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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

USEA AEC, $60,000 Adequan Advanced Final, and ATC Finals

August 27-September 1, 2019 - KHP, Lexington, KY

Training Horse Championship 2019

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage XC SJ
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Darrah Alexander Shirsheen Du Carel
Darrah Alexander
Wednesday 1:22pm 6 Thur. 11:38am Fri. 12:30 PM
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio
Lynn Roberts
Wednesday 1:48pm 6 Thur. 11:44am Fri. 12:30 PM
Morgan Batton Sommersby
Kandace Matzek
Wednesday 3:55pm 6 Thur. 12:14pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Susie Beale B E Never Say Never
Lesley Collins
Wednesday 2:14pm 6 Thur. 11:52am Fri. 12:30 PM
Kimmy Cecere I'll Have Another
Brandye Randermann
Wednesday 3:49pm 6 Thur. 12:12pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Kimmy Cecere Landmark's Vegas Vision
Jacqueline Mars
Wednesday 5:50pm 6 Thur. 12:46pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Elle Choate Paddrick
Elle Choate
Wednesday 2:33pm 6 Thur. 11:56am Fri. 12:30 PM
Roberta Christie Must Be Lucky
Roberta Christie
Wednesday 3:42pm 6 Thur. 12:10pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Jennifer Coleman SS Willow
Jennifer Coleman
Wednesday 5:31pm 6 Thur. 12:40pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Courtney Cooper R River Star
Neal Camens
Wednesday 3:29pm 6 Thur. 12:06pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Paige Crotty Excel Star Armina Z
Crotty Equine Venture
Wednesday 2:40pm 6 Thur. 11:58am Fri. 12:30 PM
Bruce Davidson Jr. Mr. Poppers
Stuart Brown
Wednesday 6:03pm 6 Thur. 12:50pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Martin Douzant Frame Shamrock
Martin Douzant
Wednesday 3:16pm 6 Thur. 12:02pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Alexa Ehlers FE Clear The Calendar
Alexa Ehlers
Wednesday 1:54pm 6 Thur. 11:46am Fri. 12:30 PM
Lauren Ferguson Rory O'moore
Helen Helton
Wednesday 2:20pm 6 Thur. 11:54am Fri. 12:30 PM
Blake Fortson Quiana Af
Blake Fortson
Wednesday 4:08pm 6 Thur. 12:18pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Elissa Gibbs Voltaire's Masterclass
Elissa Gibbs
Wednesday 1:15pm 6 Thur. 11:36am Fri. 12:30 PM
Nicole Hatley Aspen
Cherye Huber
Wednesday 4:02pm 6 Thur. 12:16pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Ryan Keefe Point Nemo
Rumsey Keefe
Wednesday 2:07pm 6 Thur. 11:50am Fri. 12:30 PM
Sara Kozumplik - Murphy Otta B Quality
Caroline Merison
Wednesday 5:05pm 6 Thur. 12:32pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Robert Meyerhoff Omnipotent
Robert Meyerhoff
Wednesday 5:11pm 6 Thur. 12:34pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Clark Montgomery Play To Win
Lauren Balcomb
Wednesday 6:10pm 6 Thur. 8:56am Fri. 12:30 PM
Emily Nett Spinnaker Parade
Emily Nett
Wednesday 4:34pm 6 Thur. 12:26pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Alexander O'neal Qc Destinia
Sally Cox
Wednesday 5:18pm 6 Thur. 12:36pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Helen Olmi Valkyrie
Helen Olmi
Wednesday 4:28pm 6 Thur. 12:24pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Andrew Palmer Hart Throb
Jean Brinkman
Wednesday 12:43pm 6 Thur. 11:26am Fri. 12:30 PM
Marianna Schafer
Wednesday 4:15pm 6 Thur. 12:20pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Kelly Ransom Heart of Hollywood
Kelly Ransom
Wednesday 2:01pm 6 Thur. 11:48am Fri. 12:30 PM
Diana Rich Midway Train
Diana Rich
Wednesday 3:36pm 6 Thur. 12:08pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Julie Richards Calypso Girl
Julie Richards
Friday 6 Thur. Fri. 12:30 PM
Julie Richards Calypso Girl
Jorja Miller
Wednesday 5:37pm 6 Thur. 12:42pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Booli Selmayr Quality Touchdown
Kelly Morgan
Wednesday 4:52pm 6 Thur. 12:28pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Julia Spatt 5o1 Tin Man
Otterbein University
Wednesday 12:49pm 6 Thur. 11:28am Fri. 12:30 PM
Jody Taylor Zippin Free
Jody Taylor
Wednesday 12:56pm 6 Thur. 11:30am Fri. 12:30 PM
Daisy Trayford Milo Diamond
Daisy Trayford
Wednesday 5:44pm 6 Thur. 12:44pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Ashley Trier Quality Vintage
Ashley Trier
Wednesday 12:36pm 6 Thur. 11:24am Fri. 12:30 PM
Rick Wallace Ingomar
Caroline Holmes
Wednesday 5:24pm 6 Thur. 12:38pm Fri. 12:30 PM
Ryan Wood The Optimist
Julia Strawbridge
Wednesday 12:30pm 6 Thur. 11:22am Fri. 12:30 PM

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