No. Horse Rider Nat.
34 EARLY REVIEW CBF Sydney Solomon USA
Owner: Laurie Cameron
Color: ChestnutHeight: 16
Breed: HanoverianBreeder: Laurie Cameron
Sex: MareYear Foaled: 2009
Sire: EarlDam: Lois Lane
Judge at:
Peter Shaw (AUS)Christina Klingspor (SWE)Angela Tucker (GBR)
2022 CCI 5* Dressage Test (A)
No. Movement Judge at E Judge at C Judge at M Total
1Enter collected canter Halt, Salute, proceed collected trot. Track left5.56.06.0
2Collected trot, Change rein, Collected trot6.06.05.5
3Turn down quarter line, shoulder-in right6.06.57.0
4Half-pass right to M Collected trot6.06.06.0
5Turn down quarter line, shoulder-in left6.06.06.5
6Half-pass left to F Collected trot6.56.06.5
7Extended trot Collected trot6.56.57.0
8Transitions at K and M6.06.56.0
10Rein-back 5 steps, Proceed medium walk7.07.07.0
11Medium walk6.56.06.5
1220 meters Half circle left extended walk, Extended walk6.56.06.0
13Medium walk, Collected canter left lead6.56.07.0
14Medium canter, Collected Canter6.06.56.5
15Counter canter, Flying change2.02.03.0
16Half pass right Straight ahead, collected canter, Track right6.05.05.5
17Extended canter, Collected canter6.56.06.0
18Counter canter, Flying change4.04.05.0
19Half-pass left, Straight ahead, Track left6.05.06.0
20Circle left 20 meters working canter, allowing the horse to stretch forward and down, Collected canter5.55.06.0
21Flying change over center line3.03.03.0
22Flying change over center line2.00.52.0
23Down center line Collected trot6.06.56.5
24Halt, salute6.06.57.0
25Collective Mark6.06.55.5

Total Points




Penalty Score