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USEA AEC, $60,000 Adequan Advanced Final, and ATC Finals

August 31-September 5, 2021 - KHP, Lexington, KY

$60,000 Adequan® USEA Advanced Final 2021

No. Rider Horse & Owner Dressage XC SJ
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
240 Arielle Aharoni Dutch Times
Christina Aharoni
Wednesday 1:10pm 1 Thur. 11:06am Fri. 7:15 PM
253 Fylicia Barr Galloway Sunrise
Fylicia Barr
Wednesday 3:26pm 1 Thur. 11:45am Fri. 7:15 PM
229 Alexandra Baugh Mr Candyman
Allorac Farm
Wednesday 10:38am 1 Thur. 10:33am Fri. 7:15 PM
224 Maya Black Miks Master C
Laurie Cameron
Wednesday 9:58am 1 Thur. 10:18am Fri. 7:15 PM
249 Zachary Brandt Direct Advance
Direct Advance Syndicate, Llc
Wednesday 2:38pm 1 Thur. 11:33am Fri. 7:15 PM
233 Kyle Carter Reddy Or Not
Christy Edwards
Wednesday 11:10am 1 Thur. 10:45am Fri. 7:15 PM
246 William Coleman Dondante
Team Rebecca, Llc
Wednesday 2:14pm 1 Thur. 11:24am Fri. 7:15 PM
211 William Coleman Tight Lines
Conair Syndicate
Wednesday 7:58am 1 Thur. 9:39am Fri. 7:15 PM
219 Hallie Coon Global EX
Helen Coon
Wednesday 9:02am 1 Thur. 10:03am Fri. 7:15 PM
227 Zoe Crawford K.E.C. Zara
Zoe Crawford
Wednesday 10:22am 1 Thur. 10:27am Fri. 7:15 PM
245 Bruce Davidson Jak My Style
Kathleen Cuca
Wednesday 2:06pm 1 Thur. 11:21am Fri. 7:15 PM
210 Bruce Davidson Carlevo
Wednesday 7:50am 1 Thur. 9:36am Fri. 7:15 PM
226 Bruce Davidson Sorocaima
Bruce Davidson
Wednesday 10:14am 1 Thur. 10:24am Fri. 7:15 PM
234 Sydney Elliott QC Diamantaire
Carol Stephens
Wednesday 12:22pm 1 Thur. 10:48am Fri. 7:15 PM
242 Matthew Flynn Wizzerd
Dr&Mrs.A.Patrick Flynn Tyler Abell Merry Go Round Farm
Wednesday 1:26pm 1 Thur. 11:12am Fri. 7:15 PM
216 Clayton Fredericks FE Stormtrooper
Kingfisher Park Equestrian
Wednesday 8:38am 1 Thur. 9:54am Fri. 7:15 PM
238 Clayton Fredericks FE Always In Time
Clayton Fredericks
Wednesday 12:54pm 1 Thur. 11:00am Fri. 7:15 PM
218 Elisabeth Halliday-sharp Cooley Quicksilver
The Monster Partnership
Wednesday 8:54am 1 Thur. 10:00am Fri. 7:15 PM
251 Emily Hamel Corvett
Emily Hamel
Wednesday 2:54pm 1 Thur. 11:39am Fri. 7:15 PM
247 Alexandra Knowles Ms. Poppins
Katherine O'Brien
Wednesday 2:22pm 1 Thur. 11:27am Fri. 7:15 PM
228 Alexandra Knowles Morswood
Katherine O'Brien
Wednesday 10:30am 1 Thur. 10:30am Fri. 7:15 PM
243 Sara Kozumplik Murphy Rubens D'ysieux
Michele Kuchta
Wednesday 1:34pm 1 Thur. 11:15am Fri. 7:15 PM
225 Sarah Kuhn Mr. Cash van de Start
Deborah Kuhn
Wednesday 10:06am 1 Thur. 10:21am Fri. 7:15 PM
248 Leslie Law Voltaire De Tre'
Tre Book
Wednesday 2:30pm 1 Thur. 11:30am Fri. 7:15 PM
217 Leslie Law First Class
Beatrice Rey-Herme
Wednesday 8:46am 1 Thur. 9:57am Fri. 7:15 PM
237 Boyd Martin On Cue
Christine Turner
Wednesday 12:46pm 1 Thur. 10:57am Fri. 7:15 PM
254 Natalia Neneman Electric Lux
The Electric Group LLC
Wednesday 3:34pm 1 Thur. 11:48am Fri. 7:15 PM
230 Doug Payne Quantum Leap
Doug Payne
Wednesday 10:46am 1 Thur. 10:36am Fri. 7:15 PM
252 Holly Payne Caravella CharmKing
CharmKing LLC Bancroft
Wednesday 3:02pm 1 Thur. 11:42am Fri. 7:15 PM
215 Colleen Rutledge Covert Rights
Colleen Rutledge
Wednesday 8:30am 1 Thur. 9:51am Fri. 7:15 PM
244 Madeleine Scott Crosby's Gold
Madeleine Scott
Wednesday 1:42pm 1 Thur. 11:18am Fri. 7:15 PM
232 Karl Slezak Fernhill Wishes
Karl Slezak
Wednesday 11:02am 1 Thur. 10:42am Fri. 7:15 PM
221 Allison Springer Business Ben
Business Ben Partnership LLC
Wednesday 9:18am 1 Thur. 10:09am Fri. 7:15 PM

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