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Chattahoochee Hills April Schooling Show

April 18, 2015 - Fairburn, GA

40. Cross-Country Schooling 2015

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage
Day Time Ring
Nadia Al-houmoud Stick With Doc
Nadia Al-houmoud
Friday 7:25am 5
Kim Alford Maverick
Kim Alford
Friday 5
Kim Alford Gacela De La Noche
Janice Simons
Friday 5
Leslie Allen Tango
Leslie Allen
Friday 9:55am 5
Candace Bell Fernhill Jet
Candace Bell
Friday 10:20am 5
Candace Bell Nimbalina
Candace Bell
Friday 5:00am 5
Caitlyn Bennett Hocus Pocus
Valerie Bennett
Friday 8:00am 5
Camryn Boatright Wanna Tango
Lindsay Boatright
Friday 6:55am 5
Gracen Boatright Maron's Coin
Lindsay Boatright
Friday 7:30am 5
Annika Brooks Match My Sox
Annika Brooks
Friday 6:45am 5
Caroline Cain Laredo
Kristi Cain
Friday 10:35am 5
Charlotte Cloudsdale Oxygen
Charlotte Cloudsdale
Friday 6:10am 5
Janeva Cole Hi Five
Janeva Cole
Friday 8:45am 5
Caroline Cox Sterling's Arctic Fox
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 7:50am 5
Sami Crandell Dapper Doodle
Sami Crandell
Friday 5:55am 5
Tori Dean Sterling's Mr Smarty
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 8:50am 5
Angela DeBoer Sir Christopher
Angela DeBoer
Friday 10:30am 5
Emmie Dender MF Honor Bars
Emmie Dender
Friday 6:30am 5
Monique Domenge Worth The Gamble
Monique Domenge
Friday 7:15am 5
Carrigan Drake Tally Ho
Carrigan Drake
Friday 10:05am 5
Paige Drury Bailey
Paige Drury
Friday 9:40am 5
Solomon Edwards WHF Luna
Tawn Edwards
Friday 5:25am 5
Alfred Etheridge, JR Jumble
Marcella Garrett
Friday 7:05am 5
Marley Fossett Pocomotion
Tawn Edwards
Friday 7:10am 5
Lexi Freeman Rhum To Spare
Lexi Freeman
Friday 5:20am 5
Laura Gatch Dove
Kimberly Wallace
Friday 5:10am 5
Grace Geldbach Lady Felonese
Grace Geldbach
Friday 10:40am 5
Manon Gerard Rain
Manon Gerard
Friday 11:20am 5
Sheila Gilbert Dun In Chocolate
Sheila Gilbert
Friday 5:40am 5
Britt Gordon Fame
Britt Gordon
Friday 8:10am 5
Julie Gumus Chester's Mill
Julie Gumus
Friday 8:15am 5
Emily Jean Hackett See Spot Jump
Halliea Milner
Friday 7:45am 5
Taleen Hanna Elvis
Doreen Durr
Friday 10:10am 5
Sabrina Harrell Sterling's Fantasia
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 8:25am 5
Emily Hesse Sterling's Harvest Moon
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 9:35am 5
Megan Hewitt Akickintheface
Kimberly Wallace
Friday 8:55am 5
Rachel Hook SF Noble Patriot
Catherine Roberts
Friday 5:30am 5
Jessica Hubbard Buck Neigh Kid
Peyton Tindol
Friday 7:40am 5
Ainsley Jacobs JJ Spot
Halliea Milner
Friday 8:30am 5
Sophie Joseph Who Dat
Sophie Joseph
Friday 9:15am 5
Rebecca Kelley Loki
Nikki Surrusco
Friday 6:35am 5
Katie Kiker Bella's Stormy Night
Paul Kiker
Friday 11:00am 5
Alex Kohlheyer Saxon Mills
Alex Kohlheyer
Friday 9:30am 5
Maradeth Leverett Mango
Maradeth Leverett
Friday 7:00am 5
Marcelene Leverett Cinnamon
Marcelene Leverett
Friday 8:05am 5
Lexi Lewis Romeo
Nicole Jamison
Friday 11:10am 5
Thomas Lewis Sterling's Intuition
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 6:50am 5
Jessica Lorenson Rockport Lover
Jessica Lorenson
Friday 7:55am 5
Hailey Lowery To Infinity and Beyond
Hailey Lowery
Friday 8:20am 5
Alese Lyle Joint Venture
Alese Lyle
Friday 10:50am 5
Madison Maavere Get Your Shine On
Karen Maavere
Friday 11:05am 5
Karlie Maynard Bo Jangles
Karlie Maynard
Friday 9:00am 5
Jenny McNamara Nala
Jenny McNamara
Friday 7:20am 5
Joanna Newton Bigtime Riptide
Joanna Newton
Friday 7:35am 5
Lauren Norwood Honey Bastian Don't Care
Lauren Norwood
Friday 10:00am 5
Mary O'Hear Brooklyn Bound
Julie Gumus
Friday 9:45am 5
Natalie Palm Let It Be
Natalie Palm
Friday 11:15am 5
Jewel Patterson Cara
Jewel Patterson
Friday 8:40am 5
Isabella Paul Sterling''s Calico
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 9:10am 5
Alex Pistocco Use The Force
Alex Pistocco
Friday 10:25am 5
Lauren Riley Sugar Plum Nightmare
Lauren Riley
Friday 5
Lauren Riley Sugar Plum Nightmare
Lauren Riley
Friday 5
Lexi Roberts Sonny
Lexi Roberts
Friday 10:15am 5
Layne Sanders Chigger
Layne Sanders
Friday 10:55am 5
Jessie Schwartz Kitaro
Tawn Edwards
Friday 5:35am 5
Martha Glen Sease Jack B. Nimble
Martha Glen Sease
Friday 11:25am 5
Emmalia Sebusch Adanac
Tawn Edwards
Friday 9:20am 5
Anna Stooksbury Sterling's A Fine Design
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 6:20am 5
Robyn Strachan Sterling's Roma
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 6:00am 5
Nikki Surrusco Chase
Nikki Surrusco
Friday 6:25am 5
Kristin Taylor Kiki
Kristin Taylor
Friday 9:50am 5
Aime Thompson Ryleigh
Aime Thompson
Friday 5:50am 5
Mallory Turkiewicz Belle
Mallory Turkiewilz
Friday 5
Katie Underwood Sterling's Paint The Town
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 6:40am 5
Audrey Utley Liberty Bell
Audrey Utley
Friday 5:45am 5
Ava Vojnovic Pony Boy
Susan Vojnovic
Friday 8:35am 5
Parham Wallin Ooh La La
Shanda Wallin
Friday 6:15am 5
Ellie Weinreb Wicked's Fine Chyna
Ellie Weinreb
Friday 10:45am 5
Kristen Wilson The Grey Gatsby
Kristen Wilson
Friday 9:25am 5
Amanda Woodall Romeo's Winter Storm
Amanda Woodall
Friday 5:15am 5

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