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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Chatt Hills Eventing February Schooling Show

February 8, 2014 - Fairburn, GA

40. Cross-Country Schooling 2014

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage
Day Time Ring
Amy Alexander Hail Yes
Amy Alexander
Friday 6
Amy Alexander Hail Yes
Amy Alexander
Friday 6
Victoria Almond Like A Rock Star
Victoria Atmond
Friday 5:40am 6
Wendy Angel The Dude Abides
Wendy Angel
Friday 6
Marisa Armstrong Bad Wolf
Marisa Armstrong
Friday 6:15am 6
Maris Barden Color Me Loud
Nancy Barden
Friday 8:40am 6
Hannah Begue Fernand Mio
Hannah Begue
Friday 6:20am 6
Rebecca Benefield Over Jordan
Rebecca Benefield
Friday 5:15am 6
Nicola Buckingham Could've Ben and Jerrys
Nicola Buckingham
Friday 6
Meghan Cameron Starbuster
Meghan Cameron
Friday 6
Erin Chalmers Light the Lights
Erin Chalmers
Friday 8:25am 6
Hannah Chapman Lady Be Good
Hannah Chapman
Friday 6
Helen Chapman Harley
Helen Chapman
Friday 6
Lexi Coleman Royal at Heart
Billy Coleman
Friday 6
Lexi Coleman Royal at Heart
Billy Coleman
Friday 6
Lexi Coleman Royal at Heart
Billy Coleman
Friday 6
Madelene Cox Legacy
Tawn Edwards
Friday 7:45am 6
Tracy Davis West With The Night
Tracy Davis
Friday 5:45am 6
Angela DeBoer Da Capo
Angela DeBoer
Friday 7:30am 6
Cara Dewit Burning Bright
Tawn Edwards
Friday 5:55am 6
Carrigan Drake In High Heels
Keerigan Drake
Friday 7:55am 6
Diana Dunn The Go Trapper
Diana Dunn
Friday 6
Doreen Durr Lola
Doreen Durr
Friday 8:00am 6
Tawn Edwards All of Indy
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6
Michelle Florida Evita
Jean Fowler, DVM
Friday 6:50am 6
Erin Fowler Blue Waters Lucky Star
Erin Fowler
Friday 7:40am 6
Jean Fowler, DVM Wilfordhall
Jean Fowler, DVM
Friday 8:30am 6
Jean Fowler, DVM NZ Jewel
Jean Fowler, DVM
Friday 7:05am 6
Rylee Gailey Magestic Warrior
Rylee Gailey
Friday 5:00am 6
Ashley Giles Hilda
Matthew A. Boyd
Friday 5:35am 6
Ashley Giles Rusticator
Ashley Giles
Friday 5:10am 6
Megan Hewitt Landzerin
Kimberly Wallace
Friday 6:10am 6
Grace Jordan There's The Silver Lining
Halliea Milner
Friday 6
Avery Lewis Spartacus
Jeff Lewis
Friday 6
Jeff Lewis Bean Riley
Helen Lewis
Friday 6
Jeff Lewis Bean Riley
Helen Lewis
Friday 6
Linda Light A Rocket
Angela Langston
Friday 6
Maggie Little SBF Plot Twist
Maggie Llittle
Friday 6:40am 6
Linda Mattocks Brego
Laurie Wettstone
Friday 6
Linda Mattocks Brego
Laurie Wettstone
Friday 6
Katie McCrory Vanity Fair
Katie McCrory
Friday 6:05am 6
Jenny McNamara Sirius Black
Tawn Edwards
Friday 8:35am 6
Halliea Milner Navigo
Halliea Milner
Friday 6
Ava Mohiuddin Cool Fusion
Nicola Buckingham
Friday 7:15am 6
Nicole Molinary Just Around The Bend
Nicole Molinary
Friday 6:00am 6
Eva Multz Kitaro
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6
Eva Multz Kitaro
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6
Devon Olivier Gallifrey
Devon Olivier
Friday 8:45am 6
Taylor Pahl Grey May
Taylor Pahl
Friday 8:10am 6
Natalie Palm Let It Be
Natalie Palm
Friday 7:50am 6
Dorothy Paxton Kodak Moment
Dorothy Paxton
Friday 7:00am 6
Cindy Phillips Time To Flare
Cindy Phillips
Friday 7:25am 6
Lauren Pye Paint the Sky
Lauren Pye
Friday 6:30am 6
Sean Pye Isn't She Lovely
Jana Pye
Friday 9:00am 6
Sally Raczkowski Marshall Tucker
Sally Raczkowski
Friday 8:20am 6
Kelly Rousey Finnegan's Wake
Kelly Rousey
Friday 6
Olivia Rowan Archer
Olivia Rowan
Friday 6:45am 6
Jessie Schwartz Adanac
Tawn Edwards
Friday 8:55am 6
Kate Skeean Gambler
Marian Bickers
Friday 6:35am 6
Betty Smith Sundance Kid
Betty Smith
Friday 5:20am 6
Elizabeth Spitzer Reserve Edition
Elizabeth Spitzer
Friday 6
Laura Spitzer Northern Promises
Laura Spitzer
Friday 6
Monica Spitzer Bogart
Monica Spitzer
Friday 6
Danielle Staples Miraculous Chance
Danielle Staples
Friday 7:20am 6
Beth Stelzleni In The Black
Beth Stelzleni
Friday 7:35am 6
Kristin Tessman Atlas
Kristin Tessman
Friday 5:25am 6
Peyton Tindel Like A Rock Star
Victoria Atmond
Friday 6:55am 6
Amanda Van Natta Faithful
Amanda Van Natta
Friday 5:05am 6
Susan Vester Jatski's Southern Charm
Susan Vester
Friday 5:50am 6
Ava Vojnovic Pony Boy
Ava Vojnovic
Friday 6
Kimberly Wallace Phoenix
Kimberly Wallace
Friday 5:30am 6
Kristen Wilson Inconceivable
Kristen Wilson
Friday 6
Lizzie Wilson Arvey There Yet
Lizzie Wilson
Friday 7:10am 6
Brittany Wyatt Jack
Brittany Wyatt
Friday 8:50am 6
Brittany Wyatt R.J.
Brittany Wyatt
Friday 8:05am 6

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