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Horse Aid Live Combined Test and Dressage Show July 2022

July 30, 2022 - Lexington, KY

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Preliminary CT Final Scores   Erin Neville Bluestone 42.0
Modified CT Final Scores   Gail Jackson Gudrun 29.9
Training CT Final Scores   Erin Neville Bookeru2019s Wild Idea 30.7
Novice CT Final Scores   Jerry Barnette Fernhill Fortune 32.1
Beg Novice A CT Final Scores   Lola Lonesky Symphony Dans`ee 23.8
Beg Novice B CT Final Scores   Courtney Lee Fancy Pants Chance 29.1
Beg Novice B CT Final Scores   Natasia Lind Max Q 29.1
Pre-Starter CT Final Scores   Heidi Vicary Reginal Trace Branch (Frodo) 29.7
Starter A CT Final Scores   Lisa Thomas Zambian 25.3
Starter B CT Final Scores   Jennifer Hardy Ferdinand 30.3
DR First Level - Test 1 Final Scores   Jhett Jenkins Neo 76.207%
DR First Level - Test 2 Final Scores   Nancy Adams McVille 71.714%
DR First Level - Test 3 Final Scores   Vivian Pierce Kentucky Gentleman 73.750%
DR Training Level - Test 1 Final Scores   Rhiannon Kauffeld C Major 65.385%
DR Training Level - Test 2 Final Scores   Paige Metcalfe My Brass is AFire 78.103%
DR Training Level - Test 3 Final Scores   Heidi Vicary Reginal Trace Branch (Frodo) 80.172%
DR 2-4 Percentage Class Final Scores   Isabelle Montes Valentino 73.780%
DR USEA Test of Choice Final Scores   Gillian Stover Broken Cloud 75.833%
DR USEA Test of Choice P-CCI Final Scores   Morgan McAllister Made To Order 75.000%
WDAA Western Dressage 1-5 Final Scores   Cedar Potts-Warner Majestic Lad 75.968%
WDAA Western Dressage I-B Final Scores   Jane Sanner Gaelic 77.778%
DR Introductory Level - A Final Scores   Jennifer Osterman Honor Roll 64.375%
DR Introductory Level - B Final Scores   Julia Hurley Light Em Up 64.375%
DR Introductory Level - C Final Scores   Keely Bechtol Chapter Aleven 60.750%
Greenie CT A Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 8:30 AM Sat.
Halie Brashears Loki 71.250%
Greenie CT B Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 8:57 AM Sat.
Joelee Dino Jenna 68.438%
Preliminary 3'7Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Modified 3'5 Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Training 3'3 Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Novice 2'11 Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Beg Novice 2'7 Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Pre-Starter 2' Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Starter 2'3 Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Greenie 18 in Jumping Entry Status  Times    
Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)
Test of Choice DScores