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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

MREC June Horse Trials

June 04-05, 2011 - Maple Ridge, BC

Results by Division

Entry 2011

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage Stadium XC
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Karis Gauthier Absolute
Saturday 10:25am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:46pm
Emma Kaiser Bubbahganoush
Saturday 11:40am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:16pm
Marlies Kerkhoven Solo
Roger Bates
Friday 2 Sat.   Sun.
Erin Klassen Sackett
Jeanine Ellingham
Saturday 10:30am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:48pm
Nicole Kovacik Baileys N' Cream
Saturday 10:45am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:54pm
Samantha Krenus Gargoyle
Saturday 10:50am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:56pm
Kimberley McAffer Lasting Impression
Saturday 10:40am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:52pm
Kimberley McAffer High Definition
Friday 2 Sat.   Sun.
Allison McMillan Platform 9 3/4
Saturday 9:25am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:22pm
Madeline Metras Cincinatti
Kelsey Campbell
Saturday 10:05am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:38pm
Nicole Mobius Briar
Saturday 10:55am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:58pm
Kathryn Morgan BC Goewyn Goin' Gone
Saturday 10:20am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:44pm
Kathryn Morgan BC Tirion
Saturday 11:50am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:20pm
Elizabeth Penner Martini
Saturday 10:00am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:36pm
Hannah Reid Cuda
Saturday 9:50am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:32pm
Stephanie Roman Marc My Word
Saturday 9:30am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:24pm
Maciej Rotecki Irish Road
Saturday 11:45am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:18pm
Maciej Rotecki Santeno
Saturday 10:35am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:50pm
Karren Shimonek Whol-otta-Mojo
Saturday 11:10am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:04pm
Virgina Smith Jackson
Saturday 9:15am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:18pm
Teresa Sturm Archie Bunker
Saturday 9:40am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:28pm
Mikayla Swirski Arabesque
Sarah Gilmour
Saturday 11:35am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:14pm
Devon Van Ginkel Say It Twice
Saturday 11:20am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:08pm
Lori Watson Maestro
Saturday 11:15am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:06pm
Katie Woodburn Cloud Nine
Saturday 9:45am 2 Sat.   Sun. 12:30pm
Marissa Young Top of the Line
Saturday 11:05am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:02pm
Olivia Young Cowboy
Saturday 11:25am 2 Sat.   Sun. 1:10pm

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