No. Horse Rider Nat.
33 D'ACCORD FRH Christoph Wahler GER
Owner: Stefan Haupt, Hendrik Von Paepcke
Color: BayHeight: 16.2
Breed: HanoverianBreeder: Christa von Paepcke
Sex: GeldingYear Foaled: 2012
Sire: DiaradoDam: Anette 80
Judge at:
Judy Hancock (GBR)Robert Stevenson (USA)Xavier Le Sauce (FRA)
2024 CCI 5* Dressage Test B
No. Movement Judge at E Judge at C Judge at M Total
1Enter collected canter Halt, Salute, proceed collected trot. Track right7.06.57.0
2Collected trot, Medium Trot, Collected trot7.57.07.5
3Half-pass left7.07.06.0
4Circle right 8 meters6.07.07.0
5Shoulder-in right, Track left7.07.06.5
6Extended trot, Collected trot7.57.57.0
7Transitions to and from extended trot6.57.07.0
8Half-pass right6.57.06.5
9Circle left 8 meters6.57.06.5
10Shoulder-in left7.06.07.0
11Track right and transition to medium walk6.06.05.0
12Extended walk6.05.55.0
13Medium walk5.55.05.0
15Rein-back 5 steps, proceed collected canter right lead6.56.57.0
16Medium canter, Collected canter, Half circle right collected canter7.07.58.0
17Flying change crossing center line7.58.07.5
18Half-pass left to quarter line, between I and S6.57.06.5
19Straight ahead to flying change on the quarter line, then turn right4.03.04.0
20Half-pass right to quarter line, between L and V7.07.07.0
21Straight ahead to flying change on the quarter line, then turn left7.07.07.0
22Extended canter, Collected canter7.07.07.0
23Circle left 20 meters in working canter, before C shorten the reins, Collected canter6.05.05.0
24Flying change crossing center line7.57.57.5
25Halt, salute6.56.57.0
26Collective Mark7.07.57.0

Total Points




Penalty Score