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Woodside Fall Horse Trials

October 7-9, 2022 - Woodside, CA

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
Haley Baird Baltimore Drive Competitor A08 8
Haley Baird Tack A09
Aaron Barber Kai Competitor BB10 4
Aaron Barber Tack BB09
Tina Barclay Manning Competitor S14 5
Susannah Bard Baron de Chevalier Competitor L14 4
Josh Barnacle Bittersweet 2 Competitor GG11 3
Josh Barnacle Skyrise Competitor GG14 6
Josh Barnacle Dandelion Star Competitor FF09 3
Josh Barnacle Gloriano Competitor GG12 5
Josh Barnacle Tack GG15
Josh Barnacle Extra
Georgina Bartlett Alanza Competitor LL01
Natalie Barton Storm Watch Competitor R08
Kayley Batt Kingsfield Jasperretto Competitor K11 2
Megan Beachler Kilbeggan Competitor AA15 4
Lucy Beard BF Grace Competitor K10 3
Lucy Beard Tack K09
Paige Beauchamp Crandon I Love Lucy Competitor P08 5
Lauren Bebb EPA Mo Chara Competitor P07 6
Megan Bebb Once Upon A Dream Competitor Q01 4
Layla Bell Lacey Monet Competitor L15 3
Layla Bell Tack L16
Ashton Benefiel Libris Charlotte Competitor KK03 3
Ayla Bennett Luna's Eclipse Competitor JJ10 6
Olive Bevilacqua Amos Leigh Competitor BB04 3
Jessica Bielenberg Quintessential Competitor B15 5
Millicent Billig Lucky at Midnight Competitor Q02 4
Millicent Billig Tack Q04
Lauren Billys Can Be Sweet Competitor K16 10
Lauren Billys Mister Cooley Competitor K15
Lauren Birkle Kaiden Competitor J06
Amber Birtcil Cinzano Competitor P15 12
Amber Birtcil Le Top F Competitor P14
Amber Birtcil Tack P16
Hailey Blackburn Kilbunny Amigo Competitor AA14 5
Naomi Boness Change of Luck Competitor LL09 4
Jen Boulden Ava de La Luna Competitor LL02 2
Suzanne Brock Ms J Zeigh Competitor AA13 3
Anna Brostrom Duke's Helios Competitor AA07
Mia Brown Duke HW Competitor LL10 5
Natalie Burk Laced Sensation Competitor S15
Natalie Burk Tack S16
Karen Burks Avoca Druid Competitor L07 3
Savannah Byrd Ricard Competitor J04 4
Savannah Byrd Excalibur Balladeer Competitor J05 8
Olivia Byron-Cooper Thumper Competitor JJ03
Alma Cadwalader Island In The Sun Competitor C01 4
Kimberley Castro Athenian Conqueror Competitor BB05 2
Katrina Catto Moinin's Boy Competitor FF16 4
Alice Chan Merriewold Quintessa Competitor FF08
Carly Chandler Hells Bells Competitor Q03 2
Margot Chandler Fancy Feet II Competitor J02 4
Margot Chandler Tack J01
Nicole Christ Strongbow Competitor LL06 4
Josephine Clark Sir Elliot Competitor S03 3
Josephine Clark Tack S04
Sami Clark Woodland's Be Dignified Competitor GG02 4
Kalei Colridge Longwood Diamond Supreme Competitor BB16 4
Kalei Colridge Tack BB15
Lindsay Connors Chance Affair Competitor II05
Lindsay Connors Tack II06
Gina Coons Mucho Calor Competitor L08 2
Mareena Cosgrove RF Calypso Competitor JJ09 6
Denesssa Cossentine Bindi Competitor LL07 2
Barbara Crabo Electric Daisy Competitor FF15 8
Barbara Crabo I.M. Over It Competitor FF14
Anwyn Cunha Kiki’s Delivery Service Competitor N15
Nicholas Cwick Piccadilly's Pride M.E. Competitor II15
Nicholas Cwick Lowmax Competitor II16 14
Isabella Degner Supah Heat Competitor M16 3
Alysia DeLeeuw Carrigdhoun Cool Lad Competitor II04 6
Annie Desmond Little Elf Competitor N14 3
Katie Dillon Kilcurry Springfield Competitor II14 6
Mary Dolan Silver Lining Competitor Q16 8
Mary Dolan Tack Q15
Rosemary Esteverena Wine with Everything Competitor M01 3
Carrie Finno Zahara Competitor J15
Carrie Finno Tack J16
Julie Flettner Excel Star Romeo Competitor N16 5
Madelyn Floyd Fernhill and The Jets Competitor FF01 6
Annika Foley The Perfect Find Competitor B16 4
Leah Forquer Ixxe Hedoniste Competitor II03 20
Leah Forquer Tack II01
Leah Forquer Extra
Sophia Fortner Lost in Atlantis Competitor LL03 3
Rachel Fox Secret Sauce Competitor L09 3
Vali Frank D'Artiste Competitor L13 4
Vali Frank OMS Vienna Stardust Competitor L12
Shannon Frost Sly Desert Cat Competitor FF13
Marcia Furtado Dolce Flame Competitor M06 2
Ella Garcia Wynnville Competitor II07
Ella Garcia Daehling Dex Competitor II08
Ingrid George RF Azalea Competitor JJ16 4
Shelby Giannamore Blueberry Muffin Competitor FF03 3
Natalie Gilbert Summer Games Competitor FF02
Jacqueline Gilmartin Citizen Jane Competitor JJ06 8
Georgia Gobos Black Gold Competitor S01 5
Amber Gonzalez Lukatoni Competitor JJ07 6
Amber Gonzalez Tack JJ08
Stephanie Goodman Paulank Impish King Competitor T14 6
Stephanie Goodman Global Monmore Competitor T12 6
Stephanie Goodman Esmèe Competitor T13 6
Stephanie Goodman Carolina Morning Competitor T15 6
Stephanie Goodman Tack T16
Rhiannon Gorin Monbeg Finnegan Competitor J07 10
Rhiannon Gorin Extra J08
Tommy Greengard Cappachina Competitor EE01 4
Tommy Greengard Shark Competitor EE02 6
Tommy Greengard Ironman Competitor EE08 4
Tommy Greengard Shannondale Fionn Competitor EE07 4
Tommy Greengard Kremer VD Falieberg Competitor EE05 10
Tommy Greengard That's Me Z Competitor EE03
Tommy Greengard Tack EE04
Tommy Greengard Tack EE06
Annalise Gudiksen Lookit Louie Competitor EE12 2
Ellen Gudiksen Kilkenny Fugitive Competitor EE15 2
Ellen Gudiksen Tack EE16
Marie-Charlotte guion Sweet Mimi Competitor A13
Parker Guymon Hooked on a Feeling Competitor BB08 4
Shallary Guymon Coco Chanel Competitor JJ15 2
Lauren Hannah Rocket van Maarle Competitor AA02 24
Lauren Hannah Tack AA01
Amy Harmon Flying Quality Competitor KK16 6
Rachel Harnish Fix It Felix Competitor R07 4
Sophia Haslemann American Tribute Competitor M14 3
Nazila Hejazi Tessa Competitor A12
Sayre Helbling-Fry Psurprise Competitor B24 4
Alexis Helffrich Lucca Bravo Competitor L02 2
Alexis Helffrich Tack L01
Noelle Henrich Manitoba Competitor A05 6
Jeffry Hewitt SpurWing’s Sugar Daddy Competitor T11 6
Fiona Holland Joshua Tree Competitor II13 5
Caroline Holmes Just Jeffrey Competitor P13 6
Caroline Holmes Extra P12
Dannielle Hott Siberian Storm Competitor Q14 2
Mickayla Howard HH Ontario Competitor P06 3
Katie Hull King Cavalier C Competitor B04 6
Julianna Hulsker Crimson Dynamo Competitor FF04 4
Jacy Humphries Bold Dredger Competitor B22 5
Melinda Irhazy Medea O Competitor A19
Katherine Jackman Prada Competitor EE13
Maddie Jackson Napoleon Competitor A20 4
Maddie Jackson Tack A21
Sierra Jansen Excel Star Royale Competitor KK15 7
Sigourney Jellins Catalina PJ Competitor B03 4
Sigourney Jellins Ard Cooley Competitor B02 22
Sigourney Jellins Tack B01
Sigourney Jellins Extra
Anna Johnson Braveheart’s Renegade Competitor J11 1
Anna Johnson Tack J10
Kristin Joly Magic Mike Competitor P11
Ari Kann Glendening Allegro Competitor A16
Ari Kann Irish Diamond Competitor A17
Camille Kappus Johnny Come Lately Competitor B17 4
Camille Kappus Tack B23
Elisa Karnavy Foxen's Little Treat Competitor B05 4
Cody Kasher Bravado Competitor R16 4
Judaea Kimberly Orofino AK Competitor B25 4
Chloe Kischuk VC Caalif Elmy Competitor GG03 6
Katie Komnenich Gabriel Competitor J13 5
Teresa Korol Ringwood Wingman Competitor KK14 6
Teresa Korol Tack KK13
Heather Kozy Madmartigan Competitor B18 3
Diya Lansberg Backstreet Bay Competitor Q13 4
Aline Le Infinity Competitor O12 4
Alexandra Lebovic VaZoom TW Competitor B06 12
Alexandra Lebovic Khristina TW Competitor B07
Megan LeFave Lord Rocco Competitor T10 6
Jillian Lindner Exclusive Screening Competitor KK01
Olga Londa Gandolph The Great Competitor II11
Lauren LoPiccolo Diego Competitor M13 4
Lauren LoPiccolo Tack M12
Lauren LoPiccolo Extra
VIJOA LUCAS RICARDO Instyle Competitor B26 5
Caryn Lucido TBF Sweet Dublainn Competitor B27 4
Monica Lukes Drama King Competitor AA09
Monica Lukes Clever Knight Competitor AA10
Addison Martin California Queen Competitor A22 4
Vicki Martinez RHF Sonata Competitor AA11 3
Jessica Masters Sir Cristiano SE Competitor L03 2
Claire Matson A Golden Effort Competitor R15 4
Rosie McGrath Blue Moon Competitor A07 7
Megan McIver Sabo Kapitan Sparrow XII Competitor O14
Megan McIver Sabo Quintessence Competitor O15 8
Megan McIver Sabo Elle Competitor O13
Megan McIver Sabo Tack O16
Joe McKinley Rosewood Aoife Competitor LL11 15
Joe McKinley Tack LL12
Joseph McKinley Montecristo Competitor LL13
Joseph McKinley Starting Over Competitor LL14
Kassandra McMillan Power of Fourteen Competitor JJ01
Jennifer McRonald Lisbane Flame Competitor B11 4
Jennifer McRonald Oliver Competitor B12 4
Jennifer McRonald Attitude Included Competitor B13
Makena Mears Aphrodite Competitor B28 4
Tessa Mila Wunderkind Competitor P10
Gina Miles Chanel's Champagne Competitor R14 3
Gina Miles Tack R13
Taylor Miles BeamMeUp Competitor R12 3
Kate Miller Josephine Competitor AA06
Suzanne Miller Kryptonite Z Competitor J03 2
Rebecca Mondics Uncharted Waters Competitor B19 4
Robin Mooney Marvella KF Competitor J12 2
Pippa Murray Herman Competitor J14 3
Alexandra Naeve Soaring Bird Competitor P05 6
Alexandra Naeve Tack P02
Kiren Niederberger The Swiss Miss Competitor BB11 4
Marissa Nielsen Ozzie Competitor T02 8
Marissa Nielsen Double Date WF Competitor T03 4
Marissa Nielsen Poncho Competitor S13 4
Marissa Nielsen Tack T01
Kira Niyogi Corlandro Approved Competitor L11 4
Lucy ODoherty Absolute Competitor CC02 4
Soobin Oh Sweet Valentine Competitor M02 3
Toora O’Mahony Presumida MR II Competitor O02
Toora O’Mahony CTR Trastevere Competitor O03 1
Toora O’Mahony Tack O01
Amber Pacheco Hide and Seek (Emerson) Competitor T04 3
Alexa Papahadjopoulos Tully Mac's Happy Cinders Competitor AA05
Amy Parker HSH Redfield Kazou Competitor B20 5
Amber Pearson Chosen One DF Competitor GG01
Erika Perez Santana Competitor L10
Ky Pierce Mandalorian Competitor LL15 6
Emma Pistone Paulank Pepper Pot Competitor KK04 6
Abigail Ploof Redbull Competitor BB06 12
Abigail Ploof Tack BB07
Libby Porzig Just My Luck Competitor P09
Grayson Poulos Dubaï Competitor KK11 5
Nilah Ramsay Conviction Competitor EE14 7
Anna Rekrutiak Temprano Competitor T09
Saskia Remsberg Big City Blues Competitor Q12 5
Isabella Robinson Ringwood Rouge Competitor II12 5
Peyton Rogers Elfenwind Competitor N01
Lucinda Romero Kleary's Rosie the Riveting Competitor FF06
Lucinda Romero Tack FF07
Audrey Ryan Little Emerald Dancer Competitor A14
Ellie Ryhorchuk Jacobite Competitor O09 6
Ellie Ryhorchuk Tack O10
Mara Sackman Alimony Competitor B21 3
Nicolas Sallembien Rusty de Satoya Competitor LL04
Tiffany Schmid Celtic Star Competitor JJ02 5
Katherine Schultz Prince Monsajem Competitor J09 2
Sofia Seto Armi Competitor Q09 3
Sofia Seto Tack Q10
Rebecca Severt Juliette Competitor GG09 4
Rebecca Severt Mischievous Competitor GG10 2
Annie Shaw Henry Jota Verona Competitor B08 5
Alisa Shen Graceland's Lucia Competitor L04
Catharina Shivananda Chasing the Storm Competitor R01 5
PIper Sloan Bella Mia Apache Competitor R02 3
Emma Slocum Patito Competitor R03
Emma Slocum Tack R04
Madeline Slocum Pony on a Mission Competitor R05
Maddie Smith Versace Competitor K13 10
Maddie Smith Castle Larchfield Purdy Competitor K12
Henry Spencer-Mork Triple Spice Competitor KK02 2
Ellie Spurlock Prouno Competitor AA04
Heather Steffen Sophie Competitor R06
Olivia Stevens Germa W Competitor AA03
Samantha Stewart Pride of Tautane Competitor AA12
Alicia Swinton Touche' Competitor A23
Tom Temmerman Boundless Competitor L05 6
Sophie Thesen Lancelot Competitor A06 5
Michael Thomas Sin City Lady Competitor LL05
Matthew Thompson Raptures Emblem Competitor N02 5
Sophie Tice Viva La Vida Competitor M03 6
David Timchak Atmospheric Competitor FF12 16
Catherine Treseler Outlander Competitor FF05 3
Audrey Trilling Sir Lancelot Competitor L06 3
Saulo Tristao Luxor Competitor M04 6
Mari Turvey My Lil Deuce Coupe Competitor KK10 2
Arianna Van Kleeck Do you believe in Magic? Competitor M07
Asia Vedder Isi Competitor BB01
Asia Vedder Get Cheeky Competitor BB02
Claire Vestrand I’m a Cool Dude Competitor AA16
Michelle Wagner Hillview Quality Control Competitor BB14
Michelle Wagner Tack BB13
Jennifer Wang Cornet Star Competitor KK09 9
Elle Warburton Peterbilt Competitor CC01 2
Anna Weston Smith Johnny Royal Competitor O11 6
Kennedy Wiklund Galaxy Girl Competitor A24 3
Cayenne Wilson Balmoral Archibold Competitor CC03 2
Cayenne Wilson Tack CC04
Sara Windley Georgia Peaches Competitor CC05 2
Raney Wolfers Annabell Competitor S02 5
Stella Wright Balladeer Kilbrickens Lad Competitor T05 3
Madeline Yacur Whispered Grace Competitor N03
Riley Young Paloma Paz Competitor B14 4
Cy Zada Nando Competitor N04

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