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River Glen August Horse Trials

August 5-7, 2022 - New Market, TN

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
Molly Adams Zenith Almost Got Away Competitor 37
Shelby Allen My Ballyanihan Boy Competitor 96
Vienna Allport Zatopek B Competitor 184
Meredith Barden Right Ben Competitor 11 2
Sidney Baughman SAS Supply Sider Competitor 23
Sidney Baughman SAS Excel Star Caviar Competitor 22
Nicholas Beshear Rio De Janeiro Competitor 196
Morgan Booth Donnabella 11 Competitor 139
Meg Bowers Sleepless Star Competitor 86
Meg Bowers L'Avventura Competitor 85 10
Meg Bowers Tack 87
Sarah Bowman Irish Oak Competitor 63
Sarah Bowman Extra 57
Hannah Brandt Fernhill Emerald Competitor 97 2
Cathryn Brekken Redtail Sorento Competitor 25
Devon Brown HC Celtic Mark Competitor 189 9
Nikki Burns Garvey Competitor 104
Nikki Burns Canvasback Competitor 105
Emily Byczek Lisdara HSH Competitor 92
Emily Byczek Did It Anyway Competitor 93
Emily Byczek Ossian Competitor 94 4
Emily Byczek Tack 95
Lily Callahan Royal Crest's Granite Permission Competitor 193
Caraline Cathcart Relentless Competitor 46 3
Caraline Cathcart Extra 47
Madelyn Cease TS Air Striker Competitor 29
Seth Chapman Starfield Diathi Competitor 82
Seth Chapman Imperial Scout Competitor 81
Brandi Chase Top of The Pops Competitor 14
Brandi Chase Tack 15
Maya Clarkson Maks Mojo C Competitor 144
Maya Clarkson FE Velvet Underground Competitor 143 4
William Coleman Dondante Competitor 135
William Coleman Cold Red Rum Competitor 136
William Coleman Larcot Z Competitor 137
William Coleman Tack 134
Sophie Coorssen Coolnaboy Rubens Competitor 130 5
Bonnie Coulter Network News Competitor 140
Sonya Crampton BONMAHON FLASH Competitor 171 10
Sonya Crampton Extra
Nicola Curry Paddington Bare Competitor 50
Meghan Dayka Fianna Competitor 127 3
Jessena Defler Gasparo van de Falieberg Competitor 27
Lu Dennehy KSS Bentley Competitor 20
Georgia Dillard Galileo Wp Competitor 138
Doreen Durr Cor de Cor Competitor 13 4
Doreen Durr Noble Competitor 12
Solomon Edwards Giant Red Competitor 123 10
Solomon Edwards Graffique Competitor 124
Solomon Edwards Tack 125
Tawn Edwards WHF Zoom Competitor 126 4
Alexa Ehlers Global Clue Competitor 174
Alexa Ehlers Curraghgraigue Clear Future Competitor 181
Alexa Ehlers Parlez Clear Competitor 182
Alexa Ehlers Tack 180
Lydia Eifler Hans Christian Competitor 28 3
Callia Englund Boss Indy Competitor 160
Lee Fairchild Bustics Buster Competitor 79
Lee Fairchild Pineapple Express Competitor 78
Amanda Farmer Boyd Marden Competitor 55
Kendall Fisher Leningrad (Lenny) Competitor 6 5
Kristi Foresman Kingston Reuvekamp's Competitor 149
Kristi Foresman RevitaVet Perkunos Competitor 148
Pedro Gutierrez GENIE D’AUVILLE Competitor 170
Pedro Gutierrez California Mail Competitor 169 10
Pedro Gutierrez Tack 173
Suzanna Hall Cooper Competitor 133
Sophia Hand Carissan Competitor 90 6
Larkyn Hendren Castle's Boy Competitor 131 2
Sydney Herman Doc West Competitor 54
Annsley Hollon Another Chocolate Drop Competitor 163 9
Annsley Hollon Tack 161
Emily Hollon Tatum Competitor 164
Jennifer Hollon Poco Chips Ahoy Competitor 162
Kristyn Hooper Azkaban Competitor 26 2
Lindsay Hornick 'Til Infinity Competitor 61
Lily Hughes Eddie G Competitor 62
Karlie Hulbert I'm So Fancy Competitor 7
Zachary Hulbert B-52 Competitor 8
Olivia Jefferson FGF Flannery Competitor 152 2
Dani Johnson Free and Easy Competitor 53
Katie Johnson Darth Raider Competitor 145 3
Margo Kaestner Pommes Frite Competitor 98
Susan Kaestner Royal Carthago MSU Competitor 99
Allyson Kelly Jumble Competitor 56
Genevieve Kennan Money Competitor 5
Pam Kimmel Illusionista Competitor 100
Jordan Knight Southern Gentleman Competitor 119
McKena Knott Paulank Petunia Competitor 112
McKena Knott CDS Bombay Sapphire Competitor 111
Sarah Kuhn Mr. Cash van de Start Competitor 73 10
Sarah Kuhn Grey Gatsby Competitor 75
Sarah Kuhn Hashtag Trending Competitor 74
Sarah Kuhn Tack 72
Molly Laird Doc Charlie Competitor 60
Courtney Lee Fancy Pants Chance Competitor 18
Courtney Lee Tack 19
Riley Lorenz Cracker T Competitor 146
Molly McLaughlin Fernhill Sinatra Competitor 122 6
Katie Mendes 44 Magnum Competitor 58 3
Rachel Miles Cooley Keystone Competitor 21 5
Donna Miller Coud'Poker Competitor 191 6
Donna Miller Machno Fear Dun Competitor 190
Kiersten Miller FE Ophelia Competitor 156
Kiersten Miller Mama Mia Competitor 155
Shannon Miller Irish Godfather Competitor 24
Sophie Miller Quarlotta C Competitor 77
Daniela Moguel Cecelia Competitor 202 15
Daniela Moguel Estela de la Galerna Competitor 201
Daniela Moguel Tack 200
Daniela Moguel Extra
Magdalene Montgomery Cooley Landslide Competitor 17
Nilson Moreira Da Silva Elmo Competitor 150 5
Nilson Moreira Da Silva Tack 151
Livy Muntz Muggle Competitor 154 8
Livy Muntz FGF DollarsforPennies Competitor 153
Meaghan Nelson Courtly Miss Competitor 76
Lauren New Zenith Petite Etoile Competitor 39
Lauren New TT Zenith Capry Competitor 36
Lauren New Romolo's Friar Competitor 40
Lauren New Flying Again Competitor 41
Lauren New Zenith Vayda Competitor 34
Lauren New Zenith Diamond Competitor 35
Lauren New Tack 38
Michael Nolan Rock On Competitor 108
Michael Nolan Carrabeg Hulla Balou Competitor 109
Michael Nolan Rock Jennings Competitor 110
Heather Norman Full Gallop's Dolce Competitor 88
Heather Norman Tack 89
Simone Page Shamelessly Shy Competitor 198 5
Simone Page Tack 197
Mia Petersen Fernhill Royale Competitor 194 6
Mia Petersen Tack 195
Anna Pierce Obiejohn Competitor 186
Anna Pierce Dreamweaver Competitor 185
Clare Pinney Holiday Stone Competitor 2
Clare Pinney Cloonacauneen Little Farmer Competitor 1
Alex Pistocco Carpe Diem Competitor 64
Jodie Potts Wapiti Byrd Competitor 166
Jennifer Rebollo In Kahootz Competitor 102
Carolyn Rice Aaron Competitor 121 6
Katie Ruppel Rinnwood Big Cat Competitor 157
Katie Ruppel Lorenzo Competitor 158
Katie Ruppel Mardi Gras II Competitor 159
Holly Russell Cooley Black Hawk Competitor 114
Holly Russell Cooley Seeking Fortune Competitor 113
Chelsey Sawtell Dutchess Competitor 43 3
Katelyn Shaughnessy Wicked River Competitor 84
Erin Shirley Borrego Bear Competitor 49
Ainsley Slicker Carnarvon Competitor 51
Ainsley Slicker Fernhill Lets Face It Competitor 52
Becky Smith Shahsrias Emir Competitor 142
Emma Spring Fernhill Copas Competitor 33
Ava Staton Lamondale Graciana Competitor 30 3
Ava Staton Tack 31
Gillian Stover Broken Cloud Competitor 16
Victoria Sudkamp Woodstock Rio Competitor 199 5
Briggs Surratt Booming Bodhran Competitor 205 4
Briggs Surratt Tack 204
Eva Taylor Irish Rose Competitor 183 6
Lisa Taylor Sacred Geometry Competitor 48
Maria Temperini The Flying Dutchman Competitor 116
Maria Temperini Tack 115
Amanda Terr Gowiene Competitor 32 4
Chandler Terry G.S. Solito Competitor 10 1
Serena Thompson Unlikely Hero Competitor 3
Melissa Thornton Ghirardelli Competitor 80
Kyla Tovar Shannondale Jordi Competitor 129
Lindsay Traisnel Bacyrouge Competitor 203
Charlotte Undewood Nintendo 64 Competitor 9
Laura VanderVliet Magnum's Martini Competitor 147
Sofia Villanueva Magical Monte Competitor 101
Abigail Walker The Perfect Storm MK Competitor 132 3
Robin Walker Cappog Ferro Royale CDS Competitor 106
Robin Walker Tack 107
Elisa Wallace Sharp Decision Competitor 209 5
Elisa Wallace Renkum Corsair Competitor 208 5
Elisa Wallace Tullymurry FIFI Competitor 210 5
Elisa Wallace Tack 207
Jeanne Wallace Qualifier Competitor 44
Jeanne Wallace Extra 45
Rick Wallace Ingomar Competitor 206 4
Hannah Warner Drombane Dynamite Competitor 179
Emily Watson Kilcandra Prince Dignified Competitor 165 2
Michael Willham Fernhill Cayenne Competitor 187
Michael Willham Fernhill Fugitive Competitor 188 8
Ava Wood Man in Black Competitor 91
Lilyana Wood Phillip Buttons Competitor 83
Jesslyn Woodall The Luckdragon Competitor 42
Roberta Woronowicz Fuerst Fargeaux Competitor 117
Ana Young Go Right Guppie Competitor 141
Alison Zeitlin Royal Report Competitor 59

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