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USEA AEC, $60,000 Adequan Advanced Final, and ATC Finals

August 31-September 5, 2021 - KHP, Lexington, KY

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Jennifer Achilles Excel Star Lance Competitor 2392
Jennifer Achilles Tack 3291
Ann Adams Calliope Competitor 341
Ann Adams Tack 342
Caroline Adams Simon Says Competitor 531
Caroline Adams Tack 532
Kendall Adams Hint of Gold Competitor 1250
Kendall Adams Princess Leia Competitor 1249
Molly Adams Caletto's Symphony Competitor 2313
Nicolette Adams Saul Good Competitor 849
Nicolette Adams Extra 848
Lea Adams-Blackmore Fernhill Frostbite Competitor 734
Erica Addison Fire for Effect Competitor 1310
Arielle Aharoni Dutch Times Competitor 23100
Arielle Aharoni Furst Queen Competitor 23102
Arielle Aharoni Tack 23101
Larkin Albarado SF Lil Bit O Texas Competitor 704
Lauren Alexander Excel Star Over The Moon Competitor 1036
Shannon Allen KD Mac Competitor 1113
Ashley Allison Sophie's Story Competitor 2002
Ashley Allison Tack 2001
Jamie Allison Jedi Competitor 130
Vienna Allport DHI Zatopek B Competitor 2314
Andre Amato Superman Competitor 2327
Andre Amato Tack 2328
Claire Anderson Deep Sea Competitor 1911
Sara Beth Anton Legionnaire Competitor 218
Christine Arthur Tuxedo n' Tails Competitor 423
Christine Arthur Tack 422
Julie Augustine Texas Riddle Competitor 421
Nicole Austin Annaghmore Beach Boom Competitor 938
Nicole Austin Tack 937
Shannon Austin Southern Violence Competitor 1731
Shannon Austin Tack 1730
Kristen Ayers Pack Leader Competitor 1044
Kristen Ayers Tack 1045
Madeline Backus Baratheon Competitor 2433
Martha Bader Ardeo Arctic Wolf Competitor 1627
Martha Bader Extra 1626
Hudsyn Bagwell Ardeo Mermus Hill Competitor 607
Zinovia Baltopoulos Nashville Hot Competitor 2482
Mary Bancroft Twain Competitor 754
Mary Bancroft Tack 754 - T
Anna Banks Primrose BMD Competitor 2289
Hayley Barbato Whiskey Road Competitor 2385
Sandra Barclay Bruiser Competitor 947
Sandra Barclay Cooley Camelot Competitor 949
Sandra Barclay Tack 948
William Barclay Stormn Hudson KD Competitor 950
Fylicia Barr Galloway Sunrise Competitor 225
Lisa Barry Rosie's Aventadora Competitor 1725
Lisa Barry Extra 1724
Kyla Barton Cultivate Competitor 1543
Brooke Bayley Unbroken Competitor 1248
Brooke Bayley Fernhill Cork Blues Competitor 1247
Brooke Bayley Tack 1243
Gwynne Bayne FGF EllGee Competitor 1123
Kelly Beaver Excel Star Pluto Competitor 2386
Kelly Beaver Tack 2387
Maxine Beck Knight Dreamer Competitor 655
Maxine Beck Tack 654
Gerlinde Beckers Roscommon Fagan Competitor 2133
Kalie Beckers Calla GBF Competitor 608
Kalie Beckers Lincoln Competitor 609
Tanya BeGole Wivollets Carnival Competitor 1732
Candace Elizabeth Bell Fernhill Philm Star Competitor 926
Kate Bell Daphne AS Competitor 2367
Nicole Beneigh Rangers Funny Girl Competitor 1729
Katie Beninati Rumer MWF Competitor 1640
Audrey Bennett Bad to the Bone Competitor 1703
Taylor Berlin Carlingfords Beachboy Competitor 1603
Marianna Bernardi Roxy Competitor 1633
Erika Berntsen Space Cadet Competitor 2134
Diane Berry Goode Hope Competitor 1843
Diane Berry Tack 1842
Emmalee Berryhill Little Black Dress Competitor 1201
Kathleen Bertuna Excel Star Harry Competitor 2393
Kathleen Bertuna Tack 2394
Angelika Beutel Romeo Competitor 2135
Jessalyn Biggs-penton Winston Competitor 12444
Caroline Birch Champagne Supernova Competitor 1436
Caroline Birch Tack 1435
Alyssa Birt Jack Competitor 2128
Alyssa Birt Tack 2129
Rachel Bitsko Well Al Be Competitor 1216
Rachel Bitsko Tack 1217
Maya Black Double Diamond C Competitor 226
Maya Black Miks Master C Competitor 228
Maya Black Tack 227
Abby Blackburn Opposition Lady Competitor 1812
Abby Blackburn Dior HH Competitor 1811
Sara Blackwell Brig's Swift Arrival Competitor 2473
Carly Blank CinderElla Competitor 124
Carly Blank Connacht Dinin Competitor 125
Kaylee Blazeniak Caballo Oscuro Competitor 2444
Madeline Bletzacker Drummer Boy Competitor 2027
Madeline Bletzacker Landtino S Competitor 2028
Dayna Blumel Cabo Wabo Competitor 418
Dayna Blumel Tack 417
Laura Bolerjack West River Competitor 515
Emma Bomse Unexpected Moxie Competitor 325
Madison Bonamarte Ben de la Creme Competitor 1618
Lisa Boncosky Tensas Carlos Competitor 447
Kelsey Boos Will You Be Mine Competitor 427
Slater Boos Breaking the City Competitor 428
Lisa Borgia Silmarillion Competitor 2026
Jennifer Boshart Blaze of Charm Competitor 1704
Tim Bourke Quality Explosion Competitor 1930
Tim Bourke Flying Quality Competitor 1927
Tim Bourke Lennard Competitor 1928
Tim Bourke Tack 1929
Tim Bourke Extra 1926
Ann Bower Samstar Competitor 2021
Meg Bowers Faldeus Competitor 1150
Amanda Boyce Mercury Competitor 652
Amanda Boyce Tack 653
Hannah Boyd Billy McClusky Competitor 1005
Kai Bradley Diamonds Forever Competitor 826
Katherine Bradley Emrys Competitor 761
Zachary Brandt Direct Advance Competitor 1813
Nina Celeste Braun Abraxas Competitor 1705
Abigail Brawley Greystone Lad Competitor 944
Mallory Brazzell Sheza Patchwork Kid Competitor 1415
Holly Breaux Wapz Hot Dan Competitor 1039
Jenny Brinkley Guinness X Competitor 748
Jenny Brinkley Tack 749
Stephanie Bristol Ballenger Competitor 837
Elena Bronisz Tullamore Justice Competitor 2408
Elena Bronisz Tack 2409
Emily Brooks Lord Darby Competitor 1744
Emma Brooks Some Kind of Wonderful Competitor 206
Emma Brooks Tack 207
Lauren Brooks Fernhill Focus Maxi Competitor 932
Kate Brown Royal Lufttanzer Competitor 902
Kate Brown Sport's Revenge Competitor 903
Mia Brown Duke HW Competitor 248
Mia Brown Tack 249
Emily Bruhn Beowulf Competitor 112
Isabel Brunker Allia Competitor 936
Ashley Brush Rhythm & Blues Competitor 1221
Ashley Brush Tack 1223
Matthew Bryner Nile Gold Competitor 2338
Matthew Bryner Timtron Hanover Competitor 2339
Audrey Buchanan Dove Competitor 141
Cindy Buchanan Fabby Abbey Competitor 139
Cindy Buchanan Tack 138
Maggie Buchanan 3,2,1, Blastoff Competitor 140
Brenda Buck-Smith Saranac Tramonay Competitor 2406
Erin Buckner Picassi Competitor 2474
Josie Buller Zanzibar Competitor 223
Josie Buller Tack 224
Grace Burch Crimson Flame Competitor 535
Grace Burch Tack 534
Kristine Burgess Chasen a Star Competitor 2025
Kristine Burgess Marisol Competitor 2024
Lianne Burgess Roza CMF Competitor 2023
Lianne Burgess Tack 2022
Caroline Burkhardt My Mexico Competitor 305
Caroline Burkhardt Tack 304
Hannah Sue Burnett Carsonstown Competitor 1722
Hannah Sue Burnett Coolrock Wacko Jacko Competitor 1720
Hannah Sue Burnett Stakkato Bronx Competitor 1719
Hannah Sue Burnett Tack 1721
Elizabeth Burns Nazrullah Competitor 324
Elizabeth Burns Tack 323
Virginia Burns Captain Jack Competitor 322
Malaree Byrne Feel My Presence Competitor 2340
Malaree Byrne Tack 2341
Alyssa Cairo Paddington Competitor 1735
Alyssa Cairo Tack 1736
Julia Caldwell Freedom's Call Competitor 1208
Ansley Callanan Silly Wabbitt Competitor 2481
Ansley Callanan Tack 2480
Courtney Calnan Little Red Dragon Competitor 1738
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Danny Boy Competitor 1339
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Tack 1340
Olivia Cannizzaro Cabriolet Competitor 2136
Meadow Carani Elan V Competitor 945
Meadow Carani Tack 946
Sophia Carattini Artax Competitor 511
Simone Cardosa I'd Toast to That! Competitor 518
Kyle Carter Reddy Or Not Competitor 910
Kyle Carter Rhs Ciarado Competitor 909
Riley Carter Freedom Competitor 912
Juliana Cassar Cheranimo Competitor 913
Juliana Cassar Tack 915
Joy Caughron Asteroid B-612 Competitor 835
Julie Cayer Great Moments Competitor 1527
Madelyn Cease Charlie Competitor 1810
Madelyn Cease TS Air Striker Competitor 1809
Livy Chambers Fernhill Stateside Competitor 1025
Seth Chapman Imperial Scout Competitor 1806
Emma Childress Mission To Mars Competitor 122
Emma Childress Tack 123
Lauren Chumley Atlanta B Competitor 1234
Lauren Chumley Tack 1235
Sharon Church Rose and Crown Competitor 836
June Clark Dealin' Diamonds Competitor 733
Lorin Clark Forbidden Competitor 618
Lorin Clark Tack 619
Michele Clark Zues Competitor 1414
Leila Cluff-Ryan Grand Finale Competitor 2342
Tori Coakley First Fling Competitor 1508
Colleen Cohill Hotshot Competitor 916
Colleen Cohill Tack 917
Jennifer Coleman SS Palantir Competitor 2464
Jennifer Coleman SS Willow Competitor 2465
William Coleman Dondante Competitor 645
William Coleman Tight Lines Competitor 642
William Coleman Tack 644
William Coleman Tack 643
Sarah Coltrin Madam Dragon Competitor 847
Brandy Combs Icaan Competitor 1028
Brandy Combs Shakah Caan Competitor 1029
Caroline Compton Aston Martin Competitor 135
Kaitlyn Conner Touche Competitor 246
Kaitlyn Conner Tack 247
Amanda Conti Chambery Competitor 646
Amanda Conti Tack 646-T
Courtney Cook Romeo Competitor 1037
Dana Cooke FE Quattro Competitor 1939
Dana Cooke FE Mississippi Competitor 1940
Dana Cooke Tack 1941
Hallie Coon Global Clue Competitor 1302
Hallie Coon Global Lilliehof Competitor 1303
Hallie Coon Global EX Competitor 1304
Hallie Coon Global Naxos Competitor 1305
Hallie Coon Tack 1306
Kelly Cooper Stardust of Excellence Competitor 2310
Morgan Cooper Captain Crown Competitor 1350
Jessica Copland FGF Walk the Line Competitor 2498
Bianca Cordeiro Lordans Lad Competitor 1937
Bianca Cordeiro Tack 1938
Tracey Corey Byrnwyck West Competitor 1823
Tracey Corey Super Nova Competitor 1822
Tracey Corey Tack 1821
Ashley Costello Fool's Gold Competitor 659
Fiona Cotter Miltown Malbay Competitor 1834
Bonnie Coulter Network News Competitor 1740
Bonnie Coulter Tack 1741
Carroll Courtenay Mr.Puff Higgens Jr. Competitor 817
Raymond Coutley Colenomer Competitor 1708
Raymond Coutley Navier Stokes Competitor 1706
Raymond Coutley Tack 1707
Isabella Craft Walle's World Competitor 833
Zoe Crawford Francelia Competitor 1907
Zoe Crawford K.E.C. Zara Competitor 1908
Heidi Crowell Tinraher Diamond Competitor 2315
Tonya Cummins Amato Get Smart Competitor 2351
Blaire Cunningham Fortune's Fool Competitor 1218
Hadley Cunningham Henry Higgins Competitor 1202
Annamarie Curtin Kermit Competitor 1119
Angela Custer Calle Competitor 242
Molly Czub Penguin Competitor 2137
Kennedy Daley Classic Coin Competitor 414
Kennedy Daley Tack 413
Bruce Davidson Carlevo Competitor 1848
Bruce Davidson Jak My Style Competitor 1849
Bruce Davidson Sorocaima Competitor 1847
Bruce Davidson Tack 1850
Julia Davies Wheels Up Competitor 943
Debra Davis Nunlikem Competitor 722
Elisabeth Davis Glendale's Katie Belle Competitor 143
Elisabeth Davis Tack 142
Mary Bess Davis CSF Dassett Decoy Competitor 745
Mary Bess Davis Imperio Magic Competitor 744
Evelyn Davis Douglas Just Jumped Bale Competitor 127
Isabella Day Twilight Competitor 838
Jillian Dean Launch Competitor 841
Jillian Dean Tack 840
Eden Dedrick Excel Star High Hopes Competitor 543
Paige Dedrick Excel Star Fun Guy Competitor 542
Jessena Defler Gasparo van de Falieberg Competitor 412
Christina DeMauro Jude Moon Competitor 1403
Christina DeMauro Extra
Kaitlyn Dendy Highland Reign Competitor 1209
Cindy DePorter Ana D Competitor 1011
Becky Desmond Zida Competitor 1625
Becky Desmond Tack 1624
Judi Dietz Rearcross Clover Q Competitor 2295
Brinn Dimler Roscoe Competitor 2126
Brinn Dimler Tack 2127
Shawn Dodge True Illusion Competitor 1413
Jessica Doering Jax Competitor 1605
Emma Doremus Simon Says Competitor 2329
Ellen Doughty-Hume Breakin' All the Rules Competitor 2493
Martin Douzant Beall Spring Seahawk Competitor 1545
Martin Douzant Olympus Competitor 1546
Ashley Dowdy My Mella Bella Competitor 610
Danielle Downing Shannonbay Coco Competitor 214
Danielle Downing Dikory Doc Competitor 213
Hayden Drager Got Rugged Competitor 2407
Emma Drury Led Astray Competitor 705
Emma Drury Tack 706
Alexa Duncan Double Trouble Competitor 2360
Viviana Dunlap Elegance Competitor 1742
Alexandra Dupont Paloleo Competitor 1013
Alexandra Dupont Tack 1012
Doreen Durr Cor de Cor Competitor 1430
Rebecca Dyer Fairhaven's Phoenix Competitor 2494
Alyssa Dykgraaf Foudroyant de Bellerose Competitor 1639
Adelee Dyrssen Red Headed Stranger Competitor 919
Adelee Dyrssen Tack 920
Ondine Eardley Red Poll Competitor 1135
Aubrey Earley Hanover Lex C Competitor 1808
Brayden Edmonds Jay Of Diamonds Competitor 1211
Solomon Edwards Urlanmore Beauty Competitor 119
Solomon Edwards Tack 120
Solomon Edwards Extra 121
Sarah Egel My Lucky Irish Competitor 812
Lydia Eifler Hans Christian Competitor 411
Sydney Elliott Commando D' Osthuy Competitor 2478
Sydney Elliott QC Diamantaire Competitor 2479
Madalyn Ellis Fernhill Magic Competitor 1024
Jen Ellms Pia Nye Liv Competitor 2138
Cecilia Emilsson Blazing Angel Competitor 2113
Sharla Englerth Holy Land Competitor 2405
Callia Englund Boss Indy Competitor 2008
Malin Eriksson WHF Wilhelmina Competitor 117
Malin Eriksson Tack 118
Nicole Estep Wilson Competitor 629
Nicole Estep Tack 630
Kelsey Estes Shauna Competitor 818
Julia Fanello Fe Clooney Competitor 1944
Eliza Farren Creffino Pj Competitor 516
Liesel Fazekas Fernhill Final Cavalier Competitor 1023
Arielle Ferrell Parkmore's Miss Demeanor Competitor 410
Ashley Fischer Cimbria RC Competitor 2419
Ali Fisher Carnivale King Competitor 2306
Audrey Fisher Dance with the Devil Competitor 2421
Audrey Fisher Tack 2420
Hannah Fisher Ethan Competitor 204
Hannah Fisher Tack 205
Andrea Flannery The Last Kiss Competitor 212
Silas Flaum Harmony Way Competitor 801
Silas Flaum Tack 802
Janelle Fleming Fly Me Courageous Competitor 2038
Matthew Flynn Wizzerd Competitor 737
Matthew Flynn Extra 738
Susan Fogarty Truly Competitor 759
Susan Fogarty Tack 758
Annika Foley The Perfect Find Competitor 250
Kelly Follain Rhythm and Blues Competitor 842
Kelly Follain Tack 843
Abby Foltz Absolute Zero Competitor 1114
Micaela Forsyth Southern Comfort Competitor 149
Devon Fowler Art of Investment Competitor 1149
Devon Fowler Tack 1148
Sara Fox Kick The Dust Up Competitor 1824
Rory Frangos Monty’s Tune Competitor 1836
Rory Frangos Extra 1837
Clayton Fredericks FE Coldplay Competitor 1948
Clayton Fredericks FE Always In Time Competitor 1949
Clayton Fredericks FE Ophelia Competitor 1947
Clayton Fredericks FE Stormtrooper Competitor 1946
Clayton Fredericks Tack 1950
Jenavieve French Stevie Woods Competitor 1650
Gretel Frew Union Commander Competitor 830
Anabelle Friend Fine With Me Competitor 2443
Ava Friese CMF Diamond Promise Competitor 1426
Nancy Fronczak RendezVous Competitor 2144
Margaret Frost Euro Star Competitor 1022
Michaela Frye Sugar Sam Competitor 111
Savannah Fulton Irie Competitor 319
Savannah Fulton Tack 318
Stephen Fulton Db Cooper Competitor 321
Stephen Fulton Tack 320
Rylee Gailey Dukes Up Competitor 2148
Rylee Gailey Extra
Abigail Gallagher Ziggy Stardust Competitor 1709
Catherine Gallagher Higher Calling Competitor 1404
Miranda Gallegos King Henry Competitor 1611
Brynna Gang Wise Guy Competitor 1330
Corinna Garcia Lyric Competitor 445
Corinna Garcia Tack 446
Berkley Gardner Chillie Competitor 1115
Berkley Gardner Tack 1116
Annie Garrett Color Me Surprised Competitor 132
Chelsea Garrison Je Suis Bernard Competitor 2384
Jennifer Garutti Labras Leannon Competitor 1230
Jennifer Garutti Tack 1229
Amy Gaynor Studly Dudley Competitor 2380
Amy Gaynor Tack 2379
Shanon Geitz Odele SPF Competitor 1004
Alissa Genovese Island Fever Competitor 710
Tessa Geven Vintage Bhoy Competitor 2330
Allison Gill Island Girl Competitor 613
Emerson Gill Billy Idol Competitor 628
Crissa Gillette EPA Wildfire Competitor 2049
Crissa Gillette Tack 2050
Samantha Gilley Senatro Competitor 317
Kelly Giunta Robbie Jones Competitor 1532
Leah Jill Goff Castall Competitor 1137
Katelyn Good Tiddlywinks Competitor 816
Stephanie Goodman Drs Resolute Competitor 1622
Stephanie Goodman Tack 1621
Stephanie Goodman Extra 1620
Susan Goodman Cinna Competitor 1623
Ashley Goodroe Chubba Competitor 1043
Sarah Goodyear Flagmount's Harmony Competitor 905
Angela Gottler Caan's Man In Black Competitor 1027
Aidan Goumas Annapolis Competitor 2145
Abigail Graham Soul Power Competitor 1224
Abigail Graham Tack 1225
Annie Graham Ipso Facto Competitor 1541
Michael Graham Guinness Competitor 2146
Elizabeth Grandos Watch My Class Competitor 725
Maisy Grassie Fay Irish Roadie Competitor 1014
Eleanor Gray Get Going Competitor 2303
Kathryn Greenfield Artemis HH Competitor 501
Kris Greenway Ash B'dash Competitor 2414
Kris Greenway Tack 2415
Sarah Greenway LF Jagger Competitor 1314
Marissa Griffin Conguistador Competitor 2363
Marissa Griffin Tack 2362
Heidi Grimm Powell Finntastic! Competitor 1529
Madyx Guidry Dancin'With Thunder Competitor 614
Lindsay Hafer Reflecktions Competitor 2325
Lindsay Hafer Tack 2324
Zoe Hagedorn Peter Pan Competitor 2132
Emily Hamel Corvett Competitor 1631
Emily Hamel Tack 1632
Lily N Hamilton Midnight Borealis Competitor 1616
Lily N Hamilton Fallo e Basta Competitor 1617
Jane Hamlin Fernhill Multichance Competitor 729
Sophia Hand Carissan Competitor 1146
Alison Haneberg Charmed N Dangerus Competitor 2468
Dianna Harmon Beaulieu's Quixote Competitor 2141
Sarah Harrison We Been Spotted Competitor 2466
Sarah Harty Mail Order Ride Competitor 1723
Grace Harvey Phantom of my Dreams Competitor 1840
Grace Harvey Tack 1839
Catherine Hatcher Rathpierce Lord Competitor 2331
Nicole Hatley Casper the Friendly Horse Competitor 1749
Abigail Haydam C-Note Competitor 1615
Donna Hayden FlynnStone Competitor 1120
Donna Hayden Tack 1121
Emma Hayes Where'd It Go Competitor 760
Christina Heddesheimer Whimsical Competitor 303
Christina Heddesheimer Tack 302
Sam Hellerman Roheryn Competitor 1015
Anna Hendey Sheldon Competitor 2326
Larkyn Hendren Sandy Competitor 2413
Hannah Herrig Liondrive Competitor 2048
Katlyn Hewson-slezak Fernhill Choco Royale Competitor 2124
Kloie Hicks Majestic Breeze Competitor 2332
Lisa Hida Cooleys Rule of Law Competitor 2302
Kirsten Hiles Wisencrazi Competitor 2020
Kirsten Hiles Proxima Competitor 2019
Jamie Hill Amaretto Competitor 2296
Morgan Hiller Brunch Date Competitor 2499
Maggie Hitron Mawhinney Competitor 1412
Maggie Hitron This Is Gonna Be Fun Competitor 1411
Elizabeth Hobbs Hankee Doodle Competitor 1924
Elizabeth Hobbs Tack 1925
Leanne Hobbs Fault Free Competitor 2469
Camryn Holcomb Quite Breit Competitor 110
Jonathan Holling Mastermind Competitor 1820
Jonathan Holling Fernhill Copain Competitor 1817
Jonathan Holling Juczt My Style S Competitor 1816
Jonathan Holling Pioneer Archibald Competitor 1815
Jonathan Holling Tack 1814
Audri Hoos Read All Over Competitor 1448
William Hoos Merlins Redfield HSH Competitor 1449
William Hoos Tack 1450
Tiffany Horton Rum Runner Competitor 605
Tiffany Horton Tack 606
Nicole Houghteling Tesoro Competitor 2445
Anna Howell Bodacious Affair Competitor 108
Anna Howell Tack 109
Christine Hryzak FMF S.O.L. Competitor 316
Allisa Huestis Ardanza Competitor 1212
Lilly Huestis Poseidon Competitor 1213
Riley Hunsucker Follow Your Bliss Competitor 245
Rebecca Hunt Snowflake Lane Competitor 107
Meredith Hunter Classic Imp Competitor 721
Anna Hutcheson F for Fortune Competitor 750
Brenda Hutton WYO Dun Maid Competitor 129
Brenda Hutton Tack 128
Ava Iannamico ClockandKey Competitor 116
Josephine Irish Wil Celtic Charlie Competitor 1519
Hillary Irwin Fernhill Chili Martini Competitor 1916
Olivia Iskra Baker Street Competitor 2030
Madeleine Ix Modern Art Competitor 1538
Katarzyna Jachymczyk Sock Monkey Competitor 941
Katarzyna Jachymczyk Tack 942
Rebecca Jack Metropolitan Competitor 1649
Gail Jackson Gudrun Competitor 1743
Jennifer Jacobs That's Tequila Competitor 763
Amelia Jaeger Live a Little Competitor 144
Kelly James Isle of Capri Competitor 2446
Corey Jarman Fernhill Joker Competitor 203
Julianne Jarrell All Dun Up Competitor 404
Julianne Jarrell Tack 405
Sophia Jean Hallelujah Competitor 211
Casey Balloch Johnsey Little Miss Tennessee Competitor 2470
Casey Balloch Johnsey Tack 2471
Ashley Johnson Tully Sparrow Competitor 730
Sallie Johnson Fernhill DiCaprio Competitor 929
Valerie Johnson Henson Competitor 429
Alison Jones Platinum Perfection Competitor 2003
Allie Jones Master Envoy Competitor 443
Allie Jones Tack 444
Brooke Kahl Nata Montada SCF Competitor 1409
Brooke Kahl Tack 1410
Donald Kamenz Jones Player Competitor 829
Donald Kamenz Tack 828
Ina Kamenz Hang Time Competitor 827
Jessica Kammeyer Sunny Side Up Competitor 326
Jessica Kammeyer Tack 327
Chelsea Kang Daffy Doozies Competitor 2018
Cat Karp It'sakatthing Competitor 202
Addison Kasley Very Tasteful Competitor 419
Chris Kawcak FGF Admiral Z Competitor 2033
Chris Kawcak Maggie Belle Competitor 2034
Mikayla Kearney Countless Prospects Competitor 2461
Scott Keating Ard Daulton Competitor 2456
Kimberly Keeton Amarula Competitor 1041
Kimberly Keeton Keysoe Competitor 1042
Quidley Kellermann Stillwater King Competitor 529
Christina Kelly Real Deal Lady Competitor 2442
Sara Kelson Rhonaldo Competitor 2035
Dawn Kemph Always Curious Competitor 2350
millie kennedy Fly High Harvey Competitor 1203
Kiera Kenny FE Chardonnay Competitor 2040
Kiera Kenny FE Black Ice Competitor 2039
Kiera Kenny Tack 2037
Maeve Kenny Astaire To The Future Competitor 1237
Maeve Kenny Tack 1238
Megan Kepferle Anakin Competitor 1232
Megan Kepferle My Pal Tommy Competitor 1231
Megan Kepferle Tack 1233
Lea Kilpatrick Zatango Competitor 1301
Margaret Kimmel Garfunkel Competitor 434
Margaret Kimmel Tack 435
Thomas Kimmel Corona Classic Competitor 436
Harper King Intrepide Competitor 1524
Chloe Kischuk VC Caalif Elmy Competitor 604
Hayden Klemanski Tidal Waves Competitor 1425
Jordan Knight Southern Gentleman Competitor 1923
Alexandra Knowles Morswood Competitor 1802
Alexandra Knowles Business Class Competitor 1803
Alexandra Knowles Ms. Poppins Competitor 1804
Alexandra Knowles Tack 1801
Scout Knull Ron Juan Competitor 2290
Debbie Knuth Honky Tonk Competitor 1003
Natalie Koch Captain Jack Sparrow Competitor 2297
Natalie Koch Tack 2298
Chelsea Kolman Dauntless Authority Competitor 2458
Chelsea Kolman Dauntless Courage Competitor 2457
Laura Kosiorek-Smith Star Quality CSF Competitor 1219
Erin Kowalewski HSH Lastikko Competitor 1001
Sara Kozumplik Murphy Devil Munchkin Competitor 2042
Sara Kozumplik Murphy Rubens D'ysieux Competitor 2044
Sara Kozumplik Murphy Tack 2043
Laura Marie Kramer Atlas Competitor 2282
Amelia Kremer Delgado Competitor 1444
Michele Kuchta Special Reserve Competitor 240
Michele Kuchta Fiji Competitor 241
Michele Kuchta Tack 239
Sarah Kuhn Mr. Cash van de Start Competitor 2359
Sarah Kuhn Grey Gatsby Competitor 2358
Sarah Kuhn Tack
Bosley Kuker Let Coyote Run Competitor 244
Catherine Kupper Three Socks Maverick Competitor 533
Adalee Ladwig Argenta MSF Competitor 810
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove Ciao Bella Competitor 1510
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove Tack 1511
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove Tack 1512
Lauren Lambert Fernhill Liverpool Competitor 344
Lauren Lambert Biscotti Competitor 343
Stephanie Lambert Godiva Chocolate Competitor 1207
Ella Kay Lane Double Dare Competitor 2349
Madison Langerak Normandy Kivalo Competitor 1619
Lindsey Lanier Anchorman Competitor 1520
Lindsey Lanier Fernhill Feel Happy Competitor 1521
Rosemary Lauezzari A Pennie For Your Thoughts Competitor 2032
Rosemary Lauezzari Tack 2031
Kirsten LaVassar Hallygul Competitor 1431
Leslie Law First Class Competitor 1906
Leslie Law Voltaire De Tre' Competitor 1903
Leslie Law Lady Chatterley Competitor 1902
Leslie Law Typically Fernhill Competitor 1904
Leslie Law Shirsheen Ice Competitor 1905
Leslie Law Tack 1901
Kelly Lawrence Renos Nevada Competitor 2029
Madelyn Leahey Pursuit of Perfection Competitor 1416
Jessica Lebert No Nottings Nest Competitor 426
Rebecca Lee A Proper Villain Competitor 1509
Stephanie Lemasters Better With Blantons Competitor 2120
Izzy Lenk George 43 Competitor 834
Maradeth Leverett Fried Rice Competitor 2441
Maradeth Leverett Tack 2440
Barbara Lightner BT MacDiamond Competitor 1134
Barbara Lightner Flash Harry Competitor 1133
Nicole Ligon Lightning Stone Competitor 145
Nicole Ligon Tack 146
Nicole Ligon Tack 147
Heather Lindroth Boom and Bust Competitor 1347
Carla Lindsay Paint Misbehavin' Competitor 314
Carla Lindsay Tack 315
Casey Locklear FLS Major Bounce Competitor 1332
Casey Locklear Tack 1333
Amelia Lohr Skey Skippa VIP Competitor 2439
Miranda Losey Unkas Boy Competitor 1125
Megan Loughnane Flamenco Ping Competitor 1536
Megan Loughnane Lynton Competitor 1534
Megan Loughnane Tack 1535
Makenzie Lowe Bt Jump The Gun Competitor 1746
Courtney Lucas Titan Competitor 2411
Lucinda Lumpkin Cut to the Chase Competitor 1516
Lucinda Lumpkin Tack 1515
Stacey Lynch Bambino Competitor 906
Kayli MacPherson Varsity Blues Competitor 1419
Meagan Majchszak Imperial's Catch Competitor 1728
Chelsie Malavasi Dassett Profile Competitor 1236
Emma Maliff Martini Ridge Competitor 2417
Stella Mallett Windchill Competitor 106
Lauren Maniscalco Double Stinker Competitor 2356
Lauren Maniscalco Tack 2355
Samantha Manning Good Luck Molly Competitor 1932
Samantha Manning Tack 1933
Olivia Marsh Decadence Competitor 1446
Olivia Marsh Tack 1445
Boyd Martin Long Island T Competitor 1630
Boyd Martin On Cue Competitor 1628
Boyd Martin Tack 1629
Katia Martynuk Adiesta Moon Competitor 2497
Ann Marx Lady Liera Competitor 1634
Liz Mason Wisdom Grey Competitor 2462
Liz Mason Tack 2463
Jannah Matzan Talim Competitor 2404
Kathryn Maynard Reverse The Curse Competitor 1407
Abigail Mazzatta DCE Pandora’s Dream Competitor 2041
Aidan McCann Peekaboo Street Competitor 1002
Debbie McCaughtry Beatrix Competitor 2291
Sabrina McClure Ianacone Pirates Bid Competitor 751
Tiffany McDermott Makin' Waves Competitor 131
Maddie Mcelduff Spring Easy Competitor 1819
Cydney McGee Ya Gotta Believe Competitor 1228
Jenna McGowan-Terry Galene Competitor 921
Jenna McGowan-Terry Tack 922
Brenna McGuire Lorax Competitor 756
Keira Mckeon Change Of Luck Competitor 809
Keira Mckeon Tack 808
Alissa McKinney FGF General Causeway Competitor 2447
Molly McLaughlin Fernhill Sinatra Competitor 115
Jenna McPeek Blue Sky Law Competitor 1132
Heather McWilliams Southern Soiree Competitor 723
Heather McWilliams Tack 724
Symantha Melemed CCS Aragorn Competitor 1101
Symantha Melemed Tack 1102
Jamie Merrill Addi Competitor 1647
Jamie Merrill Tack 1648
Liz Messaglia Greenfort Carnival Competitor 1726
Liz Messaglia Tack 1727
Molly Metcalf Geronimo Competitor 1514
Molly Metcalf Tack 1513
Katarina Midgley Ditch Competitor 1021
Emma Miklos Fernhill Full Throttle Competitor 437
Jessica Milam Lieutenant Dan Competitor 2343
Crockett Miller Mr Panda Competitor 1432
Kara Miller Chesterland's Knockout Competitor 2416
Morgan Miller Kira Rose Competitor 150
Olivia Miller Convince Me Competitor 2009
Sophie Miller Quarlotta C Competitor 229
Mary Millhiser My Boy Tex Competitor 1317
Mary Millhiser Tack 1316
Sidnee Milner BeauJeste Competitor 1143
Sidnee Milner My Valentine Competitor 1141
Sidnee Milner Tack 1142
Allison Miner West Point Competitor 1641
Daniela Moguel Cecelia Competitor 803
Alan Montemayor Az Competitor 2036
Lillian Moody L.E. Font Competitor 1642
Kimberly Moore CH Good Deal Competitor 935
Olivia Moore Kubota Competitor 513
Samuel Moreland Smarty Pants Wb Competitor 2348
Margaret Morgan Kegan MacCruise Competitor 2119
Eileen Morgenthaler Chicago GS Competitor 328
Eileen Morgenthaler Tack 329
Magdalen Moritz Twinkle Toes Competitor 627
Jane Mortensen Bounty Hunter Competitor 2425
Emalie Mullane Hey Hay Ralphie Competitor 1747
Alexandra Multz Graffique Competitor 114
Ceara Mulvey Forever For Always Competitor 1638
Brooke Murray Talon Ted Competitor 1222
Pippa Murray Herman Competitor 237
Pippa Murray Tack 238
Shelby Murray Reverie GWF Competitor 1138
Jane Musselman Duke of Diamond Competitor 347
Jane Musselman Bentley's Best Competitor 348
Jane Musselman Engapore Competitor 349
Jane Musselman Tack 350
Lauren Myers Fernhill Rodger That Competitor 2281
Rachel Namrow Pretty in Pink Competitor 2280
Rachel Namrow Tack 22100
Erin Nance Fine Way to Fly Competitor 1241
Erin Nance Tack 1242
Mia Naoumoff Ashmore's Godsend Competitor 1240
Makinley Neill D'Stinctive Competitor 2284
Dawn Nelson Eagle Of Delight Competitor 222
Rylie Nelson Harvest Moon Competitor 221
Wisti Nelson Mr. Barron Competitor 1702
Wisti Nelson Tack 1701
Natalia Neneman Electric Lux Competitor 1829
Natalia Neneman Extra 1828
Kathleen Neuhoff Swiss Mystique Competitor 2285
Addison Neumeyer Caharron V.E. Competitor 1103
Addison Neumeyer Blaze Competitor 1104
Erin Neville Bluestone Competitor 1406
Faith Newman Jumble Competitor 807
Lisa Niccolai KC's Celtic Kharacter Competitor 731
Lisa Niccolai Tack 732
Emily Nichols Galway Girl Competitor 1105
Lauren Nicholson Carbon Copy Z Competitor 1716
Lauren Nicholson I'll Have Another Competitor 1715
Lauren Nicholson Windchase Starfire Competitor 1712
Gavin Nielsen Garden Valley Gold Competitor 1609
Megan Nock Breezy Competitor 2286
Megan Northrop Harrison Competitor 408
Tate Northrop Kadance van de Eikevelden Competitor 407
Isabella Novak Dreamliner Competitor 2378
Isabella Novak Tack 2377
Eileen O'Connor FGF Electrostatic Competitor 2475
Maura O'Connor Wonder Pony Competitor 430
Maura O'Connor Tack 431
Max O'Krepki Sully Competitor 331
Max O'Krepki Tack 332
Elinor O'Neal Fe Lions Darco Competitor 1909
Elinor O'Neal Zick Zack Competitor 1910
Stephanie O'Neal Mochaspice Competitor 1913
Delaney O'Neil Ocean Ready Competitor 832
Delaney O'Neil Tack 831
Caitlin O'Roark What the Devil Competitor 1711
Audrey Ogan Second Amendment Competitor 1312
Audrey Ogan Always Cooley Competitor 1311
Arielle Orem Beorn Competitor 1016
Laura Orlowski St. Benedict Competitor 1408
Kristin Osley King of Beer Competitor 813
Mary Clare Owdziej City of Ember Competitor 432
Nataly Pacheco Forrest Nymph Competitor 340
Chloe Paddack Hawthornstud Fortunate Love Competitor 2125
Leslie Padoll Merry Melody Competitor 1309
Monica Pagani Cool Decision Competitor 2292
Silvio Pappalardo Pure Biz Competitor 1548
Silvio Pappalardo Tack 1547
Emma Parker Hopscotch Competitor 2004
Evelyn Parsonage Roman Art Competitor 1646
Lucy Patsko InANewYorkMinute Competitor 339
Lucy Patsko Tack 338
Melissa Paul Attaboy Competitor 438
Melissa Paul Uptown Indy Competitor 440
Melissa Paul Tack 439
Doug Payne Quiberon Competitor 740
Doug Payne Camarillo Competitor 741
Doug Payne Quantum Leap Competitor 742
Doug Payne Tack 739
Marilyn Payne Sf Double Entendre Competitor 752
Holly Payne Caravella CharmKing Competitor 753
Connor Pearson ET Tylord Competitor 1308
Cami Pease Vibrant Competitor 1017
Scarlett Peinado 50 Shades of Envy Competitor 1418
Scarlett Peinado Tack 1417
Alexandra Penland A Twist of Twyla Competitor 2278
Elena Perea B. E. Isabella Competitor 2395
Kaetlyn Perkins Arizona Sweet Competitor 243
Sophia Peters Catona Competitor 2448
Amanda Pezzuto Nugget Competitor 333
Cindy Phillips Third Times The Charm Competitor 1040
Wendy Pickenpaugh Padi's Celtic Measure Competitor 1313
Julie Pifer HRH Judgemental Competitor 1645
Sasha Pittman Highly Suspect Competitor 525
Sasha Pittman Tack 526
Stefanie Popp Kittyhawk Competitor 726
Jodie Potts Agent M Competitor 712
Jodie Potts Cat's Confetti Competitor 711
Mya Poulos Guy's Elegant Miss Competitor 1334
Mya Poulos Sir Duke Competitor 1336
Mya Poulos Tack 1335
Amanda Prescott Hollywood Competitor 334
Amanda Prescott Tack 335
Valerie Pride Favian Competitor 2102
Valerie Pride Tack 2101
Valerie Pride Extra 2103
Victoria Prince Briarhill Excel Star Cornetta Competitor 1006
Maggie Proffitt Beth's Moonsail Competitor 1331
Allison Pytlak Cadillac Jack Competitor 2426
Maia Ramberg WL Bon Bellini Competitor 1427
Paige Ramsey Emyra V Competitor 714
Kelly Ransom Heart of Hollywood Competitor 449
Kelly Ransom Tack 450
Carroll Rayner Amazing Grace Competitor 236
Gabby Razzi Swan’s Atalanta Competitor 148
Emery Reagan Wallace Station Competitor 1518
Emery Reagan Recalling Memories Competitor 1517
Jennifer Rebollo In Kahootz Competitor 1438
Jennifer Rebollo Tack 1437
Sophie Redmon Blue Stockings Competitor 2347
Hannah Reeser Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier Competitor 215
Taylor Reis Strong Royalty Competitor 133
Lauren Replogle Cornerstone's Natural Perfection Competitor 2354
Lila Rhodes Whoop Whoop De Do Competitor 823
Lila Rhodes Tack 824
Carolyn Rice Aaron Competitor 113
Jordan Riske Redemption Song Competitor 2410
Katherine Rivera Hvl Hocus Pocus Competitor 907
Katherine Rivera Extra 908
Lilian Roberts Go Right Guppie Competitor 502
Breeana Robinette Velvet Brown Competitor 1920
Breeana Robinette Cape Kimberly Competitor 1921
Breeana Robinette The Dark Mark Competitor 1922
Gail Rockwood Indigo Blue Competitor 2382
Gail Rockwood Tack 2381
Claire Roddy Goodness Gracious Competitor 1523
Antonio Rodriguez Kyanite Competitor 2366
Isabella Rodwig Dempsey Competitor 611
Isabella Rodwig Tack 612
Conor Rollins Prime Target Competitor 1914
Conor Rollins Extra 1915
Rebecca Roth Chapter Two Competitor 1733
Melanie Rousseau Costello Competitor 1009
Melanie Rousseau Tack 1008
Melanie Rousseau Tack 1007
Will Rowland Over Rider Competitor 220
Amanda Ruane Castle's Boy Competitor 1220
Amanda Rudolph Lawman Competitor 1131
Katie Ruppel Houdini Competitor 2007
Katherine Rutherford Amazingly Lucky Competitor 441
Meigs Rutherford Formal Affair Competitor 1912
Colleen Rutledge C Me Fly Competitor 2477
Colleen Rutledge Covert Rights Competitor 2476
Jessica Saari Sir NoNo Competitor 2288
Camila Saenz Cabriolet 18 Competitor 940
Tracie Sales Ebony Competitor 2403
Amelia Saling Uncharted Waters Competitor 1917
Maya Sample Donkey Hodie Competitor 2357
Eric Sampson Pancho Villa Competitor 934
Sofia Samuelsson FourFields Bella Flight Competitor 1429
Sofia Samuelsson Tack 1428
Elliana Sanchez Chronicles of Jabez Competitor 1424
Cassie Sanger Redfield Fyre Competitor 735
Cassie Sanger Danger Mouse Competitor 736
Mary Ellen Sanger The Sky Is The Limit Competitor 503
Chelsey Sawtell Cosmic Quest Competitor 1501
Chelsey Sawtell Toto's Weather Tamer Competitor 1502
Chelsey Sawtell Tack 1503
Carole Schaff Lucky in Louisiana Competitor 1026
Amanda Schardt Spanish Alarm Competitor 1918
Molly Scher Inferno Competitor 233
Ella Scherer Sueno de Oro Competitor 2467
Lauren Schiller Chairman of the Board Competitor 2398
Kristin Schlachter Como MBF Competitor 1644
Kristin Schmolze Ticket To Ride Competitor 1215
Kristin Schmolze Jupiler Competitor 1214
Margaret Schneck Sky Road Competitor 510
Margaret Schneck Islandwood Border Patrol Competitor 509
Hannah Schofield Fastidious Competitor 1935
Megan Schroeder As You Wish Competitor 519
Sophie Schroeder Fernhill Prada Competitor 1637
Jessica Schultz Rocky Top City Competitor 230
Katie Schutte Fairings Duncan Competitor 530
Samantha Schwartz Rumble Fish Competitor 2279
Emily Scott Dolce & Gabbana Competitor 2321
Emily Scott Tack 2322
Madeleine Scott Crosby's Gold Competitor 914
Tammy Seaborn Independence Day Competitor 1401
Tammy Seaborn Tack 1402
Sophie Seabrook Upside Down & Backwards Competitor 1204
Sophie Seabrook Tack 1205
Kaley Seitz Hic Sunt Leones Competitor 1818
Stephanie Senserini Monbeg Icon Competitor 424
Renee Senter Regina Competitor 105
Cora Severs Cuervo Competitor 1423
Ashley Shaw Edmonde Competitor 2105
Ashley Shaw Bedazzled Competitor 2106
Ashley Shaw Tack 2104
Erin Sheets Wilderness Road Competitor 1110
Melissa Sheffield Vego Competitor 2294
Lara Shelnutt Poppyfields Tiger Shark Competitor 2364
Lara Shelnutt Tack 2365
Susan Shelton St Royal Konig Competitor 2283
Janessa Shillingstad Dante Competitor 2045
Ashley Shoemaker I.C. London Competitor 1507
Margo Short Thunderstruck Competitor 103
Margo Short Tack 104
Alexis Shrum Don't Tell Daddy Competitor 1522
Marisa Shulman Checkmate Competitor 1919
Julie Simmons Pray for Rain Competitor 1348
Debra Simon Alpha Leonis Competitor 1604
Debra Simon Tack 1606
Katie Sisk Long Legs Lenore Competitor 102
Austin Skeens What Gives Competitor 844
Austin Skeens Tack 845
Sandra Slattery Silent Legend Competitor 1542
Emily Slaven Senator Lee Competitor 1734
Karl Slezak Fernhill Wishes Competitor 2122
Karl Slezak Hot Bobo Competitor 2123
Rebecca Smedley Bella Octavia Competitor 719
Rebecca Smedley Tack 720
Sally Smedley Golden Ticket CR Competitor 401
Amanda Smith Tug of War Competitor 402
Amanda Smith Tack 403
Emma Smith Two Kings Too Competitor 1447
Sarah Smith Hot Cuppa Joe Competitor 504
Chloe Smyth Flyin Huckleberry Competitor 1342
Chloe Smyth Byzantine SC Competitor 1341
Brandy Snedden Peaches and Cream Competitor 1737
Sarah Snowden Appalachia Competitor 707
Sarah Snowden Tack 708
Allie Sowden Read The Will Competitor 1439
Allie Sowden Tack 1440
Julia Spatt Melanie McGuire Competitor 1129
Julia Spatt Tack 1128
Julia Spatt Extra
Grace Spencer Ben'Jammin Competitor 1934
Savannah Spicer Oliver Wendell Douglas Competitor 2293
Emma Spring Fernhill Copas Competitor 2311
Allison Springer No May Moon Competitor 1325
Allison Springer Business Ben Competitor 1324
Allison Springer Crystal Crescent Moon Competitor 1322
Allison Springer Vandyke Competitor 1321
Allison Springer Tack 1323
Norah Springgate Jaywalker Competitor 1635
Julia Stadler R' Abracadabra Competitor 1109
Brooke Staley Aftershock Competitor 1210
Kelly Stalter Copper Harbor Competitor 1537
Madison Stancil Brighid Charity RSH Competitor 2142
Madison Stancil Tardy's Tuff Dino Competitor 2143
Noah Stanlaske Chesterland Competitor 1844
Noah Stanlaske Tack 1845
Amanda Steffen Mardi Gras Magic Competitor 1349
Connor Stegeman Quincy Competitor 615
Elle Stephenson Vs Mccuan Civil Liberty Competitor 2130
Elle Stephenson Tack 2140
Sherry Stephenson Pygmalion Prince Competitor 2131
Ava Stevens Two Against The World Competitor 1106
Ava Stevens Tack 1107
Nicole Stewart Bright Prince Competitor 701
Tiffany Stewart A Touch of Natal Competitor 747
Tiffany Stewart Crimson Clover Competitor 746
Erica Stokes Milky Way Competitor 1506
Catherine Stone FGF Full Gas Competitor 1145
Catherine Stone Tack 1144
Anna Kate Stooksbury Shananigan Competitor 514
Katherine Storsved Time World Competitor 442
Claire Strehlow Seabanks Theygo Competitor 1846
Sophie Ann Stremple Street Fighting Competitor 716
Sophie Ann Stremple Dolly Competitor 715
Sophie Ann Stremple Tack 717
Cora Strigotte Nan's Pierce Arrow Competitor 702
Benita Strini Dhi Kevin G Competitor 635
Benita Strini Excel Cool Quality Competitor 637
Benita Strini Tack 634
Benita Strini Extra 638
Lucia Strini Superstorm Sandy Competitor 636
Tracy Strobel Quality Stock Competitor 1936
Elle Strote Karmic Calling Competitor 1046
Elle Strote Tack 1047
Mim Strote England Calling Competitor 1048
Victoria Sudkamp Woodstock Rio Competitor 804
Kaitlyn Sullivan Definitely Fernhill Competitor 1020
Kaitlyn Sullivan Tack 1019
Maisy Sullivan Karisma Competitor 703
Michele Sult Country Risk Competitor 448
Chacea Sundman Blew By You Competitor 540
Chacea Sundman Tack 541
Briggs Surratt Corture Competitor 2491
Briggs Surratt Booming Bodhran Competitor 2490
Lily Sutton Sullivan Competitor 1010
Paul Swart HJ Eros Competitor 1528
Quin Swiney Riddle Me This Competitor 134
Marin Swyers Georgia's Gold Competitor 409
Lily Syah Toy Gun Competitor 1127
Megan Sykes Classic's Mojah Competitor 24100
Megan Sykes Tennesee Whiskey Competitor 24101
Lynn Symansky Bounce 6 Competitor 1718
Lynn Symansky Tack 1717
Katie Szewczyk Suspicious Behavior Competitor 310
Katie Szewczyk Tack 311
Megan Szymczak Excellence Defined HOF Competitor 2309
Hannah Tabor Tator Chip Competitor 1833
Ava Taylor Adhemar Competitor 308
Ava Taylor Tack 307
Eva Taylor Irish Rose Competitor 1108
Nicole Taylor Indigo Competitor 811
Ellie Teasley Quintessential Competitor 1422
Maria Temperini The Flying Dutchman Competitor 1421
Maria Temperini Tack 1420
Heather Terdan Dermontti Competitor 2397
Cadence Theroux Real Time Competitor 624
Cadence Theroux Hot Toddy Competitor 623
Emily Thomas Fernhill Famous Competitor 846
Heather Thomas Famos 71 Competitor 1826
Ciaran Thompson Ooh La La SCF Competitor 603
Sheri Thornley Toga Competitor 346
Katherine Thornton Carlingford Castle Competitor 1601
Katherine Thornton Tack 1602
Sarah Tompkins Hypnotiq Competitor 2301
Kyla Tovar Mighty Smart Competitor 2005
Kyla Tovar Moylough Dapple Competitor 2006
Kerry Tracey Excel Star Kate Competitor 1038
Lauren Traut Three Cups Jammy Dodger Competitor 1636
Lisa Travis King's Ransom Competitor 814
Lisa Travis Tack 815
Devon Tresan Zavallo Competitor 1710
Ashley Trier Quality Vintage Competitor 1117
Ashley Trier LNJ Encyclopedia Competitor 1118
Ashley Trier Tack 1112
Karen Trout Sashay Lu Competitor 2495
Zoey Turner Lapin Rouge Competitor 626
Kendall Turney Take Another Road Competitor 1307
Stephanie Tyler-Wright Madison Avenue Competitor 2121
Charmaine Van der Merwe Allaboutpeaches Competitor 1441
Ashley Vance Cloudline Rugby Competitor 1643
Ruby Vandiver Two By Two Competitor 1748
Amber Vannoy HSH RiverSong Competitor 1126
Lakiesha Varney Kolor Me Gone Competitor 2399
Laura Vello English Rose Competitor 2368
Laura Vello Sophia Tharseo (Sophie) Competitor 2370
Laura Vello Tack 2369
Ava Vojnovic LH Clean Slate Competitor 1433
Laura Voorheis Herbst Acapella Competitor 2449
Laura Voorheis Hillcrest Hop Competitor 2451
Laura Voorheis Tack 2450
Abigail Walker The Perfect Storm MK Competitor 2412
Olivia Wall Getaway Competitor 743
Elisa Wallace Let It Be Lee Competitor 2483
Elisa Wallace Munson Slew Competitor 2484
Elisa Wallace Wyeth Competitor 2486
Elisa Wallace Riot Gear Competitor 2485
Elisa Wallace Sharp Decision Competitor 2487
Elisa Wallace Tack 2492
Jeanne Wallace Qualifier Competitor 1504
Jeanne Wallace Covenant Competitor 1505
Rick Wallace Ingomar Competitor 2489
Rick Wallace Tack 2488
Anna Waller Chase Your Dreams Competitor 2287
Katherine Walling SomeStarSomewhere Competitor 2496
Brooke Wathan GH GloryUs Grace Competitor 536
Hayden Wathen Contestor Competitor 406
Ella Wegerich Falynah B Competitor 1607
Erin Weil Patriot Games Competitor 1315
Savannah Welch Langcaster Competitor 306
Penny Welsch Mr. Poppers Competitor 1841
Maya Wentz FE Bail Me Out Competitor 1945
Laura Werner Clooney Competitor 1805
Katherine Wheeley Lunetta Competitor 425
Margaret Whisenhunt 5o1 Kiva Han Competitor 1136
Heidi White Fe Lobo Competitor 2323
Nancy White Wild Eyed And Wicked Competitor 825
Carson Whitehead Johnny Bee Good Competitor 1206
Mandolin Whitten Mudville Competitor 336
Drew Wicas Killernan Prince Competitor 201
Jackie Wich Master Miller Competitor 933
Emma Wick Avalon Realta Competitor 527
Linden Wiesman Fifth Ace Competitor 1540
Linden Wiesman Tack 1539
Audrey Wiggins Spook Hill At Last Competitor 1531
Audrey Wiggins Tack 1530
Arden Wildasin Apogee Competitor 2337
Arden Wildasin Southern Sun Competitor 2335
Arden Wildasin Sunday Times Competitor 2334
Arden Wildasin Tokyo Drift Competitor 2333
Arden Wildasin Tack 2336
Ashley Will Gift of the Crown Competitor 2316
Ashley Will Tack 2317
Anneka Williams Juneaux Competitor 2432
Kristen Wilson Fgf Wonderwall Competitor 762
Nancy Z. Wilson Lagerfeld Competitor 755
Nancy Z. Wilson Tack 755 - T
Katherine Windham All Aboard Competitor 544
Taylor Wing Anime Competitor 2352
Troy Wing Excel Star E.I. Revere Competitor 2376
Amy Winnen Galatea HU Competitor 2402
Amy Winnen Tack 2401
Amy Winnen Tack 2427
Nancy Wise Monbeg Blue Moon Competitor 1550
Nancy Wise Tack 1549
Julie Wolfert Namibia Competitor 101
Leigh Wood Dollar Mountain Competitor 1442
Lilyana Wood Phillip Buttons Competitor 805
Natalie Woodie Soul Blues Competitor 1835
Laura Worl Kober Sterling Impression Competitor 1122
Karli Wright The Diesel Boy Competitor 1337
Hugh Wrigley FE Santos Competitor 1943
Hugh Wrigley Luksor Competitor 1942
Cathrine Wunderlich Concatulations Competitor 1405
Jessica Wymbs Weight of the World Competitor 235
Jessica Wymbs FGF King of the Nile Competitor 234
Deena Zaitounh See My Tuxedo Competitor 433
Nicole Zelenak N'Pressive Competitor 2308
Nicole Zelenak Tack 2307
Elizabeth Zuelke Tout De Suite Competitor 927

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