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Shepherd Ranch SYVPC Horse Trials I

June 18-20, 2021 - Santa Ynez, CA

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
David Adamo Baral Silversee Competitor B/20
Lisa Aguilar-Gonzalez Chavez Ravine Competitor H/20
Lisa Aguilar-Gonzalez Extra
Hanna Allison Snappy Comeback Competitor A/19 3
emilia alpert Mary Poppins Competitor H/17 5
Connie Arthur Street Legal Competitor D/10
Allana Baker Cursive Competitor A/02 3
Allana Baker Imperial Reign Competitor A/03 3
Natalie Barton Storm Watch Competitor A/17 8
Kelsey Beall Decoded Competitor D/05
Joanne Belonsky Buck Competitor H/15 3
Betsey Bennitt Strohl Zia Competitor E/20 4
Alula Bird Opening Knight Competitor D/18 2
Honor Bliss Mr Oliver Twist Competitor I/11
Ryann Bodman Mohikan Competitor C/08 5
Sarah Bonfield Angel Competitor C/10 4
Jen Boulden Ava de La Luna Competitor E/19 3
Alexis Boxer Pomme Frite Competitor C/13
Amanda Boyce Mercury Competitor H/09 6
Amanda Boyce Tack H/10
Julie Anne Boyer Truly Enchanted Competitor D/19
Julie Anne Boyer High Decorum Competitor D/20
Olivia Byron-Cooper Dubious Competitor
Emily Caldwell Tell Me More Competitor H/06 5
Michelle Capparelli You Don't Know Jack Competitor H/14 5
Kimberly Carr Rafael Competitor F/07
Alice Chan Merriewold Quintessa Competitor B/16
Ava Chase Kingston Competitor H/01 4
Jordan Chase Made You Look Competitor H/03 4
Jordan Chase Wellington Competitor H/02 4
Autum Chavez Euphoric Avenue Competitor D/17 6
Addie Churchill Walle Competitor I/19 2
Addie Churchill Tack I/20
Sarah Cullum Spikes High Competitor I/08
Nicholas Cwick Start de Parte Competitor F/03 5
Nicholas Cwick Claro LS Competitor F/01 8
Amaya Davis Seurat Competitor F/08 5
Kayla Dykstra Hold My Beer Competitor H/07 3
Gabrielle Eggers Into the Cosmos Competitor I/18 3
Auburn Excell Brady BSP Wild Card Competitor G/13 7
Faith Farrell Case Closed II Competitor A/20 4
Rebecca Fiedel Robin Goodfellow Competitor B/18
Pam Fisher Sea Lioness Competitor B/02 5
Alexis Fletcher Stellor Rockafella Competitor G/14 4
Avery Fletcher Zack’s Got A Knack Competitor G/15 6
Leah Forquer Oakley's Hunt SE Competitor A/13 10
Leah Forquer Tack A/11
Leah Forquer Extra
Phoebe Fraser Say no more Competitor B/03 2
Susan Friend LeTourneur King Kayian Competitor C/11
Erin Gates Diagon Alley Competitor D/08 2
Rachael Gilmore Feeling Flirti Competitor F/05 5
Kennah Glickman Ashwood Lucky Competitor B/07 4
Ryan Glover Chaos Theory Competitor D/09
Kathryn Goettge Lucky Day Competitor A/04
Jadyn Gooch Boolagh Brigadier Competitor F/15 2
Kim Goto Miner Churchill Competitor I/01
Kim Goto Miner Gift of Love NBS Competitor I/02
Kim Goto Miner Extra I/04
Katie Grube Tazmanian Molly Competitor D/06 3
Simone Hamaoui Red Cloud's War Competitor C/14
Jess Hargrave Nightshade A.s. Competitor B/14
Rachel Harnish Fix It Felix Competitor A/18
Allyson Hartenburg Test Pilot HE Competitor G/10 3
Sarah Harty Mail Order Ride Competitor D/16
Jennifer Hawthorne Weapon of Choice Competitor H/18
Benjamin Heckman Rouge Et Blanc DF Competitor B/17
Kelsey Holmes Karel H Competitor G/08 10
Nicole Holownia Bella Vida GWF Competitor A/07
Piper Houghton Work of Art Competitor D/01 4
Julie Humphreys Parkour Competitor I/05
Razieme Iborra Mother of Dragons Competitor H/13
Amanda Jane To the Moon and Back Competitor
Lyndsey Januszewski Philly Slew Competitor C/17 4
Lyndsey Januszewski Tack C/18
Sophia Johnson Arogorn’s elegant falcon Competitor I/13
Avery Jones Solomon Competitor C/03 3
Jessica Jones Jameson Competitor G/16 10
Michelle Jones Balou Print Competitor F/09 2
Campbell Kadin Deichkind 10 Competitor B/06 5
Natalie Kavaler Goodknight Competitor A/05
Reagan Kenney #Iwokeuplikethis Competitor D/02
Justine Kiosoglous Record Year Competitor D/12 5
Randi Koehn Aedrom Competitor D/07 2
Leslie LaBraque Falkonet Competitor B/01
Keira Larson Oddjob Competitor F/06
Cara Lavigna Carrick Diamond Duke Competitor F/18
Jenna Law Bandero Competitor H/04 3
Becky Leisz Gangster Competitor F/14 2
Carole Lieberman Gimli Competitor B/05 4
Madison Lloyd Wingman Competitor E/13
Madison Lloyd Overdraft Competitor E/14
Nikki Lloyd Galicia Competitor E/11
Nikki Lloyd Wil'ya Dance Competitor E/12
Stacia Lloyd Pale Fire Competitor E/15 2
Olivia Loiacono-Putrino Filosophia Competitor Corral 4
Olivia Loiacono-Putrino Under the Spotlight Competitor D/11 5
Rachel May Gambling High Spade Competitor C/19
Paige McClain Southern Comfort Competitor E/09
Kassi McMillan Power of Fourteen Competitor
McKenzie Miller Ready Set Go Competitor H/08
Rylee Muhlwood Trip the Wire Competitor C/04
Sarah Jane Nichols Jolley Union Jack Competitor D/04
Katrine Nielsen Secret Command Competitor C/15
Katrine Nielsen Northwest Vintage S Competitor C/16
Kirsten Nilsson Stealth Mode Competitor B/04 3
Avery Noblitt Cumani Competitor G/04
Sebastien Noel Lou Lou Catchou Competitor C/02 4
Anna Olsen My Zippers Undone Competitor C/20
Andrew Paley Cobra Competitor H/12 4
Sabrina Perez Get Busy Competitor D/13
Nicole Petersen Toulano von Worrenberg Competitor G/17 6
Gracie Pitts Simple Dreams Df Competitor G/05
Dylan Pruitt Vincent 167 Competitor G/12 6
Kelly Pugh Goodman DF Impress Competitor A/15 6
Kelly Pugh Goodman Fanlehane Valentino Competitor A/16
Tayler Ravenscroft Hella Jalapeño Competitor I/10
Isabella Rega Devon Ridge Artemas Competitor H/05 5
Lauren Roberts Cabela Competitor D/14 5
Katherine Robinson Teki to the Limit Competitor E/17
McKenzie Rollins O Gigi SE Competitor B/08 3
Maggie Roth Wish Upon A Star Competitor F/19 4
Mercedes Samons Alesia Rf Competitor B/12
Celina Sanchez Legendary Leo Competitor F/04
Elaine Sanders Spiderman Competitor I/12
Alexander Santi Ahsoka The Jedi Competitor G/02
Lucas Santi What's Up Dude Competitor G/01
Hannah Scherer Picture of Ellagance Competitor I/16 2
Tiffany Schmid Celtic Star Competitor
Hannah Schuberg Gryffindor Competitor I/07
Jennifer Scofield Top Gear Competitor C/12
Kari Scoggins Swagger Jagger Competitor C/01 3
Bridget Sibley Venus Competitor C/09 5
Anne Sisk Gamblin Edge Competitor F/10
Lindsey Smith Lucky Sun Competitor E/10
Tamra Smith Crafty Don Competitor E/03 4
Tamra Smith TéAmo Competitor E/04 4
Tamra Smith MaiTänzer Competitor E/02 8
Tamra Smith Fleeceworks Quinn Competitor E/01 6
Kaylawna Smith-Cook Clintwald Competitor E/06 4
Kaylawna Smith-Cook MB MaiStein Competitor E/05
Kaylawna Smith-Cook Passepartout Competitor E/07 4
Kaylawna Smith-Cook AEV Zara Competitor E/08 4
Elyanna Snyder Cruise Control Competitor A/06
Seraphina Souza Drako Competitor G/20
Shelby Spangenberg Red Baron Competitor I/14
Sharon Steinhauser Black Dragon Competitor B/10 4
Sissy Sugarman Carmani Competitor D/15 5
Eri Takada Jackpot VG Competitor G/18 6
Jordan Taylor Dartmouth Competitor E/16
Kristin Terris Rathcash Olympia Competitor H/16
Lexie Thacker Best Kept Secret Competitor F/20
Natalie Thiessen EM Marchioness Competitor G/19
Ludger Thole Rudy Competitor C/07 3
Aubryn Thompson Superman Sam Competitor E/18 3
Josey Thompson GW Express Competitor G/06
Josey Thompson Pistol Annie Competitor G/07
Clariza Tumer The Martian Competitor B/13
Kiley Ullman Cortina Competitor G/03 5
Lauren Urban Killossery Kountdown Competitor A/01
Megan Violand Brooklyn Competitor A/14 10
Olivia Wayman Scuti de Patuti Competitor D/03 5
Emma Weber Cinematic Competitor F/16
Tammy Weber Take The Shot Competitor F/17
Grace Wechser Raskadero Competitor A/08
Jolie Wentworth KF Klosterbrau Competitor A/10 24
Jolie Wentworth Duke's Helios Competitor A/09
Cameran Williams Gambling Man Competitor I/17 3
Megan Williams Forward Appeal Competitor I/15 3
Cricket Wood Illuminare Competitor C/05
Julia Wood Absolute CCSH Competitor I/03
Jennifer Wooten - Macouzet CHS Hugo Competitor F/11 2
Pam Wright La Adela Nihuil Competitor B/19
Amanda Zeddy Power Puff Competitor F/12
Amanda Zeddy Extra F/13
Jami Zehner Rondeau Competitor C/06

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