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This site is of interest to people who are horseback riding, horse back riding, horseback riders, horse riders, equestrian equipment, trucks and trailers for hauling horses. Horse trailers, tack and equipment for riding are important. Equine health supplements and stable supplies, as well as saddlery, leather goods, bridles, english riding clothing are part of equestrian events.

The Summer Event at Woodside

August 11-13, 2017 - Woodside, CA

Sr. Novice Rider 2017

Rider Horse & Owner Dressage SJ XC
Day Time Ring Day Time Day Time
Claire Bruce Street Melody
Deb Sobottka-Smith
Friday 2:51pm 3 Sat. 9:54am Sun. 9:46am
Karen Burks Tim Terrific
Karen Burks
Friday 2:15pm 3 Sat. 9:42am Sun. 9:34am
Christina Chu Jack-a-Dandy
Christina Chu
Friday 2:45pm 3 Sat. 9:52am Sun. 9:44am
Kat Drake Tin Star
Kat Drake
Friday 2:33pm 3 Sat. 9:48am Sun. 9:40am
Rebecca Fiedel Robin Goodfellow
Maayan Schoeman
Friday 1:21pm 3 Sat. 9:24am Sun. 9:14am
Christina Forney Bentley
Christina Forney
Friday 2:57pm 3 Sat. 9:56am Sun. 9:48am
Kjersti Horais Grand Coeur
Kjersti Horais
Friday 1:33pm 3 Sat. 9:28am Sun. 9:18am
Karen Horn Bentley GT
Jennifer Wooten
Friday 3:03pm 3 Sat. 9:58am Sun. 9:50am
Maureen McEnroe Rosie the Riveter
Maureen McEnroe
Friday 1:39pm 3 Sat. 9:30am Sun. 9:20am
Julia Melmon Envy Me RR
Julia Melmon
Friday 1:45pm 3 Sat. 9:32am Sun. 9:22am
Eileen Morgenthaler Regal Exit
Eileen Morgenthaler
Friday 1:15pm 3 Sat. 9:22am Sun. 9:12am
Jessica Pieracci Apollo's Harp
Jessica Pieracci
Friday 3:09pm 3 Sat. 10:00am Sun. 9:52am
Helen Rigg Fred
Theresa Simmons
Friday 2:09pm 3 Sat. 9:40am Sun. 9:32am
Tylinda Sotelo Keeper
Tylinda Sotelo
Friday 1:27pm 3 Sat. 9:26am Sun. 9:16am
Jonnie Thrower Swissblade
Jonnie Thrower
Friday 1:51pm 3 Sat. 9:34am Sun. 9:24am
Tori Traube Coupe De Ville
Tori Traube
Friday 2:27pm 3 Sat. 9:46am Sun. 9:38am
Lisa VanBuhler Heart's Symphony
Lisa VanBuhler
Friday 2:39pm 3 Sat. 9:50am Sun. 9:42am

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