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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

USEA AEC, Adequan Gold Cup Finals, and ATC Finals Presented by Nutrena Feeds

August 30-September 2, 2018 - CHP, Parker, CO

Show Jumping Rings
Ring 1 - International Arena
Ring 2 - Olson Family Arena
Ring 3 - Coors Arena
Ring 4 - Ring 6/7

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Denise Aamodt Spotlight II Competitor D71
Elizabeth Akers Full Gallop's Dollar Bill Competitor E39
Alessandra Allen-Shinn Riptide Competitor B22
Alessandra Allen-Shinn Mixologeigh Competitor B21
Vienna Allport Caramel Macchiato Competitor A85
Jeanine Allred annabell Competitor C57
Jeanine Allred Shabang Competitor C56
Tracy Alves Romulus Competitor A71
Elaina Shea Amy Gamaliel Competitor C90
Elaina Shea Amy Tack C89
Johanna Anderson Flash Of Sheba Competitor E28
Allison Anson Into That Good Night Competitor C23
Allison Anson Extra
Cat Ardakani Give Me The Ball Competitor A80
Ashley Armijo Cimbria Competitor B30
Carly Atkinson Pearl Hart Competitor C21
Travis Atkinson Don Darco Competitor C22
Mariam Azin Halcyon Competitor D91
Charlotte Babbitt 2 A.M. Competitor A57
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio Competitor E107
Madeline Backus P.S. Etoile De Nord Competitor E106
Madeline Backus Tack E108
Madeline Backus Extra
Vicki Baker Got the Last Call Competitor E34
Zella Balkenbush Let’s Tango Competitor B59
Debbie Beam Giannabar Competitor D61
Lauren Benge Admire James Competitor C05
Ruth Bley Frankfurt Competitor A49
Ruth Bley Spartacus D'L'Herbage Competitor A47
Ruth Bley Rodrigue Du Granit Competitor A48
Ruth Bley Tack A50
Cassie Boehm Alera Imperia Competitor D30
Madison Boesch Seamless Competitor C42
Lorna Bohnenstiehl Vagabond Competitor E48
Laura Bolerjack Talisman Competitor E17
Katie Grace Bond High Class Competitor B68
Paige Borylo Talisker Competitor D66
Mary Boster Pasadena Fling Competitor B81
Frederic Bouland Three Kisses - Amalia Competitor B27
Frederic Bouland Tack B26
Amy Bowers Piper Competitor E29
Cynthia Bowers Just The Ticket Competitor B82
Amanda Boyce Mercury Competitor A15
Amanda Boyce Tack A14
Kendall Bradley Lil Jet Setter Competitor A56
Rebecca Braitling Kirschblute 3 Competitor A11
Rebecca Braitling Santana II Competitor A10
Rebecca Braitling Soaring Bird Competitor A12
Rebecca Braitling Tack A13
Karen Bristing Moonlites Ranger Competitor A67
Julia Brittain Haiku Competitor A60
Anika Bronfman 7 Sugar Whisky Competitor D101
Anika Bronfman Sidecar Competitor D100
Anika Bronfman Tack D102
Elena Bronisz Native War Eagle Competitor B62
Elena Bronisz Tack B61
Ellie Brown Ringfort Fighting Chance Competitor D47
Ellie Brown Tack D48
Hayden Brown California Girl Competitor A97
Jennifer Burk Ollie Olly Oksen-Freh Competitor B12
Jennifer Burk Tack B13
Sue Buxton Clintwald Competitor A40
Marina Bynum Chuck Norris Competitor B96
Julianne Calder Lismore Competitor C49
Julianne Calder Tack C48
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Danny Boy Competitor C51
Michelle Cameron Donaldson Tack C26
Michelle Capparelli You Don't Know Jack Competitor A61
Ashley Carr Just Because Competitor E31
Ashley Carr Elite Envy Competitor E32
Kelly Carter My Mexico Competitor D86
Kelly Carter Tack D85
Savannah Carter Ballustree Dun Believable Competitor B99
Savannah Carter Tack B100
Joanna Casson alexa Competitor D70
Rebecca Caulfield Scriptonite Competitor D78
Patti Champion Invincible Competitor A89
Heather Chandler Velvet Rose Competitor D16
Ahdena Clark Roosevelt Competitor D98
Conner Ann Clark Second Chance McFly Competitor C66
Amy Clemmons Glenlord's Full Moon Fortune Competitor B80
Ester Cobb Clifford Competitor C08
Erin Contino Handsome Ransom Competitor E84
Miriam Copeland D'Stinctive Competitor D06
Kelsey Corliss To the Moon and Back Competitor D76
Rochelle Costanza Captain Competitor E88
Meagan Counts Aviator Competitor D107
Sunny Courtwright Around Midnight Competitor B70
Emily Crews Osta La Vista Competitor D94
Riley Crofts Gallod Welsh Fashion Competitor C13
Noa Crowley Charlie's Angel Competitor E85
Adriana Cuellar Ipso Facto Competitor B06
Ava Cunningham Johnny's Private Collection Competitor D80
Ava Cunningham Tack D79
Mary Curran Flying Colors Competitor B91
Nicholas Cwick Get Played Competitor A53
Nicholas Cwick Wait For It Competitor A51
Nicholas Cwick Oliver Twist Competitor A54
Kiran D'Souza ROR Lisbane Finch Competitor C99
Hailey Dahlstrom Stetson Competitor A08
Avery Daigle FR's Check It Out Now Competitor D93
Pamela Dakin C My Boss Competitor B38
Amy Dalrymple Triton's Echo Competitor E45
Hannah Darden Rooster Competitor B42
Briana Delacruz Alleged Waki Competitor A55
Annie Desmond Little Elf Competitor A70
Dana Dickens Mio Grande Competitor B79
Dawn Dofelmier Doesn't Play Fair Competitor C54
Jonathan Dofelmier Pyrotechnics Competitor C39
Ellen Doughty-Hume Sir Oberon Competitor B01
Heather Drager Noblesse Oblige Competitor B31
Taylor Dreilich Graf Diamont Competitor E55
Elise Duke Nonsensical Competitor A23
Katherine Dutton Parklane Saphire Competitor D65
Katherine Dutton King Of Clover Competitor D64
Christian Eagles Play Ruff Competitor D49
Karen Earle Carre Magique Competitor B85
Gina Economou Syntax Competitor A62
Gina Economou Tack A63
Alexa Ehlers Amistoso Competitor B39
Alexa Ehlers Clear Laveer Competitor B40
Alexis Ehrlich Poncho Competitor E20
Alexis Ehrlich Tack E19
Callia Englund Xyder Competitor A39
Kit Ferguson Cillbhrid Tom Competitor D88
Madison Flanders Arwen II Competitor C33
Madelyn Floyd Clementine Competitor C98
Blake Foley Judicial Review Competitor B04
Lauren Foster Village Jazz Competitor A83
Lauren Foster Tack A84
Ellie Foust Vivace Tempo Competitor E74
Ellie Foust Little Boy Blue Competitor E75
Ellie Foust Tack E73
Emma Franklin Teddybear Competitor B60
Gracie Friend Feature Presentation Competitor C01
Samantha Garbarino Sebastian's Heart Competitor B67
Ella Garcia Rosewood August Competitor A16
Lauren Garcia Park Avenue III Competitor B05
Sue Gaskill Wind River TB Competitor E66
Ingrid George Renegade Storm Competitor D44
Ingrid George Tack D43
Kailey Giancola Saturday Night Clive Competitor A79
Jeanette Gilbert The Alchemist Competitor A43
Camille Gilkinson TW Front and Center Competitor E41
Abigail Glessner Silken Silence Competitor E71
Abigail Glessner Tack E72
Janet Gordon Irish Beginnings Competitor E99
Dianna Gorra-Clarke Loughan's Shenanigans Competitor B28
Michael Graham Coco Competitor D82
Michael Graham Tack D83
Shelly Graham Thumbelina Competitor D77
Erin Grandia Indio BMW Competitor C84
Erin Grandia Annual Update Competitor C85
Marc Grandia S'est La Vie DSF Competitor C60
Marc Grandia Campari FFF Competitor C87
Marc Grandia Command N' Rule Competitor C59
Marc Grandia Gildegunde Competitor C86
Marc Grandia Tack C88
Tatum Gray Reds Loyal Flame Competitor B64
Kelly Green Woodstock Classic Rock Competitor D40
Mindy Groth-Hussey Fendi Competitor D27
Mindy Groth-Hussey Uptown Big Brown Competitor D26
Mindy Groth-Hussey Tack D25
Shallary Guymon Coco Chanel Competitor D54
Jennifer Haglin Sky Competitor D50
Kari Hall Rigel Competitor D108
Grace Hallett Glendhu Competitor D89
Mary Hansen Zip Wyatt Competitor C100
Lorilee Hanson Hypnotik Competitor C31
Sophia Hardesty San Marco Competitor E62
Sophia Hardesty Tack E61
Bailey Harris Lady Gaga Competitor E09
Leslie Harrison Tour Director Competitor E49
Mackenzie Hatchett Flying Diamond Belmont Competitor E69
Nicole Hatley Flagmount's Rebel Competitor B71
Nicole Hatley Aspen Competitor B72
Anika Hawes Silver Charm Competitor
Haylee Hayden Lady Black Hawk Competitor D69
Craig Heckert RF Arkenstone Competitor A59
Emily Hedberg Mr. Mile High Competitor A78
Chris Heydon Is He A She Competitor B89
Chris Heydon Tack B90
Allison Hill Stellor Rockafella Competitor A93
Bruce Hill Cortina Competitor A94
Lauren Hill Classy Dude Competitor C91
Erin Hofmann Darkwatch Competitor A02
Erin Hofmann Tack A01
Ingrid Hofmeister Berklee Competitor E86
Jenny Holbrook Wiski HTF Competitor C41
Jenny Holbrook Alchemist II Competitor C40
Jenny Holbrook Tack
Camryn Holcomb Quite Breit Competitor D03
Camryn Holcomb Cloud Nine Competitor D02
Camryn Holcomb Tack D01
Samantha Hollow-Bist Scout Competitor C81
Kelsey Holmes NZB The Chosen One Competitor A91
Katy Hood Padric Competitor B17
Lauren Hoover Atlanta VII Competitor D87
Zach Hoover Millenium Falcon Competitor D60
Jill Hopcroft P.S. King of Hearts Competitor E100
Stephanie Hopkins Alwin Competitor E02
Kelsey Horn Swingtown Competitor C35
Kelsey Horn Tack C34
Kate Hovland Baby Roller Competitor B97
Anna Howell Bodacious Affair Competitor D56
Anna Howell Tack D55
Cherye Huber Sam I Am Competitor B74
Cherye Huber Tack B75
Mike Huber Calliope Competitor B73
Malia Hunter Dancing On The Moon Competitor A96
Eva Jacroux Rubel Competitor C83
Lizzy Jahnke Ballinamurra Concilla Competitor D21
Lizzy Jahnke Patrickswell Royal Competitor D22
Camilla Jamerson Allenwood's Marra Competitor E50
Jolie Jantz Noah Constrictor Competitor C29
Olivia Jefferson Gandalf The Gray Competitor C79
Jhett Jenkins Pedernales Cat Competitor C72
Lauren Jester Slingshot Competitor C97
Chloe Johnson DaVinci Competitor C78
Erin Johnson Peterbilt Competitor C17
Lauren Jost WT Dragonfly Competitor E57
Lindsey Kahn Seoul Sister Competitor B65
Chris Kawcak Maggie Belle Competitor E67
Erin Kellerhouse Woodford Reserve Competitor A18
Erin Kellerhouse Tack A19
Sam Kelly ROBINSTOWN BALLIVOR Competitor A77
Sam Kelly Tack A76
Lisa Kirschner In Cognito Competitor D97
Victoria Klein Monets Wish Competitor A45
Victoria Klein Tack A44
David Koss Stunner Competitor C02
Chloe Kramer Tough Forum Competitor D105
Steve Krumm Why Not Go Nikki Competitor B14
Julie Kuhle Orion Competitor B92
Leslie LaBraque Falkonet Competitor A68
Lauren Lambert Fantastique Competitor A87
Lauren Lambert Tack A88
Fran Latane-Lukehart L'istesso Tempo Competitor D24
Cara Lavigna Carrick Diamond Duke Competitor B08
Grace Lebrecht Semper Fidelis Competitor D53
Reagan Lee Raphael Competitor D34
Kim Leonard Colorado High Competitor E21
Louise Leslie Souvenir Competitor C28
Louise Leslie Tack C58
Louise Leslie Tack C52
Louise Leslie Tack C27
Louise Leslie Tack C62
Tricia Leslie Inate Dignity Competitor E83
Emilee Libby Jakobi Competitor A24
Emilee Libby Tack A25
Kim Liddell Eye of the Storm Competitor B24
Kim Liddell Tack B25
Taylor Lindsten Chestnut Oak's Drummer Boy Competitor D17
Taylor Lindsten Tack D18
Jordan Linstedt Staccato Competitor C95
Jordan Linstedt Revitavet Capato Competitor C93
Jordan Linstedt Tack C92
Jordan Linstedt Extra
Nikki Lloyd Wil'ya Dance Competitor A42
Nikki Lloyd Mighty Smart Competitor A41
Bridget London Max Attraction Competitor A33
Makenzie Lowe Addie Okie Competitor B46
Makenzie Lowe Tack B45
Cate Lowham CJ Thunder Competitor C70
Lizzie Lynch Sophisticate Competitor D51
Grace Macomber Roustabout Competitor A81
Kathryn Macomber Gabe's Gold Competitor B10
Caroline Madden Kilpatrick Orlanda Competitor D38
Caroline Madden Tack D37
Kenzie Mader Creative Lite Competitor E03
Deb Makinney Indy Competitor E24
Lisa Mangin Here's A Chance Competitor E42
Carrie Matteson Pretend to Fly Competitor C18
Lida McAllister Chiarezza Competitor B77
Lida McAllister Fashion Forward Competitor B78
Lida McAllister Tack B76
Cat McCall Orion's Bright Star Competitor B11
Julie McDermott Donatella Competitor D81
Martha McDowell The Fantastic Mr. Fox Competitor B58
Martha McDowell Neigh Kid Competitor B57
Erin McLeod My Maria Competitor D32
Michelle Meghrouni Swizzle Competitor A66
Ellyse Mehrtens Nirvana Competitor E38
Dan Michaels Landonn III OHF Competitor E89
Kathi Michel Bedazzled Competitor C74
Kathi Michel Tack C75
Haley Miller Mr. Melvin Competitor B02
Jennifer Miller Bon Bon Competitor B63
Kendall Miller King's Ransom Competitor B03
Tara Miller Adonis Competitor C20
Martha Mitchell Otto Competitor A04
Sara Mittleider La Paz Competitor C04
Sara Mittleider Tack C03
Ruth Mock Wodie Competitor B33
Heather Morris Dikory Doc Competitor A29
Heather Morris Charlie Tango Competitor A58
Heather Morris No App for That Competitor A27
Heather Morris Tack A26
Maggie Morris Trump Lion Competitor D33
Melissa Morris Wicked Felina Competitor D07
Rebecca Mortensen Seattle Freckles Competitor A07
Kaitlyn Motschall Teja Competitor E35
Bella Mowbray En Vogue Competitor A46
Sophie Mueller 24Karat Magic Competitor E44
Sophie Mueller Tack E43
Tara Munroe Pleasant Jack Competitor B15
Livy Muntz The Manager Competitor C77
Livy Muntz Tack C76
Natalie Nabor Lonely Soldier Competitor C16
Andrea Nielsen LC O'Shawnisee Competitor C82
Avery Noblitt Bendeguz Competitor A92
Skyler Norris Elegance Competitor C80
Madeline Null Revin' It Up Competitor A86
Shaeleigh O'Brien A BEAUTIFUL PROMISE Competitor B32
L Francoise Olsen Sharp Royal Princess W Competitor E12
L Francoise Olsen Sharp Tack E11
Heather Ordonez Caretini Competitor E25
Shawn Ortiz Patriot's Liberty Competitor B34
Melissa Otten Uptown Girl Competitor D04
Meg Parkan Free The Eagle Competitor B55
Lynne Partridge Zoe Competitor B48
Lynne Partridge Independence Competitor B50
Lynne Partridge Tack B49
Cindy Pavusko Sir Walter Raleigh Competitor D35
Julie Pawlak Just Alfie Competitor E04
Christi Payne Maxwell Smart Competitor C36
Christi Payne Mtnaire's Paladium Competitor C37
Cami Pease Vibrant Competitor B86
Jillian Perry Betty Boop Competitor D99
Maya Pessin This Bird Competitor D36
Grace Peters Whynot Glen Competitor D08
Summer Peterson Lochlann Fiona Competitor C10
Summer Peterson Jake the Fish Competitor C12
Summer Peterson Tack C11
Sandra Phillips Six Pack Event Competitor B35
Tamara Pollard Sage Competitor E63
Tamara Pollard Tack E65
Victoria Poulton Starlingh Competitor E40
Sherry Pound Gestalt Competitor B47
Finley Powell The Muffin Man Competitor D90
Clare Price T Bone Pickens Competitor D09
Isabel Puthoff Bold Statement Competitor D106
Jessica Pye Levity Competitor E77
Linda Quist Belle Gambe Competitor E60
Attila Rajnai Maximus de la Tombe Competitor C06
Attila Rajnai Got Rythum Competitor C07
Maya Ramkowsky Born To Love You Competitor C47
Kari Randle-Bright Klassy Little Number Competitor E52
Faith Redmond Murrflight Competitor D92
Emma Reed Tillo Competitor E53
Emma Reed Tack E54
Liv Reich Chromatic Flyer Competitor B56
Liz Reilman Diamondexpectation Competitor E101
Madison Ritsch Taylamor Penelope Competitor E46
Mollie Ritsch Schatzi Competitor E96tzi to
Sloane Rittler True North Competitor E70
Katherine Rivera Royal Lufttanzer Competitor B84
Erin Roane Beau Tie Competitor C24
Erin Roane Tack C25
Dawn Robbins Diablo Tejano Competitor A74
Dawn Robbins Tack A73
Dawn Robbins Tack A75
Ella Robinson Fernhill Fearless des Terdrix Competitor B69
Ginny Robinson Jackson Competitor C61
Katherine Robinson Outrageous Dance Competitor E56
Payton Robinson Constant Leigh Competitor E36
Cathy Rocke Simpatico Competitor E78
McKenzie Rollins Excel Star Lord Competitor B07
Caitlyn Ruud Top Gun Tess Competitor D20
Caitlyn Ruud Tack D19
Chantil Ruud Landmark's Ginger Rogers Competitor D23
Clay Sanders So Gone Competitor C65
Mindy Sands Roman Express Competitor C67
Madison Santley Excellence Competitor B95
Anna Santy Balligomingo Competitor B87
Anna Santy Tack B88
Kaley Sapper Tuscan Sun Competitor A09
Susan Schafer Hunter's Harmony Competitor E82
Karen Scheding Montego Bay Competitor C15
Lauren Schiller Unzip My Chip Competitor D59
Jacquelynn Schoeggl Stellaluna Competitor E22
Lauren Schoenborn East of Omaha Competitor B20
Theo Schuff Coriander Competitor C73
Jackie Schwartz Scootin Newton Competitor D57
Jackie Schwartz Guttenberg Competitor D58
Andrea Schweiker Bombay Sapphire Competitor E10
Cora Severs Cuervo Competitor
Cora Severs Cuervo Competitor E98
Cora Severs Tack E97
Janae Sharp Gallatin Competitor D29
Jolie Sharp Renegade Competitor E26
Natalie Shaw Stella Doro Competitor E23
Kelly Shear Ellefont Competitor B29
Jessica Simons Lady Of Luck Competitor B66
Katie Sisk Preachattheriver Competitor D12
Julia Skains Rope the Wind Competitor D74
Julia Skains Tack D73
Lyle Skains Slick In Spots Competitor D75
Emma Sletten P.S. American Girl Competitor E102
Tani Smihula Lynx Competitor A05
Ashley Smith Oaxaca Competitor D72
Michele Smith Rickie Competitor E90
Rosie Smith Seamus Competitor E96
Tamra Smith Fleeceworks Ghost Competitor A35
Tamra Smith Danito Competitor A34
Tamra Smith Fleeceworks Royal Competitor A32
Tamra Smith MB MaiStein Competitor A36
Tamra Smith MB MaiBlume Competitor A30
Tamra Smith Mai Baum Competitor A31
Cassidy Snyder Flagmount's Celtic Rose Competitor D39
Sarah Sousa Black Tye Affair Competitor C46
Sarah Sousa Tack C45
Julia Spatt 5o1 Macintosh Competitor B44
Julia Spatt Tack B43
Tracy Stein Apollo Competitor C53
Lauren Stiver Brementown Competitor D13
Lauren Stiver Tack D15
Mallory Stiver Hugo Boss Competitor D14
Cayla Stone Atalanta Competitor E81
Martina Storey Backtalk Jones Competitor C64
Martina Storey Justin Time Competitor C63
Kimberly Storm Bucky O'Hanlian Competitor B36
Kimberly Storm Tack B37
Maxine Strachan Ashraw High Flyer Competitor A17
Molly Sullivan Dodger Competitor C69
Molly Sullivan Tack C68
Kayka Surrett Blue Suede Shoes Competitor A52
Lily Sutton Flo-Rida Competitor D84
Kate Swain Irish Rover Competitor A06
Samantha Taggart On Demand Competitor D28
Lisa Takada Wishbone Competitor A90
Ghislaine Taylor Tim Competitor C09
Ghislaine Taylor Tack C19
Janet Taylor Zarpazo Competitor B09
Jody Taylor Zippin Free Competitor D31
Halle Thomas Nocturne's Luna Competitor D41
Halle Thomas Tack D42
Anne Thompson Nugget Competitor A22
Melissa Thorson Heleighum Competitor B16
Melissa Thorson pridefulleigh Competitor B19
Melissa Thorson Tack B18
Kendel Torrel ALL-INCLUSIVE Competitor A82
Barbara Trompeter Carnage Minstrel Competitor C50
Pia Tucker Wensleydale Competitor A72
Whitney Tucker Billeter Bill's Midnight Magic Competitor A21
Whitney Tucker Billeter Karvaleo Competitor A20
Andora Tutvedt Just Curious Competitor B52
Andora Tutvedt Sugar and Spice Competitor B54
Andora Tutvedt Tack B51
Linda Tutvedt Just Keep Kicking Competitor B53
Alison Utting Cosmic Fusion Competitor C30
Kaitlin Vosseller The Hokuspocus Competitor A37
Kaitlin Vosseller Clear Approval Competitor A38
Kristi Walker Just A Dream Competitor C55
Shae Walker Carrot Cake Competitor B98
Ella Wallace Real Madrid Competitor C71
Dulce Wassil Spencer Competitor D52
Hailey Weber Master Jockey Competitor B94
Hailey Weber Extra
Lily Weeks Ace Competitor B41
Savannah Welch Langcaster Competitor D104
Savannah Welch Tack D103
Alice White Rebound Competitor D62
Sophie Wiedenhues Obie Hayv Competitor E95
Cynthia Wiseman Varsity Blues Competitor D10
Julie Wolfert Iowa Lot Of Money Competitor D05
vicki woodbridge RF Mark the Spot Competitor A64
vicki woodbridge Tack A65
Lynnea Woody Prince Eric Competitor E37
Mary Alexa Woody St. Elizabeth Rose Competitor E13
Jennifer Wooten-Macouzet BSP Tuxedo Competitor A98
Jennifer Wooten-Macouzet Eduardo Competitor A99
Jennifer Wooten-Macouzet Tack A100
Laura Worl Kober Sterling Impression Competitor D68
Laura Worl Kober Tack D67
Jane Worrall Mystique Knights Competitor E64
Sean Worrall Ms Louisa May Competitor E16
Amanda Zeddy Power Puff Competitor A95

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