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Twin Rivers Winter Horse Trials

February 26-28, 2021 - Paso Robles, CA

Stall Assignments

Division Phase Current Leader
Rider Horse Score
Advanced Times  Scores  
XC: 11:00 AM Sat.
Helen Alliston Ebay 25.7
Open Intermediate Times  Scores  
XC: 12:15 PM Sat.
Haley Turner Shadow Inspector 28.8
Open Preliminary Times  Scores  
XC: 9:00 AM Sat.
Tommy Greengard Joshuay MBF 24.1
Preliminary Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 9:42 AM Sat.
Sydney Johnson Ols Take Time 28.3
Jr. Training Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 1:30 PM Sat.
Shelby Murray Reverie GWF 24.1
Open Training Times  Scores  
Stadium: 8:00 AM Sat.
Jordan Linstedt Lovely Lola 23.6
Sr. Training Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
XC: 2:24 PM Sat.
Becky Leisz Gangster 28.8
Training Horse Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 8:40 AM Sat.
Lauren Billys Twilight 54 26.0
Jr. Novice Rider A Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 10:25 AM Sat.
Payton Piearcy Geronimo 26.0
Jr. Novice Rider B Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 10:53 AM Sat.
Simone Clark Indio BMW 22.1
Novice Amateur Times  Scores  
Stadium: 11:57 AM Sat.
Kate Chester Orca 30.0
Novice Horse Times  Scores  
Stadium: 12:59 PM Sat.
Erin Kellerhouse LukeAtMe 27.9
Open Novice Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 12:25 PM Sat.
Tommy Greengard Leonardo Diterma 25.7
Sr. Novice Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 11:21 AM Sat.
Faith Dalessandro Spurs and Stilettos 23.8
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 2:20 PM Sat.
Avonlea Wang Black Gold 25.8
Open Beginner Novice Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 3:38 PM Sat.
Erin Kellerhouse Bridgestone Dezhou 26.7
Sr. Beg. Novice Rider Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 3:08 PM Sat.
Danielle Lis Teddy 30.8
Introductory Times  Provisional Scores  
Stadium: 4:50 PM Sat.
Anna Early M' Charming 31.1
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