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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge

October 18-22, 2023 - Lexington, KY

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Caroline Adams Simon Says Competitor 848
Eugenia Adams Bad Mannarama Competitor 1206
Bennett Adkins Boston Flagship Competitor 1826
Bennett Adkins Max Q Competitor 1827
Larkin Albarado Maxfli Competitor 917
Sarah Alexander Hazel Competitor 2029
Kelly Amann Top Hat Concierge Competitor 768
Lee Andersen Osborne Competitor 1241
Alexis Anderson Bentley And I Competitor 946
Alexis Anderson Bourbon Treaty Competitor 947
Alexis Anderson Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Competitor 948
Ashley Anderson Global Jedi Competitor 1819
Marin Arkle Prince Romeo Competitor 1944
Kathy Baar Talladega Nights Competitor 521
Madeline Backus Baratheon Competitor 522
Claire Baranski Felix Competitor 501
Hayley Barbato 5 O’clock Somewhere Competitor 1829
Stephanie Barger Equites Sauteur Competitor 825
Lisa Barry Rosie's Aventadora Competitor 1229
Kelly Belanger Murphy's Got Charm Competitor 1035
Kelly Belanger Somersby Competitor 1037
Kelly Belanger Tack 1036
Samantha Bell Handful of Crystal Competitor 1013
Delaney Bennett Tyoga Six Competitor 1914
Delaney Bennett Tack 1913
Elizabeth Berens Tiz RocknRoll Competitor 812
Elizabeth Berens Extra 811
Kathleen Bertuna Excel Star Harry Competitor 1214
Kathleen Bertuna Tack 1213
Zara Bewley Blue Wallaby Competitor 901
Jamie Bigelow SimplySimon Competitor 830
Madeline Binder Jet Express Competitor 1809
Kaylee Blazeniak Artisan Competitor 924
Madeline Bletzacker Landtino S Competitor 1201
Madeline Bletzacker Drummer Boy Competitor 1202
Emma Blitch Sligovitz Competitor 1812
Slater Boos Will You Be Mine Competitor 842
Sydney Borne' Booster Rocket Competitor 1833
Courtney Boron Forrest Competitor 510
Clare Brady Rhythm and Blues Competitor 2022
Taylor Bratcher Aigle Allegre Competitor 1907
Kristen Brennan Snap Decision Competitor 1816
Jennifer Bright Knight In Shining Armor Competitor 1915
Hanley Broadus Banana Thief Competitor 1948
Jennifer Brown Chip Chop Competitor 1002
Rebecca Brown Fernhill Quite Frankly Competitor 1042
Rebecca Brown Trust Pommex Z Competitor 1044
Rebecca Brown Tack 1043
Myra Buczek Difference Maker Competitor 533
Amanda Buday Van Rushkin Competitor 1247
Madisyn Burgdorf Mel Claro Competitor 1740
Kristine Burgess Arakan Competitor 824
Kristine Burgess Curious Quality Competitor 822
Kristine Burgess Tack 823
Lianne Burgess Marisoll Competitor 821
Rachel Burke Sunday Morning Competitor 831
Diana Burnett Whatsyourproblem Competitor 1034
Lucy Burnett Sounds About Right Competitor 1841
Henry Burnett Armstrong Mapleline Competitor 766
Nikki Burns Canvasback Competitor 835
Marina Cable Twenty Twice Competitor 1947
Kaitlyn Calhoun Coconut Competitor 905
Courtney Calnan Little Red Dragon Competitor 504
Maya Candadai Albert 105 Competitor 1143
Sherri Caneer Speed Gracer Competitor 1739
Olivia Cannizzaro Mahogany Dancer Competitor 813
Julie Carani Cabriolet 18 Competitor 711
Julie Carani Tack 710
Julie Carani Extra 736
Meadow Carani The Alchemist Competitor 709
Simone Cardosa I'd Toast to That! Competitor 925
Susan Carey Monterey Competitor 826
Aubrey Casdorph Plains Warrior Competitor 2037
Monica Christian Nuns Island Competitor 2106
Susan Clagg Wells Road Competitor 2039
Susan Clagg Sarahrini Competitor 2040
Susan Clagg Extra 2038
Julie Clark Assagart Silver Spear Competitor 1242
Julie Clark Tack 1243
Macy Clark One and Only Competitor 2023
Nicola Clark Winston Competitor 1244
Sarah Clark TRF Star Quality Competitor 1945
Katie Clouse Daxterity Competitor 1830
Jennifer Coleman S.S. Palantir Competitor 1230
Alena Collins The Kraken Competitor 1147
Jaelyn Comer Loughnatousa Yours Truly Competitor 734
Jaelyn Comer Tack 733
Amanda Conti Pure Tap Competitor 604
Amanda Conti Niederzel Competitor 606
Amanda Conti Havenhill Competitor 603
Amanda Conti Griegermeister Competitor 602
Amanda Conti Tack 605
Amy Conversa Brick Road Competitor 829
Isabel Coombs Dudes And Diamonds Competitor 1239
Grace Copley Vendi Competitor 742
Grace Copley Tack 743
Bonnie Coulter Network News Competitor 1248
Allison Creek Lyrik on Wallstreet Competitor 1741
Jennifer Czubak Pollard's Day Competitor 1839
Kaelin Daley Classic Coin Competitor 649
Kennedy Daley HSH Black Magic Competitor 647
Kennedy Daley Tack 648
Julia Davies Inari Sami Competitor 716
Ava Davis Cooley Caviar Competitor 735
Shelby Davis Sahara RSF Competitor 729
Lindsey DeAngelis Sweet Posse Competitor 921
Alex Demers Elie Competitor 1925
Danielle Demers Milestone Competitor 1924
Jenna Denver She’s a bold one Competitor 801
Avery Derby Master Moretti Competitor 2041
Avery Derby Down'n Derby Competitor 2042
Aubrey Dickens Cellar Door Competitor 943
Erin Dierks Frontier Force Competitor 764
Grace Dilger Whole Nine Yards Competitor 1146
Kimberly Dillman At His Best Competitor 926
Jennifer Dougherty My Carrots Competitor 827
Dieke Dresch Durrett Lane Competitor 1836
Isabella Dring Miss Mayflower Competitor 658
Alyssa Dykgraaf Foudroyant de Bellerose Competitor 763
Megan Edwards Global Dynasty Competitor 1132
Megan Edwards Global Chrome Competitor 1144
Lee Fairchild Bustics Buster Competitor 1208
Amanda Farmer Boyd Marden Competitor 701
Katherine Farmer Incredibulldelay Competitor 702
Jordan Fellers By A Hundredth Competitor 620
Lauren Ferguson Last Drop Competitor 818
Emma Fettig Time Is Money Competitor 2007
Emma Fettig Extra 2006
Ruth Flanagan Kingston Town Competitor 2002
Ruth Flanagan Tack 2001
Kristi Foresman Kingston Reuvekamp's Competitor 1009
Kristi Foresman Revitavet Fenomenon Competitor 1008
Hannah Fountain Redemption Competitor 805
Hannah Fountain J.m's Parade Competitor 804
Hannah Fountain Lady In Red Competitor 803
Anabelle Friend Tater'CZalad Competitor 920
Rachel Frische FGF Kingslayer Competitor 723
Colin Gaffney Baymax Competitor 1231
Catherine Gallagher Higher Calling Competitor 704
Jane Gallagher Scarragh Silver Competitor 728
Corinna Garcia Schiller Nav Competitor 1205
Anna Gardone Exultation Competitor 913
Chelsea Garrison Je Suis Bernard Competitor 1245
Chelsea Garrison Freddie Mercury Competitor 1246
Abigail George Vanderbilt Competitor 908
Maria Ghinescu Duniteasywithstyle Competitor 2027
Jessica Gibson Shadow Copperwood Competitor 516
Sierra Gibson Hello Paradise Competitor 1840
Louise Gillam Wicked Worry Competitor 1736
Paige Given Flybyboy Competitor 1916
Madelyn Glazier Vc Haston Maupertuis Feh Competitor 730
Margo Goldfarb Ridgetop Pirate Blue Competitor 1029
Nora Goldfarb Durango's Irish Rose Competitor 1748
Kim Green Seas Courage Competitor 834
Christina Grote Opportunistically Competitor 1934
Christina Grote Marzipan Competitor 1935
Kelli Gruss Lil Miss Thing Competitor 1742
Megan Haddock Fire Walk With Me Competitor 523
Megan Haddock Tack 524
Grace Hadfield Coltranes Tune Competitor 720
Brad Hall Montauk Blue Competitor 2005
Brad Hall Sandro's Spinne Competitor 2003
Brad Hall Tack 2004
Lauren Hall Gonnaneedabiggerboat Competitor 2018
Suzanna Hall Carlingford Wells Competitor 744
Susan Hamblen James Baxter Competitor 2104
Philippa Hambly Virreinato Competitor 939
Alison Haneberg Charmed N Dangerus Competitor 1808
Alison Haneberg Tack 1807
Alison Haneberg Extra 1806
Emilie Harder Miss Liberty Skipper Competitor 1010
Dianna Harmon Beaulieu's Quixote Competitor 2124
Emma Hartzler Southern Charm Competitor 942
Amanda Haw The Dutch Angle Competitor 833
Abigail Haydam C-Note Competitor 707
Ashlyn Hayworth Fernhill Barndarig Competitor 1041
Lauren Heba FMF Applejack Competitor 506
Darby Heidema Will's Wildcat Competitor 916
Annabelle Heit FGF Big Bling Theory Competitor 1731
Jordan Heller Royal Flush Competitor 745
Melanie Helms Edelweiss du theil Competitor 750
Caitlin Henderson Battle Of Ramadi Competitor 845
Bailey Hennings Miss Demeanour Competitor 1113
Bailey Hennings HSH Redfield Red Sox Competitor 1112
Lisa Hennings Smilelikeyoumeanit Competitor 1111
Kathleen Herbig Global Mayday Competitor 1212
Elle Herrington All That Jazz Competitor 2021
Nicole Hetzel Artemis Competitor 727
Maggie Hitron Mawhinney Competitor 2114
Rebecca Holcomb Honey Roo Competitor 660
Sally Holman Island Lake Competitor 529
Lauren Hoover Monbeg Capricorn Competitor 1032
Maggie Hoover Say Aloha Competitor 1142
Rachel Horner Steve Rogers Competitor 755
Heather Hornsby R'Secret Rose Competitor 927
Heather Hornsby Suances Cowgirl Competitor 928
Morgan Houberg Made To Order Competitor 1912
Morgan Houberg MHE Briarhill Excel Star Cassondra Competitor 1911
Morgan Houberg MHE Excel Star Two to Tango Competitor 1910
Madyson Hsue Cambria V Competitor 2019
Anna Huntress Clear Sailing Competitor 1811
Julia Iannello Moon Magic Competitor 1922
Sofia Iannello Lil' Apples Competitor 1923
Holly Jacks Deal Or No Deal Competitor 1235
Gail Jackson American Rockstar Competitor 1815
Eryn Janes Well It's True Competitor 657
Valerie Jankovich Roisin Dubh Competitor 911
Jules Jarrell All Dun Up Competitor 1837
Jules Jarrell Tack 1838
Ashley Johnson Charlton Fame Competitor 1232
Chloe Johnson Chilli Bean Competitor 1220
Stacy Johnson Altruismo Competitor 1932
Janey Jones Star Shrek Competitor 1904
Janey Jones Tack 1903
Piper Joseph Flat Out Fast Competitor 655
Piper Joseph Tack 656
Lucy Kelly Benefit of the Doubt Competitor 724
Jacquie Kelton Miss Something Special Competitor 1237
Jessica Kensinger Sonny's Crush Competitor 530
Jonathan Ketzler Big Nickel Competitor 1732
Jonathan Ketzler Third Army Competitor 1734
Jonathan Ketzler Tack 1733
Rachel Kidder Estelle Competitor 1238
Pam Kimmel Special Performance Competitor 2113
Caroline Kirtley Nick's Luck Competitor 1209
Lydia Kish Tuvia Competitor 819
Andrea Kissane Marcus Competitor 765
Christina Knott Copper Bay Competitor 619
McKena Knott O’Brady Competitor 2012
McKena Knott Extra
Alexandra Knowles Leo Santos Competitor 1120
Alexandra Knowles Montpellier Scais Competitor 1118
Alexandra Knowles P.s. I Love You Competitor 1117
Alexandra Knowles September Venture Competitor 1116
Alexandra Knowles Starburst Competitor 1115
Alexandra Knowles Cormint Willow Star Competitor 1114
Alexandra Knowles Tack 1119
Natalie Koch Captain Jack Sparrow Competitor 1810
Kristina Koehler Fireman Isaac Max Competitor 1025
Kristina Koehler Opus Competitor 1026
Laura Kosiorek-Smith Kimberlake Jophiel Competitor 2120
Katrina Kottra Felicity Doll Competitor 837
Carol Kozlowski Welbourne Competitor 910
Dan Kreitl Hello King Wd Z Competitor 611
Dan Kreitl My Kindness T Competitor 612
Dan Kreitl Odyssey Competitor 614
Dan Kreitl Horales Competitor 613
Ellie Kruger Excel Star Brightside Competitor 1834
Alexandra Kuhn Little Hail Competitor 1013
Mindy Kutzner-Shannon First Spring Song Competitor 508
Katie Labarge Cinnamon Bear Competitor 1236
Adalee Ladwig Victoria Secret MSF Competitor 636
Adalee Ladwig Santiago Competitor 638
Adalee Ladwig Nelson John Sir M Competitor 637
Adalee Ladwig Tack 639
Lauren Lambert Biscotti Competitor 1224
Lauren Lambert Red White & Cool Competitor 1222
Lauren Lambert Night Watch Competitor 1221
Lauren Lambert Tack 1223
Martha Lambert Pappillon Van Het Hellehof Competitor 1849
Martha Lambert Tack 1850
Irene Lampton FE Mustang Sally Competitor 1844
Kate Lassiter Colette Competitor 828
Heather Lawson Fancy Exchange Competitor 2030
Stephanie Letarte GarryNdruig Albie Competitor 1939
Ava Linder Midnight Flight Competitor 722
Elizabeth Loh Jack Competitor 1824
Lola Lonesky Symphony Dansee Competitor 650
Lola Lonesky Tack 651
Stacy Lynch ONYX Competitor 1933
Kalin MacQueen Wacky Pal Competitor 642
Kelly Mahloch The Magladon Competitor 1012
Marjorie Maillet JL All American Competitor 2122
Meagan Majchszak Imperial's Catch Competitor 808
Hannah Maloney Phoenyx Competitor 520
Tammy Marcinko The Grey Goose Competitor 938
Meaghan Marinovich-Burdick Riviera Lu Competitor 1014
Meaghan Marinovich-Burdick Tack 1015
Melanie Marion Keep Paddling Competitor 1921
Melanie Marion Tack 1919
Afton Markoski Paper Maker Competitor 659
Isabella Martin Hella Huey Competitor 527
Laurel Massey Lisheen Lismakeera Competitor 2026
Camryn Mattox Synthesizer Competitor 1825
Paula Matuszak Hubert Competitor 2008
Paula Matuszak Extra 2009
Molly Mcbride Storm Chaser Competitor 1745
Molly Mcbride Tack 1746
Riley McDaniel JR Mint Competitor 933
Riley McDaniel Tack 934
Emma Mcdonald Airborn Competitor 1038
Julie Mcelhaney Temptation Competitor 767
Maura McGrath Wayward Trip Competitor 2111
Sean Mcintosh Alfredo Sauce Competitor 1033
Samantha McLean Led Astray Competitor 1905
Chelsea McMillan Speak Your Truth Competitor 807
Chelsea McMillan Tack 806
Kaylianna Mcmorris Fernhill Future Star Competitor 708
Mary Mcsweeney Ollie Competitor 1735
Hannah Mead Brazen Sky Competitor 945
Carrie Meehan Gold To Blue Trapper Jack Competitor 1240
Nico Meier Johnny Bee Good Competitor 1943
Katie Mendes McCreary Competitor 2015
Jennifer Merrick-brooks Piper's Dream Competitor 844
John Meyers Notorious C.A.T. Competitor 923
John Meyers Tack 922
Rebecca Midgett First Time In Forever Competitor 1946
Maddy Milano Sign of the Times Competitor 511
Rosemary Milek Oakfields Ennis Competitor 1743
Rachel Miles Cooley Keystone Competitor 2125
Kiersten Miller Mama Mia Competitor 1124
Kiersten Miller Rosconnell Alto Competitor 1123
Lori Miller Alien invasion Competitor 2110
Shannon Million Mister Competitor 1813
Erica Mitchell Shaniko Star Competitor 935
Erica Mitchell Tack 936
Addison Moore Fighting Iris Competitor 1039
Kimberly Moore The Luckdragon Competitor 746
Melissa Morris Kimberlake Zachariah Competitor 2121
Allie Morua Loughnatousa Warrior Competitor 515
Allie Morua Sir Leonidas Competitor 514
Riley Mueller Gemily Competitor 718
Riley Mueller HSF Leamore Last Call Competitor 717
Riley Mueller Tack Barn 7 Tack #1
Carrie Mulks Colony's Finale Competitor 1225
Carrie Mulks Wind Hill Raposa Competitor 1226
Erin Murphy Cooley Cadence Competitor 1126
Jane Musselman Cayr Della Caccia Competitor 1848
Molly Nachtrieb Jake Competitor 652
Stacy Naugler Payment Plan Competitor 616
Marlene Nauta Winston Competitor 1204
Addison Neumeyer Loan Shark Competitor 628
Addison Neumeyer Her Handsome Beau Competitor 627
Willa Newell Take A Chance Competitor 654
Roxanne Newton Johnny Competitor 534
Sabine Nicoson Ashford SP Competitor 915
Sabine Nicoson Tack 914
Christy Niehues All In Competitor 1001
Barbara Nikolajczyk Southern Magic Competitor 503
Alyssa Noomen Copper Tone Kid Competitor 1831
Amanda Norman Risky Orbit Competitor 1104
Amanda Norman Tack 1103
Tate Northrop Harrison Competitor 1902
Tate Northrop Tack 1901
Isabella Novak Dreamliner Competitor 632
Isabella Novak Extra 633
Jill O'Banion O'Ban Joe Competitor 2108
Jill O'Banion Tack 2109
McKenna O'Brien Eleanor Rigby Competitor 646
McKenna O'Brien Tack Barn 6 Tack #4
Kelty O'donoghue Kilcannon Kandy Kid Competitor 1027
Kelty O'donoghue Tack 1028
Jennifer O'Neill Press Play Competitor 1818
Jennifer O'Neill Scotch on the Rocks Competitor 1817
Emma OBrien FF Bugatti Competitor 640
Emma OBrien Tack 641
Heidi Olson TRF Elphaba Competitor 1940
Tessa Orr Ultimately Magic Competitor 759
Tessa Orr Tack 760
Jennarose Ortmeyer Primrose Competitor 1216
Ali Otipoby Mighty Mouse Competitor 2017
Mary Clare Owdziej City of Ember Competitor 847
Eron Owens Gyzyl Godiva Competitor 626
Hayden Owens Aillie HP Baxxter Competitor 623
Hayden Owens Summer Knight Competitor 625
Scott Owens Fernhill Starlord Competitor 622
Scott Owens Gunnar Competitor 621
Emerson Padgett MSH Giant Jac’ka Competitor 1805
Hayley Palmer Sir Edward Competitor 919
Jackson Palmer Glenside Candy Competitor 2014
Caroline Partridge Financial Empire Competitor 1102
Caroline Partridge Whiskey Sour Competitor 1101
Emma Partridge Sweet Talking Man Competitor 836
Rob Paugh Seal Beach Competitor 618
Elena Perea B. E. Isabella Competitor 1211
Hope Perreault Rainbow Trip Competitor 706
Mia Petersen Fernhill Royale Competitor 1128
Mia Petersen Tack 1127
Emma Petrick Hawthornstud Futures Bright Competitor 507
Vivian Pierce Fernhill Saulsford Nazar Competitor 1145
Lacey Pletcher Maven Competitor 1938
Brandi Podboy-Fish Sword of Roheryn Competitor 2116
Rian Presel Reddy Freddy Competitor 2016
Jessica Ptak-Hooker Mr. Flattery Competitor 703
Erin Pullen Clayton T Lionheart Competitor 747
Erin Pullen Tack 748
Margaret Ragan Excel Star Mission Control Competitor 740
Margaret Ragan Tanimo Proosthof Z Competitor 739
Sydney Ralston Lanier Competitor 2123
Nicole Rambo Letitgo Competitor 907
Grace Ransom Bright Prince Competitor 909
Kelly Ransom Heart Of Hollywood Competitor 1125
Kimberly Redden Othello Competitor 763
Kathleen Reed Detective Reno Competitor 930
Kathleen Reed Point the Way Competitor 931
Hannah Reeser Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier Competitor 2115
Olivia Reeves Baker Street Se Competitor 1233
Olivia Reeves Tack 1234
Taylor Reis-Crihfield Strong Royalty Competitor 505
Jennifer Reisenbichler Scotch Whiskey Competitor 1835
Jan Reynolds Wild Rose Competitor 1828
Amanda Richard Count Julian Competitor 538
Madeleine Richards Global BGK Competitor 1141
Stephanie Richardson City Mudd Competitor 1906
Cora Riley Firefly Competitor 820
Adelyn Rinehart Corona Life Competitor 732
Jordan Riske Redemption Song Competitor 846
Breeana Robinette Cape Kimberly Competitor 1133
Breeana Robinette Tack 1134
Rob Rohrer Get horse name Competitor 2025
Lauren Romanelli Balmullo's Day Off Competitor 1941
Dawn Ross Icy Blue Competitor 1106
Dawn Ross Tack 1105
Kristen Rozycki Harvest Gold Competitor 1927
Kristen Rozycki Zingara Competitor 1928
Shelley Ryan Hospitality Stall Competitor 631
Nadia Sabot Neverquitdreaming Competitor 1227
Mayela Salazar Big Iron Competitor 653
Erin Sanchez Dry Lake Competitor 1005
Erin Sanchez Tack 1004
Kate Sand Top Shelf Competitor 1129
Kate Sand Miss Congeniality Competitor 1130
Kate Sand Tack 1131
Ezra Sanders Lazaretto Competitor 1744
Megane Sauve Nuance Competitor 1228
Jessica Schabert Kaiko Hds Competitor 1207
Lucy Schnepf Louis Vuitton Competitor 838
Lucy Schnepf Tack 839
Jimmie Schramm Eclaire Competitor 1137
Sophie Schroeder Mission Relaunch Competitor 725
Sophie Schroeder Piedmont Sundance Competitor 726
Becky Scialdone Little Guard Competitor 537
Em Seney Tom Kitty Competitor 2013
Lindsey Shepard Escada Competitor 758
Jessica Shiever Signal Me Competitor 526
Emily Shilling Enchanting Class Competitor 1747
Ashley Shoemaker I.C. London Competitor 1210
Sierra Shurtz Playground Competitor 1917
Marygrace Sinclair Witch Hunt Competitor 1936
Noell Sivertsen Try This Competitor 2117
Rachel Skirvin Brand New Key Competitor 615
Emily Slaven Lugnaquilla Lux Competitor 532
Jenny Smalley Love Affair Competitor 509
Alison Smith Ruarigh Competitor 1730
Molly Smith Kimberlake Samuel Competitor 2119
Molly Smith Pack A Punch Competitor 2118
Deborah Snyder Eagle Eyed Lady Competitor 932
Julia Spatt Tack 944
Ella Spiers Mission Complete Competitor 634
Annabelle Sprague Da Vinci Code Competitor 1219
Sara Staley Master Rudy Competitor 2036
Kyra Steinrock Gasparo van de Falieberg Competitor 1909
Sydney Steverson My Borsalino Competitor 1930
Sydney Steverson Redfield I Am No Jedi Competitor 1931
Erin Strader Troisade Competitor 1738
Claire Strehlow Seabanks Theygo Competitor 1122
Claire Strehlow Tack 1121
Holly Streichert Sipping Cider Competitor 832
Tracy Strobel Quality Stock Competitor 512
Karen Strow Spatzel Competitor 1749
Karen Strow Tack 1750
Mandy Su Fargerik Hest Competitor 502
Dani Sussman Baral Triumph Competitor 1726
Dani Sussman RR Simple Competitor 1728
Dani Sussman Jos Bravio Competitor 1729
Dani Sussman Tack 1727
Elizabeth Swire Magnifique K Competitor 517
Marin Swyers Fernhill Mac an Bata Competitor 635
Lily Syah Top Secret Competitor 941
Eleanor Takagishi Phat True Dat Competitor 2034
Eleanor Takagishi Tack 2033
Lyssa Tanner Painted Glory Competitor 756
Nicole Taylor Indigo Competitor 1803
Lisa Thomas Zambian Competitor 2105
Robin Thomas She's A Hollister Girl Competitor 609
Kara Thompson Rolli Coaster Competitor 1138
Madison Thompson Sweet N' Tangy Competitor 644
Taylor Thompson Silent Cat Tales Competitor 643
Burny Todd-Smith Mimic Competitor 1929
Lauren Traut The Lion's Share Competitor 1937
Jillian Treu World In Excess Competitor 904
Amanda Tucker Wave Maker Competitor 1822
Amanda Tucker Tack 1821
Grace Tucker Dinero Competitor 1823
Nicola Tucker Pandora Competitor 1802
Nicola Tucker Tack 1801
Jessica Tufariello Dancer Competitor 902
Dorothy Tuohey Autumn Rhythm Competitor 918
Sarah Turri Rockstar Parking Competitor 1820
Katie Tyer Excel Star Beholden Competitor 721
Claire Tyner White Fly High Harvey Competitor 1942
Tess Utterback Nucifera Competitor 1814
Leslie van der Wal Doonhill Dancer Competitor 2103
JayCee Vanesky Private Island Competitor 749
Anne Varns Commemorate Bruce Competitor 539
Leah Vasquez Discreet Attitude Competitor 607
Claire Vestrand I’m a Cool Dude Competitor 2028
Madeline Vines Fröhliche Competitor 705
Barbie Violi Crugraff Competitor 1040
Layla Visintine Mabrouk Competitor 2107
Mia Volpentesta Legally Totilart Competitor 713
Mia Volpentesta Flipside Competitor 714
Rachael Vonderhaar Amour De La Vallee Competitor 630
Rachel Wade Alverta Competitor 1737
Megan Wadley Fleet Stepper Competitor 1048
Maren Waggoner Never Ceasing Competitor 1007
Maren Waggoner Tack 1006
Abigail Walker Galway Bay Cooley Competitor 741
Amanda Walker Master Menace Competitor 2043
Amanda Walker Truly Elite Competitor 2044
Amanda Walker Runaway Romeo Competitor 2045
Clare Walker Danger Mouse Competitor 541
Angelina Wallace Notorious BBD Competitor 757
Amber Walton Calm Before The Storm Competitor 528
Jessie Ward Road Rage Competitor 617
Anne Wasiljew Arkle Competitor 1908
Leah Waskom Samuel Adams Competitor 536
Bonnie Watkins Qarismah Competitor 2102
Bonnie Watkins Tack 2101
Brittany Weber Who's Your Daddy Competitor 809
Ella Wegerich VC Hermès du Landran Competitor 731
Madison Wehrman EPA Mo Chuisle Competitor 840
Beth Weisberger Perfect Idea Competitor 2112
Kendall Westgate Valoordo Competitor 906
Mara White My Chardonneigh Competitor 2010
Halley Widlak Galvatron Competitor 843
Ella Widman Grizzly Peak Competitor 761
Ella Widman Tack 762
Parker Widmer Stolen Silver Competitor 1804
Arden Wildasin Lobo Competitor 752
Arden Wildasin Tokyo Drift Competitor 753
Arden Wildasin Udi-la Competitor 754
Laura Wilhem Redfield Soranella Competitor 1842
Laura Wilhem Tack 1843
Jesslyn Woodall Diamond Dog Competitor 1832
Nicole Wozniak SBT Rynca Competitor 802
Heather Wu Vsh Tully’s Playing With Fire Competitor 1139
Todd Wulf Kilcannon Max Competitor 1218
Cathrine Wunderlich Concatulations Competitor 715
Sarah Wyssen Peace Out Man Competitor 912
Sarah Wyssen Quicksilver Competitor 937
Riley York Soulshine Competitor 719
Riley York Tack Barn 7 Tack #2
Lani Zabor Yes Please Competitor 929
Courtney Zachary Apolon Competitor 2031
Deena Zaitounh See My Tuxedo Competitor 841
Roberta Zajac Look Again Competitor 519
Roberta Zajac Tack 518
Anna Zweig Nuance SH Competitor 1003

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Check out all the horse show scores and riding times in the equestrian calendar above. Trucks for hauling a horse trailer are needed by equestrian horse riders who attend horse shows with horse tack and supplies, veterinary supplies, riding clothes, saddles and boots and riding helmets.