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USEA AEC, $60,000 Adequan Advanced Final, and ATC Finals

August 27-September 1, 2019 - KHP, Lexington, KY

Novice Level Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) Results

Number Rider Horse Divsion Score
527 Elena Perea B. E. Isabella Novice Rider Championship 30.1
579 Cindi Moravec Holloway Novice Master Amateur Championships 30.6
729 Kate Thresher Silver Bop Novice Junior Championship 31.8
583 Melissa McNally Land of Jewels Novice Master Amateur Championships 32.5
619 Kelly Green Woodstock Classic Rock Novice Master Amateur Championships 33.5
749 Stephanie Cordell Codename Toby Novice Junior Championship 34.0
708 Haley Miller Mr. Melvin Novice Junior Championship 34.0
660 Shannon Allen KD Mac Novice Amateur Championship 34.4
549 Liz Schroeder Ventry Novice Rider Championship 34.6
702 Reagan McIntosh Limited Access Novice Junior 15 and Under Championship 34.8
710 Sarah Snowden Appalachia Novice Junior Championship 35.1
680 Gracelyn Mogelnicki Dee Ron Novice Junior 15 and Under Championship 35.1
650 Paige Thompson Magic Mike Novice Amateur Championship 35.1
532 Helen Casteel Unapproachable Novice Rider Championship 35.7
569 Christy Wood Queen Valentine Novice Rider Championship 36.2
508 Nuno Santos Perpetual Optimism Novice Horse Championship 36.6
496 Jennifer Coleman SS Palantir Novice Horse Championship 37.0
731 Johanna Ehrhardt Pongo Novice Junior Championship 37.1
589 LeeAnn Ingraham Trump Card Novice Master Amateur Championships 37.6
538 Mikayla Kearney Countless Prospects Novice Rider Championship 37.8
566 Shannon McCall TC Drummer Boy Novice Rider Championship 38.0
514 Amanda Merritt Classic Jack Novice Horse Championship 38.2
736 Ruth Rosendaul Kaloosh Novice Junior Championship 38.2
581 Mim Strote England Calling Novice Master Amateur Championships 38.8
657 Ashton Willnow CMF Rembrandt Novice Amateur Championship 38.9
615 Heidi Grimm Powell Finntastic! Novice Master Amateur Championships 39.1
651 Lacey Messick Sudden Impulse RSF Novice Amateur Championship 39.4
646 Melissa Morgan-Paul Uptown Indy Novice Amateur Championship 39.7
742 JESSICA SAVAGE Bourbon Gingerbear Novice Junior Championship 40.0
513 Sarah Younger Power Trip Novice Horse Championship 40.1
753 McKenna Walker Rajput Novice Junior Championship 40.1
732 Melissa Filson Tipperary Keelin Novice Junior Championship 40.2
511 Chelsea Kang Daffy Doozies Novice Horse Championship 40.3
743 Kathleen Abrams Spintastic Novice Junior Championship 40.4
488 Megan Cleary Chateau Versailles Novice Horse Championship 40.5
592 Ruth Siegfried Road Not Taken Novice Master Amateur Championships 41.3
545 Caroline Charette Moondance Novice Rider Championship 41.3
683 Lucia Scarpinato West Wind Z Novice Junior 15 and Under Championship 41.4
740 Audrey Buchanan Dove Novice Junior Championship 41.5
640 Erin McLeod My Maria Novice Amateur Championship 41.9
636 Claire Ramage Fitzwilliam Darcy Novice Amateur Championship 42.1
502 Hillary Marshall Interference Novice Horse Championship 42.1
747 Kaylyn Cunningham Ollivander Novice Junior Championship 42.3
567 Sarah Selden Deputy Cavalier Novice Rider Championship 42.3
684 Emily Hollon The Perfect Storm MK Novice Junior 15 and Under Championship 42.6
677 Erin Walker Cinerescent Novice Amateur Championship 43.3
748 Claire Maywalt Sailin Shoes Novice Junior Championship 43.5
505 Kelly Mahloch TallDrinkofWater Novice Horse Championship 43.8
744 Erin Roane Beau Tie Novice Junior Championship 45.0
647 Dieke Dresch Brahms Flyer Novice Amateur Championship 45.2
522 Emily Beshear Persian King Novice Horse Championship 45.3
632 Brenna Mcguire Ready Won Novice Amateur Championship 45.5
595 Denise Norton Talulla Novice Master Amateur Championships 45.8
652 Codie Mott Infinite Sky Novice Amateur Championship 47.6
486 Dawn Beach Master Magician Novice Horse Championship 48.9
727 Katlyn Parker Peace Dancer Novice Junior Championship 49.7
507 Megan Edwards Rock Hard Attitude Novice Horse Championship 49.9
752 Maddie Malmstrom Scip the Sky Novice Junior Championship 50.7
669 Whitney Massengale FF Katja This Novice Amateur Championship 51.1
534 Silvio Pappalardo He's My Rock Novice Rider Championship 51.7
663 Meigs Rutherford Formal Affair Novice Amateur Championship 51.8
503 Pamela Sutton-Hall Flight Risk Novice Horse Championship 52.1
613 Kathleen Parker Picture in My Head Novice Master Amateur Championships 52.9
624 Katherine Rivera Shamrock Sherman Novice Master Amateur Championships 54.3
667 Caitlin Erwin Painted In Lace Novice Amateur Championship 56.7
695 Isabella Sparks Full Gallop's Struck By Luck Novice Junior 15 and Under Championship 61.0
659 Leah Vasquez Case Clocker Novice Amateur Championship 63.5
548 Julie Pate Catch Me If You Can Novice Rider Championship 65.5
620 Kathleen Neuhoff Logan Novice Master Amateur Championships 72.9
754 Sarah Harris Old Ironsides Novice Junior Championship 78.6
751 Taylor Bishop El Dartay Novice Junior Championship 91.3
644 Crystal Heaton Hunting Money Novice Amateur Championship 93.2
655 Stephanie Lipstreu Brief Note Novice Amateur Championship 94.2
623 Victoria Zimmermann Donatello Novice Master Amateur Championships 141.7
661 Erin Desrosiers Oso Smart Novice Amateur Championship 142.6

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