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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Chattahoochee Hills August Schooling Show

August 1, 2015 - Fairburn, GA

40. Cross-Country Schooling 2015

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage
Day Time Ring
Leslie Allen Tango
Leslie Allen
Friday 8:20am 2
Shelby Allen Justin Time
Shelby Allen
Friday 9:15am 2
Victoria Almond Johnny
Jessica Truelove
Friday 7:05am 2
Nicole Andrews Fernhill Stateride
Nicole Andrews
Friday 10:00am 2
Maris Barden Asphalt Cowboy
Nancy Barden
Friday 9:00am 2
Alexis Bender Bigtime Graffiti
Lauren Weil
Friday 10:15am 2
Amy Bennett Vanner Semply Twisted
Amy Bennett Vanner
Friday 5:10am 2
Reagan Braswell Tag-A-Long
Reagan Braswell
Friday 7:15am 2
Gavin Brown Wrensong
Gavin Brown
Friday 10:10am 2
Sophie Brown Harbor's Edge
Sophie Brown
Friday 8:00am 2
Elizabeth Caffarelli Copper
Halliea Milner
Friday 8:05am 2
Elizabeth Caffarelli Pilgrim
Elizabeth Caffarelli
Friday 5:35am 2
Maya Carless Thunderstruck
Maya Carless
Friday 6:50am 2
Helen Chapman Max Factor
Helen Chapman
Friday 10:20am 2
Lauren Christian Moves Like Jagger
Lauren Christian
Friday 8:40am 2
Casey Correll Recipe For Success
Casey Correll
Friday 10:05am 2
Emily Cox FR's Check It Out Now
Emily Cox
Friday 9:55am 2
Amber Croyle Cocoa
Amber Croyle
Friday 6:20am 2
Ali Davis Maggy
Ali Davis
Friday 7:00am 2
Tabitha Dentice DeeDee
Tabitha Dentice
Friday 6:05am 2
Kellie Ellis Lucky Jazz
Kellie Ellis
Friday 9:25am 2
Sarah Fick O.M.G. He's Totes Adorbs
Halliea Milner
Friday 7:45am 2
Rhonda Gailey Limerick
Rhonda Gailey
Friday 6:40am 2
Rylee Gailey Fernhill Xanthos
Rylee Gailey
Friday 7:20am 2
Rylie Galbraith Zeta
Rylie Galbraith
Friday 8:25am 2
Susan Gampfer Isn't She Lovely
Susan Gampfer
Friday 9:30am 2
Katelyn Gibbs Mystery
Katelyn Gibbs
Friday 8:10am 2
Lily Giordano Better Than A Boyfriend
Lily Giordano
Friday 8:55am 2
Taleen Hanna Elvis
Doreen Durr
Friday 7:10am 2
Leanna Hendrix Cheyenne
Leanna Hendrix
Friday 5:30am 2
Janet Hildreth Wilbur
Janet Hildreth
Friday 6:45am 2
Emilia Holbel BFF Rhapsody
Emilia Holbel
Friday 8:15am 2
Brooke Hollis Winston
Brooke Hollis
Friday 5:55am 2
Stephanie Hull Fernhill Enuff Dun
Stephanie Hull
Friday 5:20am 2
Ainsley Jacobs JJ Spot
Halliea Milner
Friday 9:40am 2
Connie Jacobson T-Ray
Connie Jacobson
Friday 9:20am 2
Rebecca Kestle Indigo
Rebecca Kestle
Friday 7:50am 2
Rebecca Kestle Pride Of The Fox
Rebecca Kestle
Friday 8:35am 2
Marianne Kochinsky Copper
Marianne Kochinsky
Friday 8:45am 2
Lillian Koon Midnight Train
Lillian Koon
Friday 5:25am 2
Charlotte Laseter Manhattan Rye
Charlotte Laseter
Friday 6:00am 2
Sarah Liess Rusticator
Ashley Giles
Friday 6:15am 2
Hailey Lowery A Hot Mess
Hailey Lowery
Friday 9:10am 2
Madison Maavere Get Your Shine On
Karen Maavere
Friday 7:35am 2
Jessie Martin Fool Me Once
Jessie Martin
Friday 5:40am 2
Kate May Decodence
Kate May
Friday 5:15am 2
Kylee McIntyre Rooster Tale
Lauren Turner
Friday 8:30am 2
Anna Moses Bits and Pieces
Anna Moses
Friday 5:45am 2
Lauren Norwood Bastian
Lauren Norwood
Friday 5:50am 2
Taylor Pahl Fusaichi Dancer
Taylor Pahl
Friday 5:00am 2
Natalie Palm Let It Be
Natalie Palm
Friday 10:35am 2
Iris Pan Onyx
Halliea Milner
Friday 7:40am 2
Sandra Pulliam Roxiticus
Sandra Pulliam
Friday 7:30am 2
Lauren Pye Paint the Sky
Janna Pye
Friday 9:50am 2
Sean Pye Star Shrek
Sean Pye
Friday 6:30am 2
Georgia Robert Nick
Georgia Robert
Friday 6:35am 2
Skylar Rose Fernhill Pursuit
Skylar Rose
Friday 10:25am 2
Katelyn Ross Mocking Jay
Katelyn Ross
Friday 6:25am 2
Ella Rowsey Lady Guinevere
Ella Rowsey
Friday 6:55am 2
Leila Saxe Mr. Bojangles
Leila Saxe
Friday 10:30am 2
Amber Spiler Cricket Song
Amber Spiler
Friday 9:45am 2
Maisy Sysyn Fender
Maisy Sysyn
Friday 7:25am 2
Merrilee Thoreson Browndale
Merrilee Thoreson
Friday 9:05am 2
Lauren Turner Wanna Be Startin' Something
Lauren Turner
Friday 6:10am 2
Catherine Watry No Apollogies
Catherine Watry
Friday 8:50am 2
Allison Williams Art's Advantage
Allison Williams
Friday 9:35am 2
Kristen Wilson The Grey Gatsby
Kristen Wilson
Friday 7:55am 2
Lauren Wright The Black Prince
Jennifer Wright
Friday 5:05am 2

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