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Northern Farm SANESA Show

June 27-28, 2015 - Gauteng, South Africa

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Class 6 Adult One Star Final Scores   Claire Martin Mark In Time 54.1
Class 4 Adult 100cm Final Scores   Martyn Swanepoel Rivervale Boy Wonder 55.8
Class 5 Juniors 100cm Final Scores   Christopher Fourie Tiny Tony 61.5
Class 5 Pool B High School EV.100 Final Scores   Daniela Machine Just Evangelic 60.5
Class 1 Adult 90cm Final Scores   Jane Brown Wow's Lincoln Park 47.0
Class 2 Junior 90cm Final Scores   Danielle Prinsloo Boundless 47.4
Class 2 Pool B High School EV.90 Final Scores   Alexandra Rowe China Clipper 58.8
Class 3 Pool B Primary School EV.90 Final Scores   Beth Coxon-Gilliatt Global Herbs Reaper Bahn 92.6
Class 13 Adult 80cm Final Scores   Nathalie Lugard Beaumont Jupiter Ascending 46.7
Class 14 Junior. 80cm Final Scores   Kirsten Crafford Rostov 53.2
Class 14 Pool B High School Ev 80cm Final Scores   Jannes Oliver Lebrashee 53.9
Class 14 Pool C High School EV 80 Final Scores   Nicole Anderson Phoenix Skywalker 72.0
Class 10 Adult 70cm Final Scores   Joanne Burford Capital Nastasha 51.1
Class 11 Pool B High School EV.70 Final Scores   Nicola Douglas El Encanto Conchita 58.8
Class 12 Pool B Primary School EV.70 Final Scores   Isabella Rose Sunny 98.1
Class 7 Adult 60cm Final Scores   Angela Erasmus Bella K 59.6
Class 8 Pool B High School EV.60 Final Scores   Annimie Labuschagne Burgerstrots Delmas 52.2
Class 8 Pool C High School Ev 60cm Final Scores   Nicole Anderson Belle Donna 84.7
Class 9 Pool B Primary School EV.60 Final Scores   Jenna Clemens Tata Ma Chance 68.5
Class 15 Pool B Primary School EV.80  
Class 8 Juniors 60cm