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USEA AEC, $60,000 Adequan Advanced Final, and ATC Finals

August 31-September 5, 2021 - KHP, Lexington, KY

Training Level Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) Results

Number Rider Horse Divsion Score
437 Anabelle Friend Fine With Me USEA Training Jr. Championship 30.6
391 Breeana Robinette Cape Kimberly USEA Training Jr. Championship 31.1
341 Ashley Trier LNJ Encyclopedia USEA Training Horse Championship 31.3
355 Carroll Courtenay Mr.Puff Higgens Jr. USEA Training Rider Championship 31.6
325 Kristine Burgess Chasen a Star USEA Training Horse Championship 31.8
373 Marisa Shulman Checkmate USEA Training Rider Championship 31.9
314 Tracey Corey Byrnwyck West USEA Training Amateur Championship 32.3
367 Erica Addison Fire for Effect USEA Training Rider Championship 33.0
289 Kirsten Hiles Wisencrazi USEA Training Amateur Championship 33.4
425 Will Rowland Over Rider USEA Training Jr. Championship 33.6
387 Amanda Ruane Castle's Boy USEA Training Rider Championship 33.7
365 Elena Perea B. E. Isabella USEA Training Rider Championship 33.8
379 Mikayla Kearney Countless Prospects USEA Training Rider Championship 34.1
323 Linden Wiesman Fifth Ace USEA Training Horse Championship 34.6
418 Lanie Mourgenos Fit & Frisky USEA Training Jr. Championship 35.2
402 Hannah Fisher Ethan USEA Training Jr. Championship 35.2
301 Callia Englund Boss Indy USEA Training Amateur Championship 35.4
424 Ruth Rosendaul Kaloosh USEA Training Jr. Championship 35.6
267 Tracey Corey Super Nova USEA Training Amateur Championship 35.7
326 Ashley Goodroe Chubba USEA Training Horse Championship 36.0
290 Sheri Thornley Toga USEA Training Amateur Championship 36.8
284 Erin Weil Patriot Games USEA Training Amateur Championship 37.5
335 Carly Blank CinderElla USEA Training Horse Championship 37.6
384 Madison Bonamarte Ben de la Creme USEA Training Rider Championship 38.2
349 Sabrina McClure Ianacone Pirates Bid USEA Training Rider Championship 38.6
336 Meigs Rutherford Formal Affair USEA Training Horse Championship 38.9
319 Cosby Green McCreary USEA Training Horse Championship 39.2
344 Hannah Herrig Liondrive USEA Training Rider Championship 39.5
427 Elle Stephenson Vs Mccuan Civil Liberty USEA Training Jr. Championship 40.5
435 Michaela Frye Sugar Sam USEA Training Jr. Championship 41.1
283 Cindy Buchanan Fabby Abbey USEA Training Amateur Championship 41.3
407 Jordan Knight Southern Gentleman USEA Training Jr. Championship 42.2
287 Tiffany Horton Rum Runner USEA Training Amateur Championship 42.2
392 Natalie Woodie Soul Blues USEA Training Jr. Championship 42.4
406 Maggie Proffitt Beth's Moonsail USEA Training Jr. Championship 43.9
279 Shannon Allen KD Mac USEA Training Amateur Championship 44.3
368 Dawn Nelson Eagle Of Delight USEA Training Rider Championship 44.3
308 Ondine Eardley Red Poll USEA Training Amateur Championship 44.6
298 Kaley Seitz Hic Sunt Leones USEA Training Amateur Championship 45.0
278 Nicole Stewart Bright Prince USEA Training Amateur Championship 45.6
423 Sarah Harrison We Been Spotted USEA Training Jr. Championship 45.9
360 Molly Scher Inferno USEA Training Rider Championship 48.7
268 Stephanie Lambert Godiva Chocolate USEA Training Amateur Championship 52.4
305 Amanda Prescott Hollywood USEA Training Amateur Championship 56.6
359 Lorin Clark Forbidden USEA Training Rider Championship 59.9
270 Audrey Fisher Dance with the Devil USEA Training Amateur Championship 63.6
430 Amelia Kremer Delgado USEA Training Jr. Championship 65.1
404 Quidley Kellermann Stillwater King USEA Training Jr. Championship 67.5
380 Hannah Schofield Fastidious USEA Training Rider Championship 72.1
364 Kristin Osley King of Beer USEA Training Rider Championship 75.5

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