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Stone Gate Farm Mini Trials

June 12, 2011 - Hanoverton, OH

Results by Division

Competitor Schooling 2011

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage Stadium XC
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Michelle Barkhurst Kennedi
Saturday 1:25pm 6 Sun. 2:40am Sat. 1:20am
Brooke Burchianti Rikki Tikki Tak
Saturday 1:10pm 6 Sun. 2:28am Sat. 1:14am
Brooke Burchianti Babe Magnet
Saturday 1:15pm 6 Sun. 2:32am Sat. 1:16am
Karin Burchianti Espresso
Saturday 11:30am 6 Sun. 1:08am Sat. 12:34am
Kembrough Chesson Natalia
Saturday 10:35am 6 Sun. 12:32am Sat. 12:16am
Angela Christenson Pepe
Saturday 12:00pm 6 Sun. 1:40am Sat. 12:50am
Anne-Claire Christiaen Java Jive
Saturday 11:10am 6 Sun. 12:52am Sat. 12:26am
Kristin Clingerman Triple shot
Saturday 10:05am 6 Sun. 12:08am Sat. 12:04am
Colton Clingermanstang Shiny Silver Treasure
Saturday 10:10am 6 Sun. 12:12am Sat. 12:06am
Colton Clingermanstang Zorro
Saturday 10:15am 6 Sun. 12:16am Sat. 12:08am
Jordan Delgross Look At Me Now
Saturday 10:50am 6 Sun. 12:44am Sat. 12:22am
Anthony DelSavio Tall Dark and Handsome
Saturday 11:00am 6 Sun. 1:24am Sat. 12:42am
Colleen Dempsey
Saturday 10:30am 6 Sun. 12:28am Sat. 12:14am
Cami Dietsch Hi-C Juicebox
Saturday 12:30pm 6 Sun. 2:04am Sat. 1:02am
Rachelle Dietsch Suzie Que
Saturday 12:25pm 6 Sun. 2:00am Sat. 1:00am
Barbara Efremenko Jumping Jack Flash **
Saturday 12:50pm 6 Sun. 2:20am Sat. 1:10am
Nicole Eisel Zephyrus
Saturday 10:40am 6 Sun. 12:36am Sat. 12:18am
Lenora Evans Little Mac Attack
Saturday 1:40pm 6 Sun. 2:52am Sat. 1:26am
Maura Goldner Moonlight Sun God
Saturday 1:30pm 6 Sun. 2:44am Sat. 1:22am
Jill Hazen Dancer
Saturday 11:55am 6 Sun. 1:32am Sat. 12:46am
Maddie Hill gamble on me
Saturday 11:40am 6 Sun. 1:16am Sat. 12:38am
Rachel Hosach Silberfee
Saturday 1:00pm 6 Sun. 1:36am Sat. 12:48am
Julie Hunt Irish
Saturday 12:15pm 6 Sun. 1:52am Sat. 12:56am
Michele Jewett Dare to Venture
Saturday 12:35pm 6 Sun. 2:08am Sat. 1:04am
Dara Legg Cruz Control
Saturday 11:25am 6 Sun. 1:04am Sat. 12:32am
Robin Mershon Anola
Saturday 10:25am 6 Sun. 12:24am Sat. 12:12am
Robin Mershon Undeniable Grace
Saturday 10:20am 6 Sun. 12:20am Sat. 12:10am
Marie Mong Ivy
Saturday 1:45pm 6 Sun. 3:00am Sat. 1:30am
Kelly Murphy Gerry
Friday 6 Sun. Sat.
Riley Nungesser Sport Model
Saturday 1:20pm 6 Sun. 2:36am Sat. 1:18am
Rachel Olson Simple Pleasure
Saturday 12:40pm 6 Sun. 2:12am Sat. 1:06am
Hannah Reeser Ragtime Rio Bravo
Saturday 1:35pm 6 Sun. 2:48am Sat. 1:24am
Virginia Reeser Callisto Reckless
Saturday 12:20pm 6 Sun. 1:56am Sat. 12:58am
Nikki Robinson Gladstone Joe
Saturday 10:45am 6 Sun. 12:40am Sat. 12:20am
Shannon Shepherd Triple Play
Saturday 12:05pm 6 Sun. 1:44am Sat. 12:52am
Ruth Siegfried Dobbin II
Saturday 12:10pm 6 Sun. 1:48am Sat. 12:54am
Rebekah Simmons Glenlivit
Saturday 11:05am 6 Sun. 12:04am Sat. 12:02am
Abigail Sims Auto Pilot
Saturday 11:15am 6 Sun. 12:56am Sat. 12:28am
Amy Spaans Tea and Biscuits
Saturday 10:55am 6 Sun. 12:48am Sat. 12:24am
Ally Tice Clover
Saturday 11:50am 6 Sun. 1:28am Sat. 12:44am
Gabbie Van Scoy Eagleton's Champ
Saturday 11:35am 6 Sun. 1:12am Sat. 12:36am
Wendy Watson Big Uno
Saturday 12:55pm 6 Sun. 2:56am Sat. 1:28am
Tracy White Aydan
Saturday 11:20am 6 Sun. 1:00am Sat. 12:30am
Brigid Williams Bourbon Tee
Saturday 10:00am 6 Sun. Sat.
Coley Wisniewski One In A Million
Saturday 1:05pm 6 Sun. 2:24am Sat. 1:12am
Rachel Woods Can You See Me Now?
Saturday 11:45am 6 Sun. 1:20am Sat. 12:40am

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