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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Chattahoochee Hills Eventing August Schooling Show

August 2, 2014 - Fairburn, GA

40. Cross Country Schooling 2014

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage XC SJ
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time Ring
Wendy Angel The Dude Abides
Wendy Angel
Friday 5:30am 6 Sat. 12:12am Fri. 12:12am 1
Alexis Bender WHF Zula
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6 Sat. Fri. 1
Ali Boardwine Skip
Stacey Boardwine
Friday 8:25am 6 Sat. 1:22am Fri. 1:22am 1
Bridget Bott Dark Ops
Bridget Bott
Friday 7:35am 6 Sat. 1:02am Fri. 1:02am 1
Kristie Brown Ragin' Rosie
Kristie Brown
Friday 6:15am 6 Sat. 12:30am Fri. 12:30am 1
Elizabeth Cafarelli Hazel
Elizabeth Cafarelli
Friday 6:50am 6 Sat. 12:44am Fri. 12:44am 1
Jessica Cardot Frankie
Jessica Cardot
Friday 7:25am 6 Sat. 12:58am Fri. 12:58am 1
Erin Chalmers Light the Lights
Erin Chalmers
Friday 5:55am 6 Sat. 12:22am Fri. 12:22am 1
Monique Domenge Worth The Gamble
Monique Domenge
Friday 6:20am 6 Sat. 12:32am Fri. 12:32am 1
Lily Grace Draper Bob The Builder
Wendy Draper
Friday 8:15am 6 Sat. 1:18am Fri. 1:18am 1
Darcy Drury The Aborigine
Darcy Drury
Friday 8:00am 6 Sat. 1:12am Fri. 1:12am 1
Paige Drury Bailey
Paige Drury
Friday 7:55am 6 Sat. 1:10am Fri. 1:10am 1
Tawn Edwards All of Indy
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6 Sat. Fri. 1
Tawn Edwards Don Conrad
Tawn Edwards
Friday 6 Sat. Fri. 1
Grace Geldbach Lady Felonese
April Geldbach
Friday 7:30am 6 Sat. 1:00am Fri. 1:00am 1
Gillian Glass Big Bears Breanna
Gillian Glass
Friday 5:20am 6 Sat. 12:08am Fri. 12:08am 1
Mackenzie Golden Sterling's Glenbrook
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 5:50am 6 Sat. 12:20am Fri. 12:20am 1
Summer Golden Sterling's One Fine Day
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 5:10am 6 Sat. 12:04am Fri. 12:04am 1
Caroline Hawkins Something Special
Caroline Hawkins
Friday 6:00am 6 Sat. 12:24am Fri. 12:24am 1
Janet Hildreth Wilbur
Janet Hildreth
Friday 5:45am 6 Sat. 12:18am Fri. 12:18am 1
Jessica Hubbard Like A Rockstar
Peyton Tindol
Friday 6:25am 6 Sat. 12:34am Fri. 12:34am 1
Ainsley Jacobs JJ Spot
Halliea Milner
Friday 6:40am 6 Sat. 12:40am Fri. 12:40am 1
Mary Kendred Sterling's High Cotton
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 7:00am 6 Sat. 12:48am Fri. 12:48am 1
Stephanie Kosloske Clever Dancer
Stephanie Kosloske
Friday 6:35am 6 Sat. 12:38am Fri. 12:38am 1
Susan Loper Zuchtmand
Susan Loper
Friday 5:35am 6 Sat. 12:14am Fri. 12:14am 1
Halliea Milner Cornerhouse
Halliea Milner
Friday 6:30am 6 Sat. 12:36am Fri. 12:36am 1
Gracie Montgomery Oliver Twist
Gracie Montgomery
Friday 8:20am 6 Sat. 1:20am Fri. 1:20am 1
Catherine Mottern Sterling's Arctic Fox
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 5:15am 6 Sat. 12:06am Fri. 12:06am 1
Devon Olivier Gallifrey
Devon Olivier
Friday 7:15am 6 Sat. 12:54am Fri. 12:54am 1
Georgia Robert Sunny
Georgia Robert
Friday 7:05am 6 Sat. 12:50am Fri. 12:50am 1
Olivia Robles Chasing the Music
Zoe Robinson
Friday 7:50am 6 Sat. 1:08am Fri. 1:08am 1
Laura Kate Sinyard Sterling's She's My Alibi
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 5:40am 6 Sat. 12:16am Fri. 12:16am 1
Emily Stamper Captain Jack Sparrow
Emily Stamper
Friday 6:05am 6 Sat. 12:26am Fri. 12:26am 1
Jennifer Stein Nicholas
Jennifer Stein
Friday 6 Sat. Fri. 1
Beth Stelzleni In The Black
Beth Stelzleni
Friday 7:45am 6 Sat. 1:06am Fri. 1:06am 1
Maisy Sysyn Just Jake
Maisy Sysyn
Friday 6:45am 6 Sat. 12:42am Fri. 12:42am 1
Maisy Sysyn Fender
Maisy Sysyn
Friday 6:55am 6 Sat. 12:46am Fri. 12:46am 1
Erin Thiel Baystreet
Erin Thiel
Friday 5:25am 6 Sat. 12:10am Fri. 12:10am 1
Leandria Thomas Keep The Change
Leandria Thomas
Friday 5:05am 6 Sat. 12:02am Fri. 12:02am 1
Merrilee Thoreson Browndale
Merrilee Thoreson
Friday 6:10am 6 Sat. 12:28am Fri. 12:28am 1
Lauren Turner Galivantor
Lauren Turner
Friday 7:40am 6 Sat. 1:04am Fri. 1:04am 1
Katie Underwood Sterling's Paint The Town
Cathy Stephenson
Friday 7:20am 6 Sat. 12:56am Fri. 12:56am 1
Julie Whitlock McKee Stirrup Cup
Julie Whitlock McKee
Friday 5:00am 6 Sat. Fri. 1
Jolie Wiseman Tinker
Jolie Wiseman
Friday 8:10am 6 Sat. 1:16am Fri. 1:16am 1
Lauren Wright The Black Prince
Jennifer Wright
Friday 7:10am 6 Sat. 12:52am Fri. 12:52am 1

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