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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Chattahoochee Hills November Schooling Show

November 15, 2014 - Fairburn, GA

Cross Country Schooling 2014

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage
Day Time Ring
Heather Allen Magic
Heather Allen
Friday 6:35am 2
Leslie Allen Tango
Leslie Allen
Friday 10:15am 2
Erin Baecher Rashonal Image
Reagan Halbrook
Friday 6:45am 2
Lindsay Barrack There's An App For That
Lindsay Barrack
Friday 8:30am 2
Ashley Bizelli Quantum Theory
Ashley Bizelli
Friday 2
Elizabeth Caffarelli Hazel
Halliea Milner
Friday 10:10am 2
Margaret Clark Adams Way
Margaret Clark
Friday 11:00am 2
Elizabeth Clymer My Stubborn Side
Elizabeth Clymer
Friday 10:35am 2
Kaitlin Connelly Noah
Kaitlin Connelly
Friday 7:35am 2
Kayla Corry Wild Thing
Kayla Corry
Friday 5:15am 2
Stephanie Counts Jelly Belly
Stephanie Counts
Friday 8:25am 2
Sophie David Killiney Hill
Sophie David
Friday 9:20am 2
Cara Dewitt My Valentine
Tawn Edwards
Friday 9:45am 2
Harper Lee Draper Breyer
Wendy Draper
Friday 8:20am 2
Lily Grace Draper Bob The Builder
Wendy Draper
Friday 5:20am 2
Darcy Drury The Aborigine
Darcy Drury
Friday 7:30am 2
Paige Drury Bailey
Paige Drury
Friday 5:40am 2
Doreen Durr Apollo
Doreen Durr
Friday 9:30am 2
Ashleigh Dyess Commander in Chief
Ashleigh Dyess
Friday 5:00am 2
Kellie Ellis Lucky Jazz
Valerie Ellis
Friday 7:05am 2
Meredith Evans Divine Love
Meredith Evans
Friday 7:40am 2
Marley Fossett WHF Zula
Tawn Edwards
Friday 10:30am 2
Erin Fowler Candy Crush
Erin Fowler
Friday 5:30am 2
Jennifer Galbraith Back In The Future
Jennifer Steadman
Friday 9:05am 2
Abby Goodwin Epic
Abby Goodwin
Friday 5:35am 2
Julie Gumus Brooklyn Bound
Julie Gumus
Friday 10:20am 2
Alyssa Halvorsen Montana Affair
Eric Halvorsen
Friday 6:25am 2
Kathleen Herbig Sirius Contender
Kathleen Herbig
Friday 7:20am 2
Stephanie Hull Fernhill Enuff Dun
Stephanie Hull
Friday 7:55am 2
McKenna Hummel Cash Flow
McKenna Hummel
Friday 10:25am 2
Ainsley Jacobs JJ Spot
Halliea Milner
Friday 9:55am 2
Sophie Joseph Who Dat
Sophie Joseph
Friday 6:05am 2
Micayla Kane Joyous Occasion
Natalie Kane
Friday 7:10am 2
Corrie Land Daring Issac
Corrie Land
Friday 10:40am 2
Angela Lenning Hoheit
Marijke Frye
Friday 8:05am 2
Sarah Lesser Willow Woods
Sarah Lesser
Friday 5:55am 2
Maggie Little SBF Plot Twist
Maggie Llittle
Friday 10:55am 2
Madison Maavere Get Your Shine On
Karen Maavere
Friday 6:55am 2
Meghan Marino Windtalker
Meghan Marino
Friday 7:45am 2
Anna Martin Rumplestiltskin
James Martin
Friday 6:20am 2
Lexi Mast Made Ya Look
Lindsay Barrack
Friday 6:50am 2
Bryant McKee Danzing in the Dark
Bryant McKee
Friday 5:25am 2
Dani Mego Stanley
Dani Mego
Friday 10:00am 2
Halliea Milner Cornerhouse
Halliea Milner
Friday 8:55am 2
Heather Moffett Stone Harbor
Heather Moffett
Friday 7:15am 2
Heather Moffett Dragon Slayer
Catie Moffett
Friday 9:00am 2
Deena Montgomery Sirius Lee Black
Deena Montgomery
Friday 8:45am 2
Gracie Montgomery Oliver Twist
Gracie Montgomery
Friday 7:25am 2
Lauren Norwood Sebastian
Lauren Norwood
Friday 5:05am 2
Mary O'Hear The Golden Snitch
Mary O'Hear
Friday 8:10am 2
Merriana Parker Remarquable
Merriana Parker
Friday 6:30am 2
Jewel Patterson Keep Me Honest
Jewel Patterson
Friday 8:40am 2
Lauren Pye Paint the Sky
Lauren Pye
Friday 6:15am 2
Sean Pye Star Shrek
Sean Pye
Friday 7:00am 2
Olivia Rickheim Big Rich Texas
Olivia Rickheim
Friday 9:35am 2
Katelyn Roberts Annabelle's Wish
Katelyn Roberts
Friday 9:15am 2
Noelani Rollins Kryptonite
Noelani Rollins
Friday 6:10am 2
Whitney Rowell Kings Flashy Lassy
Whitney Rowell
Friday 7:50am 2
Ashley Selembo Always the Optimist
Ashley Selembo
Friday 6:40am 2
Taylor Sherman Pocomotion
Tawn Edwards
Friday 9:50am 2
Ingrid Smith Flashpoint
Ingrid Smith
Friday 8:50am 2
Madison Smyly Joey
Madison Smyly
Friday 8:35am 2
Mallory Speir Awesome Mr Te
Mallory Speir
Friday 8:00am 2
Amber Spiler Cricket Song
Amber Spiler
Friday 9:25am 2
Kendall Stephenson Charlie
Kendall Stephenson
Friday 5:50am 2
Maggie Thomason Out Of Office
Maggie Thomason
Friday 10:05am 2
Aime Thompson Skippin' School
Aime Thompson
Friday 6:00am 2
Ellie Weinreb Wickeds Fine Ehyna
Ellie Weinreb
Friday 5:10am 2
Rebecca Willner Twist of Fate
Rebecca Willner
Friday 10:45am 2
Rebecca Willner Cajun
Rebecca Willner
Friday 10:50am 2
Jolie Wiseman Tinker
Jolie Wiseman
Friday 11:05am 2
Judy Wissing Cash
Judy Wissing
Friday 8:15am 2
Lauren Wright The Black Prince
Jennifer Wright
Friday 9:40am 2
Abagayle Zediker Mad Dog Carter
Melissa Zediker
Friday 9:10am 2

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