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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Stone Gate Farm Mini Trials

June 24, 2012 - Hanoverton, OH

Results by Division

XC Schooling - Competitor 2012

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage XC Stadium
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Marissa Abram Bad Moon Rising
Marissa Abram
Saturday 1:05pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Tori Andrewson Dobbin II
Tori Andrewson
Saturday 2:50pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Cynthia Bauer Madame X
Cynthia Bauer
Saturday 11:40am 4 Sat. Sun.
Maren Beery Bankrupt
Michelle Tubbs
Saturday 1:00pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Karl Bletzacker Mojo
Karl Bletzacker
Saturday 11:05am 4 Sat. Sun.
Madeline Bletzacker Drummer Boy
Madeline Bletzacker
Saturday 11:00am 4 Sat. Sun.
Olivia Boyle Southern Belle
Olivia Boyle
Saturday 3:35pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Bobbie Brocious Jigsaw Jazz
Bobbie Brocious
Saturday 9:00am 4 Sat. Sun.
Bobbie Brocious Waving Farewell
Bobbie Brocious
Saturday 10:00am 4 Sat. Sun.
Ashley Brush All That Jazz
Ashley Brush
Saturday 4:00pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Rachel Cellini Zephyrus
Cindy Widmer
Saturday 12:55pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Angela Christensen Father Nature
Angela Christensen
Saturday 12:50pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Kristin Clingerman Embrace Life
Kristin Clingerman
Saturday 9:35am 4 Sat. Sun.
Colton Clingermanstang Shiny Silver Treasure
Colton Clingermanstang
Saturday 10:15am 4 Sat. Sun.
Erin Crooks Destiny
Erin Crooks
Saturday 10:25am 4 Sat. Sun.
Paige Davis Totally Bodacious
Paige Davis
Saturday 2:25pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Jordan Delgross Zipz Lovely Angel
Jordan Delgross
Saturday 9:25am 4 Sat. Sun.
Anthony DelSavio Handsum Action
Anthony DelSavio
Saturday 3:00pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Raechelle Dietsch Suzie Que
Rachelle Dietsch
Saturday 2:15pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Catherine Doane CJ
Lauren DeCarli
Saturday 10:40am 4 Sat. Sun.
Catherine Doane MJ
Catherine Doane
Saturday 10:10am 4 Sat. Sun.
Nicole Eisel Trivoli
Nicole Eisel
Saturday 3:10pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Nicole Eisel Merlot
Nicole Eisel
Saturday 3:05pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Jennifer Fair Delta Emperator
Jennifer Fair
Saturday 3:15pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Shelby Freeman I'ma Famous Too
Shelby Freeman
Saturday 2:45pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Kelly Gaydosh Jamica
Kelly Kelly Gaydosh
Saturday 1:30pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Carter Gillespie Belle Black
Carter Gillespie
Saturday 10:05am 4 Sat. Sun.
Jane Gillespie Mende
Jane Gillespie
Saturday 10:35am 4 Sat. Sun.
Autumn Grogan Selahway David
Autumn Grogan
Saturday 12:10pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Kelly Hall King Cephus
Kelly Hall
Saturday 1:10pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Pam Hardiman Flash of Diamonds
Pam Hardiman
Saturday 1:50pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Jill Hazen Dancer
Jill Hazen
Saturday 9:20am 4 Sat. Sun.
Lisa Hennings Good Night Moon
Lisa Hennings
Saturday 12:20pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Maddie Hill Gamble On Me
Maddie Hill
Saturday 9:05am 4 Sat. Sun.
Robin Hill Lasting Impression
Robin Wulf Hill
Saturday 2:35pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Michele Jewett Double Dare
Michele Jewett
Saturday 9:45am 4 Sat. Sun.
Michele Jewett Mr. Pushin My Luck
Michele Jewett
Saturday 9:50am 4 Sat. Sun.
Emma Knight Bubbles
Emma Knight
Saturday 10:20am 4 Sat. Sun.
Mark Knight Magic and THe Flying Carpet
Mark Knight
Saturday 9:10am 4 Sat. Sun.
Melissa Knox Black Magic Moon
Melissa Knox
Saturday 2:05pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Maegan Kuhlman Shocker
Madeline Bletzacker
Saturday 11:15am 4 Sat. Sun.
Tay Laster Kit 'Astrophe
Tay Laster
Saturday 12:35pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Kacey Locke Braak's Biz
Kacey Locke
Saturday 3:55pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Cheyanne Martucci Bailey's Irish Dream
Amanda Ruane
Saturday 12:45pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Valerie McConnell Godivas Chocieste
Valerie McConnell
Saturday 1:55pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Haley McCutcheon Napoleon Dynamite
Dawn McCutcheon
Saturday 10:30am 4 Sat. Sun.
Julie McElhaney Silver Shadow
Julie McElhaney
Saturday 3:40pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Julie McElhaney Rain
Julie McElhaney
Saturday 11:25am 4 Sat. Sun.
Lauren McGill Ariza GS
Lauren McGill
Saturday 10:45am 4 Sat. Sun.
Jen Minister Moonlight Sun God
Cindy Widmer
Saturday 11:35am 4 Sat. Sun.
Phoebe moes Sofie
Phoebe moes
Saturday 2:30pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Brooke Molde Fiona
Brooke Molde
Saturday 1:25pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Brooke Molde Ground Work
Brooke Molde
Saturday 12:40pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Marjorie Muirden Louie Louie
Marjorie Muirden
Saturday 12:05pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Eran Murray Off the Charts
Eran Murray
Saturday 11:50am 4 Sat. Sun.
Tracy Myers-Dumm Astronomer
Tracy Myers-Dumm
Saturday 2:00pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Ava Noone Cirinity
Ava Noone
Saturday 12:25pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Ney Ortiz I'm Too Fancy
Ney Ortiz
Saturday 9:15am 4 Sat. Sun.
Ney Ortiz Indigo
Laura Barbi
Saturday 9:40am 4 Sat. Sun.
Caroline Page Socially Nosey Enuf
Caroline Page
Saturday 2:20pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Janine Palmison Exxpect To Shine
Janine Palmison
Saturday 12:15pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Emma Parish Irish Mist
Emma Parish
Saturday 3:50pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Kahle Pella Apparently Insane
Kahle Pella
Saturday 9:30am 4 Sat. Sun.
Lillyanna Quillin Apache
Madeline Bletzacker
Saturday 10:50am 4 Sat. Sun.
Kalynn Radzanowski Lightenings Fury
Shellie Kwitkowski
Saturday 12:00pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Lindsey Marie Rarey Shocker
Madeline Bletzacker
Saturday 11:20am 4 Sat. Sun.
Amanda Ruane Back to Balance
Zoe Fair
Saturday 1:40pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Amanda Ruane Angel Fire
Amanda Ruane
Saturday 2:10pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Beth Rucki Stealth
Beth Rucki
Saturday 12:30pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Lindsay Sega Regal Reggie
Jane Gillespie
Saturday 9:55am 4 Sat. Sun.
Shannon Shepherd Triple Play
Shannon Shepherd
Saturday 1:15pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Ruth Siegfried Road Not Taken
Ruth Siegfried
Saturday 2:40pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Amy Spaans Tea and Biscuits
Amy Spaans
Saturday 2:55pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Carly Strohmeyer Propensity
Carly Strohmeyer
Friday 4 Sat. Sun.
Linda Toll Fantasia
Linda Toll
Saturday 1:35pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Taylor Walton Silver Charm
Taylor Walton
Saturday 11:45am 4 Sat. Sun.
Meredith Wehrly Apache
Madeline Bletzacker
Saturday 10:55am 4 Sat. Sun.
Gabrielle Weller Quinntessential
Gabrielle Weller
Saturday 3:45pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Ruth Wepfer Zeus
Ruth Wepfer
Saturday 1:45pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Lisa White Valtino
Lisa White
Saturday 11:30am 4 Sat. Sun.
Michael Willham Elmegaardens Affair
Michael Willham
Saturday 1:20pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Coley Wisniewski Petey
Jamie Wisniewski
Saturday 3:25pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Jamie Wisniewski One In A Million
Jamie Wisniewski
Saturday 3:30pm 4 Sat. Sun.
Rishae Wood Great Catch
Rishae Wood
Saturday 11:10am 4 Sat. Sun.
Cassidy Wozniak Tobago
Cassidy Wozniak
Saturday 3:20pm 4 Sat. Sun.

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Check out all the horse show scores and riding times in the equestrian calendar above. Trucks for hauling a horse trailer are needed by equestrian horse riders who attend horse shows with horse tack and supplies, veterinary supplies, riding clothes, saddles and boots and riding helmets.