No. Horse Rider Nat.
119 EARLY REVIEW C Sydney Solomon USA
Owner: Laurie Cameron
Color: ChestnutHeight: 0
Breed: HanoverianBreeder: Laurie Cameron
Sex: MareYear Foaled: 2009
Sire: EarlDam: Lois Lane
Judge at:
Valerie Pride (USA)Christian Steiner (AUT)
2024 CCI 4* Dressage Test B
No. Movement Judge at C Judge at E Total
1Enter at collected canter, Halt, salute, proceed at collected trot6.06.0
2Track left, Shoulder-in left6.56.0
310-meter half circle left, Half-pass left6.06.0
4Turn right, Halt6.06.0
5Rein-back 5 steps, immediately proceed at collected trot, Track right7.06.0
6Shoulder-in right6.06.5
710-meter half circle right, Half-pass right, Collected trot6.06.0
8Medium walk6.06.0
9Extended Walk6.57.0
10Medium walk, Collected canter right lead5.05.5
11Turn right towards L, Flying change, Track left6.06.5
12Half-pass left, Track left6.06.5
13Extended canter, Collected canter7.06.5
14Transitions at H and K6.06.5
15Turn left, Flying change, Track right6.56.5
16Half-pass right, Track right6.06.0
17Collected trot, Extended trot, Collected trot6.57.0
18Transitions at M, R and K7.06.5
19Down center line Halt, salute7.06.0
20Collective Mark6.56.0

Total Points




Penalty Score