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Chattahoochee Hills March Schooling Show

March 12, 2016 - Fairburn, GA

40. Cross Country Schooling 2016

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage
Day Time Ring
Cindy Adcock Bridon Loughlara
Cindy Adcock
Thursday 6:40am 6
Amy Alexander Grove City Jack
Amy Alexander
Thursday 5:35am 6
Michelle Allen The Knights Carousel
Michelle Allen
Thursday 7:40am 6
Lydia Anderson Collin
Lydia Anderson
Thursday 6:25am 6
Madeline Anderson Sterling's Anastasia
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 11:25am 6
Maris Barden Fabio
Maris Barden
Thursday 9:00am 6
Natalie Bardy Leggo My Eggo
Nancy Bardy
Thursday 9:10am 6
Candace Bell Le Revolution
Candace Bell
Thursday 5:15am 6
Candace Bell Nimbalina
Candace Bell
Thursday 10:00am 6
Alexis Bender Big Rich Texas
Alexis Bender
Thursday 10:50am 6
Camryn Boatright Marons Coin
Gracen Boatwright
Thursday 7:00am 6
Faye Brown Roslyn
Faye Brown
Friday 6
Caroline Cain Laredo
Kristi Cain
Thursday 6:35am 6
Meghan Cameron Starbuster
Meghan Cameron
Thursday 5:05am 6
Emily Carroll Diamond in the Rough
Emily Carroll
Thursday 10:55am 6
Sarah Clark Repeat the Beat
Sarah Clark
Thursday 8:40am 6
Jamie Collins Atlas
Jamie Collins
Thursday 7:25am 6
Caroline Cox Sterling's Braveheart
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 7:45am 6
Sophia Cox Black Tie Affair
Sophia Cox
Thursday 8:10am 6
Caroline Dannemiller Saintly Love
Caroline Dannemiller
Thursday 6:45am 6
Mary DeCook Simply Not
Mary DeCook
Thursday 9:50am 6
Emmie Dender MF Honor Bars
Emmie Dender
Thursday 8:00am 6
Abigail Doedens Scout's Honor
Abigail Doedens
Thursday 10:10am 6
Carrigan Drake Tally Ho
Carrigan Drake
Thursday 7:55am 6
Sarah Edwards C.U. Zip To Dixie
Sarah Edwards
Thursday 5:30am 6
Emma Eichner Ace's Diamond Rio
Emma Eichner
Thursday 8:15am 6
Madalyn Ellis Sterling's Paint The Town
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 8:05am 6
Alyssa Evans Devilishly Handsome
Alyssa Evans
Thursday 7:05am 6
Erin Flynn Freedom's Liberty Bell
Erin Flynn
Friday 6
Jean Fowler Friend of Dakota Wren
Jean Fowler
Thursday 9:30am 6
Jean Fowler NZ Bay of Islands
Jean Fowler
Thursday 10:20am 6
Jean Corbett Fowler Friend of Bill W
Jean Corbett Fowler
Thursday 10:40am 6
Rhonda Gailey Rocket
Rhonda Gailey
Thursday 9:45am 6
Lily Giordano Better Than a Boyfriend
Amber Spiler
Thursday 7:30am 6
Mackenzie Golden Sterling's High Cotton
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 10:25am 6
Ashey Greene Patriotic Dream
Ashey Greene
Thursday 8:55am 6
Taleen Hanna Elvis
Doreen Durr
Thursday 6:20am 6
Katie Hanson Meadowrella
Katie Hanson
Thursday 7:50am 6
Sabrina Harrell Sterling's Fantasia
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 7:15am 6
Mary Harsch Foster's Bold Favorite
Mary Harsch
Thursday 5:25am 6
October Hartline Mags
October Hartline
Thursday 10:05am 6
Kate Hegge Lady Jane Gray
Kate Hegge
Thursday 11:20am 6
Kathleen Herbig Sirius Contender
Kathleen Herbig
Thursday 10:45am 6
Hilary Hoffman Sweet AnnMarie
Hilary Hoffman
Thursday 11:30am 6
Emilia Holbel Bigtime Graffiti
Emilia Holbel
Thursday 7:10am 6
Jessica Hubbard Save The Day
Jessica Hubbard
Thursday 7:20am 6
Abigail Joswick Papa Pepper
Abigail Joswick
Thursday 11:10am 6
Laura Lamb Hallelujah
Laura Lamb
Thursday 10:30am 6
Sydney Lee Sweet Georgia Brown
Sydney Lee
Thursday 5:45am 6
Avery Lewis The Manx Man
Avery Lewis
Thursday 8:45am 6
Caroline Marlett Count Truckee
Caroline Marlett
Thursday 10:35am 6
Dani Mego London Bridges
Jessica Hitchcock
Thursday 5:55am 6
Sarah Mincher Prince Channing
Sarah Mincher
Thursday 9:35am 6
Olivia Moore Sterling's Itsy Bitsy
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 6:50am 6
Lindsey Noe Sir Woodrow
Lindsey Noe
Thursday 11:05am 6
Miriam Offermanns Signator
Miriam Offermanns
Thursday 6:00am 6
Sarah Parson Luke
Sarah Parson
Thursday 9:20am 6
Isabella Paul Sterling's Mr Smarty Pants
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 9:40am 6
Carly Pino Chip Off the Ol' Block
Carly Pino
Thursday 9:55am 6
Lauren Pye Paint the Sky
Janna Pye
Thursday 6:10am 6
Allyson Reid Sterling's American Made
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 8:30am 6
Skylar Rose Fernhill Pursuit
Skylar Rose
Thursday 6:30am 6
Skylar Rowan Smoking Gun
Skylar Rowan
Thursday 8:25am 6
Skylar Rowan Looking Rosey
Mark and Cynthia Rowan
Thursday 11:00am 6
Emma-Claire Sak Barney Rubble
Emma-Claire Sak
Thursday 5:00am 6
Ella Saks Rascal
Ella Saks
Thursday 5:20am 6
Hannah Schwartz Iris
Hannah Schwartz
Thursday 10:15am 6
Ashley Selembo Timely Impulse
Ashley Selembo
Friday 6
Amelia Sheehan Beautiful
Amelia Sheehan
Thursday 8:20am 6
Diane Smith Tovah
Diane Smith
Thursday 9:05am 6
Annmarie Stockinger Corofin
Annmarie Stockinger
Thursday 9:25am 6
Emma Stokes Bacardi R
Laura Stokes
Thursday 11:35am 6
Anna Stooksbury Sterling's All That Jazz
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 8:50am 6
Robyn Strachan Sterling's Roma
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 5:50am 6
Gigi Thompson Bleu
Gigi Thompson
Thursday 11:15am 6
Taylor Thompson Sparky
Taylor Thompson
Thursday 6:15am 6
Katie Underwood Sterling's Arctic Fox
Cathy Stephenson
Thursday 9:15am 6
Madeline Watkins Southern Comfort
Madeline Watkins
Thursday 6:55am 6
Catherine Watry Apollo
Doreen Durr
Thursday 7:35am 6
Amy Wise Ruger
Amy Wise
Thursday 6:05am 6
Kelly Young Shaqir
Kelly Young
Thursday 8:35am 6
Tori Zak Gabriel
Gigi Thompson
Thursday 5:40am 6

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