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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

The Event at Rebecca Farm

July 24-26, 2020 - Kalispell, MT

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Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
Ashley Alexander Zara's Reign Competitor J07
Jennifer Allain Cece Competitor F08
Alessandra Allen-Shinn California Soul Competitor M20
Elisabeth Anderson World Contrast Competitor VIPB05
Julia Anderson Porter Competitor F09
Leanne Asper Alter Ego Competitor K15
Carly Atkinson Ironie Competitor E10
Carly Atkinson Extra
Gillian Ayers Sawyer Competitor L04 4
Reed Ayers Peanut Competitor E01
Eileen Babcock Win Photos Competitor K11 3
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio Competitor L18
Tessie Baldwin Leandros Competitor VIPA18 4
Zella Balkenbush Let’s Tango Competitor 4
Cailey Baron Ella Airlines Competitor I11 3
Tessa Bastiani Spice Girl Competitor D11
Bradford Beal Fergus Competitor I01
Samantha Bergin Rainland Gabriel Competitor J01 4
Hailey Blackburn Kaoimhe Competitor VIPB19 8
Hailey Blackburn Kilbunny Amigo Competitor VIPB20 8
Ruth Bley Spartacus D'L'Herbage Competitor P04
Ruth Bley Frankfurt Competitor P05
Madison Boesch Jackson Competitor K02 2
Madison Boesch Sir Maxximus Competitor K01
Shelby Bradley Wingman Competitor I12
Cathryn Brodie Black Tye Affair Competitor E24 4
Mary Burke Jack Wi Ro Z Competitor H07
Sue Buxton Clintwald Competitor P01 6
Alissa Cameron Copperline Competitor D14
Alissa Cameron Curiosity Competitor D13
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Danny Boy Competitor VIPA01 6
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Extra
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Extra
John Camlin Tiz Franklin Competitor D01
Michelle Capparelli You Don't Know Jack Competitor O19 10
Cyra Carlson One Tricky Blonde Competitor N11
Lynn Carlson Panda Express Competitor A07 4
Shea Carpenter Limon Aperitife Competitor J05
Nancy Carr All Starz HH Competitor E06 15
Kimberley Castro Athenian Conqueror Competitor K07 2
Kylie Cemulini Eddison Competitor E40
Rachel Chambers Snowbound Opal Competitor VIPA17 1
Keira Charlton Island Girl Competitor I20 4
Laura Clark Indio BMW Competitor B07 4
Simone Clark Damascus Competitor B06 4
Amy Click Rubia Competitor VIPB17 4
Sophie Click Quidproquo Competitor VIPB15 8
Sophie Click Tarantino 54 Competitor VIPB16 6
Jessica Cloeter Alamo City Competitor E02
Katie Cobia Judge's Pleasure Competitor P08
Hope Cochran Fiesta Bella Competitor C07 2
Anna Collier Full Figured Competitor D17
Anna Collier Cahill Lyon Competitor D18
Anna Collier Blue Time Competitor D19
Stephanie Cooper Sketchy Past Competitor J02
Jodie Corless Eloquent Competitor I06
Kelsey Corliss To the Moon and Back Competitor E17
Barbara Crabo Electric Daisy Competitor F01
Barbara Crabo Mine The Melody Competitor F02
Barbara Crabo Guinness Competitor F03 10
Noa Crowley Charlie's Angel Competitor L17
Linda Culligan Ma Belle Amie Competitor G01 9
Brice Curry Sir Tunleigh Competitor VIPA06
Suzanna Curtis Henri Competitor O16 4
Kiran D'Souza ROR Lisbane Finch Competitor VIPB01 10
Kiran D'Souza Extra
Meika Decher Archie McPhee Competitor C04
Meika Decher Extra
Becky Desmond Zida Competitor G02 8
Taylor Deurbrouck Promise Made Competitor J20
Dawn Dofelmier Doesn't Play Fair Competitor K03
Jonathan Dofelmier Pyrotechnics Competitor K04
Jane Drummond Ballingowan Skies Competitor K20
Kayla Dumler Faramir Competitor J08
Jennifer Dunzelman Hardscrabble Salem Competitor E38 10
Jennifer Dunzelman Ham Sammich Competitor E39 6
Gina Economou Cooley By Design Competitor O20
Mia Edsall True Story Competitor O07 4
Kady Ellifritz Yankee Bay Competitor L01 4
Hanna Enderlin SF Sassafras Competitor I14 2
Callia Englund Latest Craze Competitor H15
Lisa Eppley Patos Competitor A08
Lindsay Essex Nordic Winter Competitor D21
Lindsay Essex A Ripple In Time Competitor D20
Meghan Faherty Smoke and Mirrors Competitor G20
Ginny Fay Salmon River Rowan Competitor M16
Madelyn Floyd Clementine Competitor B05 6
Hope Foote So Gone Competitor F16 1
Katie Frickel Epaulet Competitor P09 3
Annie Frosolone Trick of the Heat Competitor I09 5
Ingrid George Mighty Appeal Competitor O13 3
Ailsa Gilbert Chaos Competitor H16
Elizabeth Gillmor Expecto Patronum Competitor H02
Claus Giloi Finnegan Competitor VIPB06 10
Stephanie Goodman Benchmark's Gone West Competitor G05 4
Stephanie Goodman Drs Resolute Competitor G06 8
Stephanie Goodman Gleann Rua Spielberg Competitor G03 5
Stephanie Goodman Carolina Morning Competitor G04 8
Susan Goodman Cinna Competitor G07 11
Jeff Goodwin Snip Of The Mist Competitor N04
Jeff Goodwin Exactleigh Competitor N03 4
Julie Goodwin Dee Dee Chaser Competitor N06
Julie Goodwin Pridefulleigh Competitor N05
Michael Graham Guinness Competitor E19
Michael Graham Tack E20
Anni Grandia Twinkle Toes Competitor H17 1
Anni Grandia Fernhill Raven Competitor H20 2
Anni Grandia Halcyon Competitor H19
Anni Grandia Extra
Erin Grandia Hyacinth Competitor B04
Marc Grandia Saqer Florida Competitor B03
Marc Grandia Campari FFF Competitor B01 2
Marc Grandia Sunsprite Seryndipity Competitor B02 2
Michelle Graves Olive Competitor H10 3
Karen Halverson Ballencrieff's Joshua 1:9 Competitor B08
Lorilee Hanson Hypnotik Competitor A10
Lorilee Hanson Contigo Competitor A09 6
Kristi Harriage Gleaming Road Competitor D22 2
Hannah Haworth April Competitor C03 1
Kaneesha Hemmerling Silly Goose Competitor I10
Momi Henne Severe Flying Competitor J09 4
Eva Herbert Bodestar Competitor E18
John Herning Cougar Defense Competitor L05
Megan Hessel Glen Holly Olivander Competitor K19 2
Lauren Hill RF Ace High Competitor F11
Katherine Hinds Idle Hour Competitor VIPA04 3
Ava Holmes Argentine Gaucho Competitor H11
Tracey Hopper Scooby Competitor E28
Kelsey Horn Cleared For Take Off Competitor L02 4
Deanna Hovland Checkmate MF Competitor M04
Wendy Hsue Confetti Competitor I18 2
Wendy Hsue Fantom Competitor I19 3
Claire Jan Hornberg W Competitor P11
Jolie Jantz Noah Constrictor Competitor G08
Campbell Jason Dazi May Competitor C08 2
Alexis Johnson Lionheart Competitor L06 3
Taisyn Johnson/Atkinson Ferrari Ari Competitor E11
C'Dale Jore Romeo Competitor O09
Lauren Jost WT Dragonfly Competitor H03 5
Brennan Kappes Amistoso Competitor VIPA07 4
John Kappes Strategic Alliance Competitor VIPA09 1
John Kappes Pure Grinder Competitor VIPA08 1
Tammy Karplus Hey Marseilles Competitor D26 2
Daina Kaugars Arturo Competitor E30
Chris Kawcak Maggie Belle Competitor Q08
Chris Kawcak FGF Admiral Z Competitor Q09 6
Chris Kawcak Extra
Lillianna Killpack Alaric Defiance SC Competitor E12
Lindsay Krattenmaker Knotta Dancer Competitor H04
Steve Krumm Why Not Go Nikki Competitor N10
Caroline Kurtz Windsor Competitor VIPA10 2
Ella Kurtz Sportsfield Harley Davis Competitor VIPA11
Willis Kurtz Leonard Competitor VIPA12 10
Randy Lander Royal Nick Competitor O14
Alexis Larson PL Diamond's Inspiration Competitor VIPB13 4
Olivia Larson Astranamical Competitor VIPB18 4
Tatiana Larson Lothario II Competitor E13 2
Louise LaRue Cassian TH Competitor Q02 9
Willa Laski Gutsy Call Competitor G09 2
Sarah Lawrence Aerospace Competitor E26
Sarah Lawrence Tardis Competitor E25
Ryleigh Leavitt MoonLight Crush Competitor O11
Erika Lee Bentley Competitor A01 2
Louise Leslie Souvenir Competitor VIPA03
Louise Leslie Tack VIPA05
Bianca Linder Codigo Competitor K13
Lilly Linder Mia San Mia Competitor K12
Nikki Lloyd Mighty Smart Competitor P03
Nikki Lloyd Wil'ya Dance Competitor P02
Adison LoPiccolo Favoloso Competitor G10 17
Adison LoPiccolo Storm Watch Competitor G11 5
Kaitlyn Lorentz Greg Competitor E08
Ashley Loucks Olympio's Light Competitor D02
Ashley Loucks Rambo Competitor D03
Ashley Loucks Extra
Jenna Lounsbery Kellican Competitor D05 2
Karen Lounsbery Stewart Competitor D06
Cate Lowham Whiskey Business Competitor E23 4
Lilly Mahoney Starstruck Competitor G12 4
Nicole Manning Fraulein Emerelda Competitor H12 2
Sabrina Manning The River Competitor M12
Allie Martin Strut the Catwalk Competitor E31
Cathy Martin Jaxon Pollock Competitor E32
Olivia Martin Macaro Competitor A02 1
Lida McAllister Chiarezza Competitor I15 4
Martha McDowell Ballymurphy Bob Competitor M03 3
Earl McFall Iluminada Competitor L13 5
Jennifer McFall Stoneman Competitor L14
Jennifer McFall Hallelujah DF Competitor L11 6
Taylor McFall High Times Competitor L12
Kate McKain Burton Hill Competitor F05 6
Kimber McKay Top Notch Competitor VIPA13 2
Mila McKay Glacier Gold Competitor VIPA14
Olivia McKeighen Daddy's Harley Competitor J17 3
Anne Marie McSwiggan Cavalier Locked For Joy Competitor K17 2
Marcella Mercer Leighway Competitor M13
John Meriwether Macauleigh Brown Competitor F04 3
Kristen Meshberg Peppanella Competitor I07
Maeson Messmer Mercedes Benz Competitor VIPB12 4
Carrie Miller MFS High Octane Competitor D23
Florence Miller Emmy Competitor N07
Tara Miller Adonis Competitor E14
Tammy Milling Mateo Competitor J18
Sara Mittleider La Paz Competitor O01 15
Kristina Morris Sunshining Competitor L03
Emily Morrison Miss Audacious Competitor M18 1
Emily Morrison My Gypsy Rose Competitor M19 1
Lisa Morse Raden Competitor N12
Rebecca Mortensen International Anthem Competitor P12 4
Sarah Moseley Earl of Foxpoint Competitor L15 5
Kaitlin Moses The Great Dustini Competitor F17 2
Tara Munroe Rides Like a Bentleigh Competitor N09
Lydia Murphy Magic Hat Competitor M05 3
Crystal Murray-Weston Wolfgang Amadeus M Competitor J10
Beth Nedrow Free The Eagle Competitor M06
Hayley Newman Valley Girl Competitor D12
Melissa Nice BBC Competitor VIPA19
Melissa Nice Fun and Games Competitor N01
Melissa Nice Smokin Meers Competitor N02
Melissa Nice Extra
Kathryn Nichwander Fool's Gold Competitor D07
Andrea Nielsen LC O'Shawnisee Competitor D09 2
Tracie Normandeau Celestial Star Competitor O10
Karen O'Neal Reddy To Play Competitor K05
Karen O'Neal Cafe Noir Competitor P20
Karen O'Neal Extra
Audrey Ochs Pretty Please Competitor VIPA16 2
Madison Packard Staccato Competitor
Madison Packard In The Zone Competitor VIPB07
Madison Packard Lovely Lola Competitor VIPB04
Madison Packard Sam I Am Competitor VIPB03 5
Dane Padgett Xyder Competitor P14
Harper Padgett Captivate Competitor P18
Harper Padgett Little Sure Shot Competitor P17
Leonie Padgett Cooley Precision Competitor P16 19
Leonie Padgett Tack P15
Meg Parkan Miss Jackson Competitor M07 2
Alina Patterson Flashback Competitor D15
Michele Pestl TH Dietrich Competitor Q03 9
Emily Pestl-Dimmitt Warspite Competitor Q01 7
Emily Pestl-Dimmitt Bodhizafa Competitor Q06 7
Emily Pestl-Dimmitt TH Celebrator Competitor Q05 7
Kaylee Petticord Summer Fling Competitor H13
Brianna Philipp Beyside Beauty Competitor A03
Jasmine Philipp Rubiella DSF Competitor A04
Brooke Phillips U-Samity Sam Competitor D27 3
Abigail Popa Athens Competitor J19 2
Maria Jimena Portillo Piko Rose Competitor B09 10
Nicolas Portillo I Saw The Light Competitor B10 4
Izzabela Price Chloe Competitor F10 2
Camdyn Rahe Fashion Forward Competitor I16
Attila Rajnai Lord Limon Competitor O03
Attila Rajnai RHS Cassalco Star Competitor O04
Candice Rambo Patriot Competitor C06 4
Tayler Ravenscroft Taylamor Leonardo Competitor M11
Emma Reed Tillo Competitor M02 2
Emma Reed Tack M01
Liv Reich Chromatic Flyer Competitor M14
Krissta Rexin Kilkenny Ciena Competitor M17 3
Katherine Robinson Outrageous Dance Competitor H05
Megan Robinson JL's Daisy Do Competitor A06 3
Keelyn Roman Slew Strykes Gold Competitor J13 3
Mindy Sands Roman Express Competitor F14 3
Tiare Santistevan Curlout Competitor E33
Katie Schaeffer Rocky Road Competitor F06
Skye Schlopy Highway Man Competitor K06 2
Lauren Schoenborn East of Omaha Competitor N14
Kayla Seaman Diamond Gemini Competitor N15
Caroline Seaward No Cop, No Stop Competitor G19 5
Abby Sharp RF Almandine Competitor F12
Natalie Shaw Stella Doro Competitor J14
Ryley Siclair Petra Competitor J15
Melissa Sloan Ardeo SBS Monalisa Competitor G13 5
Emily Sloop Justin Time Competitor F18 2
Rosie Smith Seamus Competitor P10 2
Tamra Smith En Vogue Competitor Q11 11
Tamra Smith Solaguayre California Competitor Q14 11
Tamra Smith Dikory Doc Competitor Q16 6
Tamra Smith Mai Baum Competitor Q12 5
Tamra Smith Galicia Competitor Q15 1
Tamra Smith Mai Baum Competitor Q12 3
Tamra Smith Danito Competitor Q13 1
Tamra Smith Tack Q20
Kaylawna Smith-Cook Passepartout Competitor Q18 6
Kaylawna Smith-Cook Cooley Starstruck Competitor Q17 7
Allison Sparks Rio Diamante Competitor D10 1
Camie Stockhausen Bravado Cat Competitor M10 3
Martina Erin Storey Latte Competitor F19 4
Martina Erin Storey Allovertwistabout Competitor F15 2
Martina Erin Storey Extra
Molly Sullivan Fernhill Friend Request Competitor E22 5
Sarah Sullivan Cariad Competitor C09
Dani Sussman Jos Bravio Competitor E03
Dani Sussman Hidden Assets Competitor E07
Kate Swain Rathcairn Henry Competitor P13 4
Debra Sween Bentonite Competitor D08 2
Frank Sweeney After Dark Competitor C01
Paula Sweeney Fernhill Jupiter Competitor C02
Ania Szmorlinski Brenna Breagh Competitor K09
Deanna Tegeler Inigo Montoya Competitor VIPB03 5
Asia Thayer Balleymore’s Sven Competitor E37
Eliana Thompson Surelock Competitor
Taylor Timmerman Snifters Spirit Competitor E15 4
Taylor Timmerman Rumours Competitor
Kyla Tovar Moylough Dapple Competitor E34
Brittney Trowbridge Heart of Malarkey Competitor VIPA15
Parker Turck Under Your Hat Competitor G14 5
Kayde Undraitis Giorgio Armani VK Competitor K18
Brinley Von Herbulis Mr. Mischief Competitor G15 6
Kate Vorobieff A Kodak Image Competitor G17 10
Kaitlin Vosseller Clear Approval Competitor Q19 8
Jessica Walker Action Jaxon Competitor E27
Kate Wallace Urijah Competitor G16 4
Anne Ward Full Moon Fever Competitor VIPB08 4
Olivia Weaver CC Fernie Competitor VIPB11
Cassie Weber Minnie Competitor D28 4
Tammy Wheeler Old West Competitor J16 4
Chantel Whitley Heston Competitor J04
Dorthe Wildenschild Luna Competitor L07 3
Julie Williams Dark Horse Competitor H08 5
Brooke Winrow Mac Truck Competitor M15
Lauren Witlin Hebridean Opposition Competitor E04
Stella Wright Hollywood Diva Competitor P19 6
Beatrice Wurfel Fleet Feet Competitor C10 2
Kailey Yedinak Fireman Firstclass Competitor H14
Carly Zimmerman Winter Step Competitor E05 5

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