.5
Novice Horse Final Scores   Julia Spatt Uptown Funk 25.7
Novice Junior Championship Final Scores   Victoria Baugh Curioso 28.3
Novice Rider, Div 2 Final Scores   Erin Kowalewski HSH Lastikko 21.7
Novice Rider, Div. 1 Final Scores   Ansley Whitehouse Dynamic Knight 32.3
Novice Rider, Div. 3 Final Scores   Madeline Bletzacker Landtino S 28.6
Open Novice Final Scores   Megan Edwards Galwaybay HSH 24.1
Open Novice Championship Final Scores   Adalee Ladwig Argenta MSF 19.8
Beginner Novice Amateur Champship Final Scores   Hannah Reeser Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier 19.3
Beginner Novice Horse Final Scores   Tate Northrop Bourbon Boy 26.8
Beginner Novice Jr. Champsionship Final Scores   Maggie Hahn Dutchess 32.0
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 1 Final Scores   Ajay Ryan Cool Under Fire 32.5
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 2 Final Scores   Lindsay Parsley Kilkenny Mile 28.0
Open Beginner Novice Final Scores   Kaylianna McMorris Fernhill Future Star 28.0
Open Beginner Novice Championship Final Scores   Anika Hawes Can Do Man 27.3
Starter, Div. 1 Final Scores   Brittany Wilson Playboy 26.3
Starter, Div. 2 Final Scores   Danielle Northup Charley 30.0
Starter, Div. 3 Final Scores   Erika Adams Girl On Fire 28.5
Non Compete Entry Status  
Dressage:   Ring 1
Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)