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The Summer Event at Woodside

August 11-13, 2017 - Woodside, CA

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
David Acord Code of Conduct Competitor E36 3
David Acord Sasha Fierce Competitor E35 3
James Alliston Cooley President Competitor II10
James Alliston Sunsprite Madeira Competitor II06 7
James Alliston Feisty Belle Competitor II09
James Alliston Redbull Competitor II08
James Alliston Cassio's Picasso Competitor II07
Tracy Alves Tux Tucker Competitor T04
Tracy Alves Bayside Boulevard Competitor T03
Tracy Alves Williamson Competitor T05
Laura Anders Magoo Competitor GG11 6
Teralyn Arthur Pride Competitor A01 5
Anika Baker Abright Star Competitor D07 8
Hayley Baker Little Britain Competitor D08
Bentley Barbour Sundae Competitor U08
Josh Barnacle Dazzle Competitor P02 3
Josh Barnacle Happiness Is Competitor P01 3
Isabella Barnato Spot A Dot Competitor B36 2
Karen Beale Lilly Competitor C03
Logan Bearden Miss Fantastic Competitor I19 4
Logan Bearden Into the Storm Competitor I18 3
Logan Bearden Tack I20
Ursula Behiel Chapman's Cause Competitor L03 4
Karina Beltran Just Ducky Competitor C23 5
Sonya Bengali Caspian Competitor E20
Katharine Bhatt Slider Competitor C35 3
Katharine Bhatt Tack C36
Kayla Bierman Pikture This Competitor HH06 3
Aaron Bird Indy Competitor R11 3
Shannon Bird First Class Competitor R09
Shannon Bird Gatsby V Competitor R10
Rachel Bisaillon Hello Newman Competitor I17
Kelsey Blashyn Tivoli Competitor II03 2
Ruth Bley Solo Key Competitor P10
Ruth Bley Frankfurt Competitor P09
Cecily Bonadio Smart Style Competitor K08 3
Helen Bouscaren Ebay Competitor II05
Helen Bouscaren Tack II04
Lea Bove' Cf Quintano Competitor P04
Amanda Boyce Mercury Competitor C22 5
Natalie Brady Bodega Sky Competitor B34
Natalie Brady Of Wind N Sky FSF Competitor B33
Natalie Brady BestKeptSecret Competitor B35
Rebecca Braitling Soaring Bird Competitor J14
Rebecca Braitling Arnell's Dinero Competitor J15 4
Rebecca Braitling Fianna Competitor J13 2
Rebecca Braitling Tack J16
Rebecca Braitling Tack
Camille Brewer Cooley Rock Star Competitor II02 5
Camille Brewer Tack II01
Claire Bruce Street Melody Competitor HH10
Karen Burks Tim Terrific Competitor B01 2
Sue Buxton Clintwald Competitor P08 11
Olivia Byron-Cooper My Versace Competitor GG12 6
Nicole Carroll Double Switch Competitor D33 2
Nicole Carroll CrissCross PCH Competitor D35 3
Hannah Cegielski Phantom of the Opera Competitor D17 4
Hannah Cegielski Tack D18
Daelyn Chase Wimbledon Star Competitor L06 2
Dana Chase Aerolite Competitor K15 4
Dana Chase Tack K16
Amelia Christiansen Great Temptation Competitor C01 3
Christina Chu Jack-a-Dandy Competitor C05 6
Jacqueline Colby Denim Blues Competitor D12 4
Alexis Concolino Contigo Competitor C02 4
Ashley Cook Shayneet Competitor Q08 5
Lesley Cowley Double Shot Espresso Competitor GG13 3
Debbie Davis Real Genious Competitor C13
Debbie Davis Fairly Warned Competitor C12
Debbie Davis Tack C11
Caroline Dein Tropic Delight Competitor R02
Caroline Dein Tropic Star Competitor R04 8
Alysia DeLeeuw Cheyenne Competitor S01 4
Katie Dillon Kilcurry Springfield Competitor S02
Kat Drake Tin Star Competitor K07 4
Taylor Easley Andro-Media Competitor C09
Michelle Emmermann WHF Warsong Competitor D31 10
Michelle Emmermann Extra
Stephanie Enedy Owen Competitor C28
Annabelle Fagans A Little Bit of Mischief Competitor D02 4
Emily Fagans Half-Caff Espresso Competitor D01 4
Emily Fagans Tack
Madison Feaver Instant Karma Competitor S14 2
Rebecca Fiedel Robin Goodfellow Competitor E28 3
Carrie Finno Kaiden Competitor Q03
Carrie Finno Carte Blanche Competitor Q04
Amanda Fisher Southern Rock Competitor O04
Amanda Fisher Euro R Competitor O03
Amanda Fisher Tack O01
Amanda Fisher Tack O02
Christina Forney Bentley Competitor D22
Gretchen Forrey This Souls For You Competitor Q07
Rachel Fox Bella Luna Competitor K10 2
Rachel Fox Tack K09
Ella Garcia Rosewood August Competitor C21
Max Gerdes Bounce DFEN Competitor C17
Max Gerdes Escher DFEN Competitor C18
Max Gerdes Zarek P Competitor C16
Sierra Gibson Cheval de Tonnerre Competitor K06 5
Jeanette Gilbert The Alchemist Competitor P13
Stefanie Gladen Hunter Competitor C15
Adelaide Glenwright Lorimar Competitor D16 3
Jordan Good Danito Competitor P12
Rhiannon Gorin Ecklands Padiwak Competitor Q06 6
Maggie Goulder Ain't Misbehavin Competitor B02 3
Jessica Gradillas Sam Adams Competitor K11 3
Zoey Greenwood A Premier Cooley Competitor HH09 4
Jenifer Hallock Western Sky VE Competitor D25
Stacy Hare Norm's Passion Competitor O05
Rachel Harnish Fix It Felix Competitor O06
Karen Haslebacher Haimish Competitor T10 4
Courtney Haubert Never Grow Up Competitor E33 3
Hailey Hawthorn Shades of Grey Competitor A02 5
Annika Heeter Skip's Buddy Doc Competitor A03 6
Alexis Helffrich Bonanza Competitor K14 2
Alexis Helffrich Graceland's Lilliput Competitor K13
Alexis Helffrich Extra K12
Alanna Hilzer Connect The Dots Competitor D09 2
Ronnie Hodgkinson Willy Jump The Moon Competitor C20
Ronnie Hodgkinson Tack C19
Carolyn Hoffos Chiquita Competitor K04 6
Taren Hoffos Easy A Competitor K02 8
Taren Hoffos Hot Dish Competitor K03 4
Taren Hoffos Tack K01
Kjersti Horais Grand Coeur Competitor J09 5
Avery Hughes Bijou Competitor HH11 6
Devon Hughes Paint By Numbers Competitor II20 5
Devon Hughes Tack II19
Elizabeth Jimison Business Class Competitor E19
Kristin Joly Vice Commander Competitor GG09
Erin Kellerhouse Western Samurai Competitor J03 10
Erin Kellerhouse Third Division Competitor J04
Erin Kellerhouse Woodford Reserve Competitor J05 6
Erin Kellerhouse No App for That Competitor J06 7
Erin Kellerhouse Tack J02
Erin Kellerhouse Tack J01
Victoria Klein Valdess Des Loges Competitor P15 3
Victoria Klein Tack P16
Lauren Knight Iceman's Bravado Competitor D10 2
Jenna Krugler Mischief Managed Competitor C31
Leslie LaBraque Falkonet Competitor I14 2
Katie Lafata Talladega Competitor K05 4
Becky Leisz Paloalto Competitor H17 6
Christine Lekutis Westcoast Crimson VE Competitor B03 2
Amber Levine Concer Competitor GG04 4
Amber Levine Cinzano Competitor GG06 1
Amber Levine Otter Pop Competitor GG03
Amber Levine Ice Breaker Competitor GG07 8
Amber Levine Get In Line Competitor GG05
Amber Levine Poppy Du Carel Competitor GG02 4
Amber Levine Tack GG01
Amber Levine Extra
Madison Lloyd Wil'ya Dance Competitor P06
Madison Lloyd Extra P05
Nikki Lloyd Mighty Smart Competitor P07
Lauren Lockwood Louis Vuitton Competitor GG14 4
Ashley Long Rochambeau Competitor II18 6
Beth Mahon Brown Tesla Competitor T11 4
Sarah March Living Right Competitor E24 5
Clara Marks Good Golly Miss Molly Competitor S13 2
Gale McCreary Ariel Competitor D11
Georgina McCutcheon August Praises Competitor S07 4
Maureen McEnroe Rosie the Riveter Competitor O07
India McEvoy Kalypso Competitor II17
Earl McFall Iluminada Competitor Q11 3
Earl McFall Zinnia Competitor Q12 2
Earl McFall Zinnia Competitor Q12 6
Earl McFall Extra
Jennifer McFall Be Real Competitor Q13 8
Jennifer McFall Hallelujah Df Competitor Q16
Jennifer McFall Stoneman DF Competitor Q14
Jennifer McFall Tack Q15
Taylor McFall Spitfire DF Competitor Q10
Megan McIver Puerta Vallarta Competitor O13 2
Megan McIver Bella Donna Z Competitor O14 4
Danielle McKinley Fernhill Harry Competitor D26 11
Danielle McKinley Extra
Joseph McKinley Ampersand Competitor D28
Kassandra McMillan HindSight Competitor S08
Jennifer McRonald Charlotte Competitor P03
Laurel Meck California Kid Competitor Q09
Elizabeth Meehan Marco Q Competitor S05
Emma Meehan Millridge Socrates Competitor S06
Julia Melmon Envy Me RR Competitor O12 4
Taylor Miles Philippa Competitor O15 3
Taylor Miles Tack
Audrey Miller Amazing Grace Competitor D13
Tess Molinar Cooley Stonehavens Competitor E34 3
Madeleine Moore Rogadina Competitor II16
Bella Mowbray En Vogue Competitor P11
Pippa Murray Plan Be Competitor GG15 5
Nicole Mushkin Urbino du Breuil Competitor Q05
Alexandra Naeve Gothamcityslicker Competitor J12
Stephanie Nicora High In The Air Competitor R03
Stephanie Nicora Tack R01
Marissa Nielsen Hot Wheels Competitor C07
Marissa Nielsen Vinetta M Competitor C06 10
Avery Noblitt Bendeguz Competitor H16
Miranda Olagaray Maritana Competitor R12 3
Noemma Olagaray Raleigh Competitor R07
Kari Ontko Blue Szeptaj Competitor GG16 4
Kari Ontko Tack GG18
Samantha Orjuela Cobblestone Hazy Marble Competitor L04
Kristen Orton Tossmeacutie Competitor C27
Kristen Orton Tack C26
Haley Paolucci Marley Competitor C10
Katherine Papahadjopoulos Maradona Competitor C34 3
Grace Perkins Zanaretta Competitor S15 2
Grace Perkins Tack S16
Taya Perry Elita Competitor O10 4
Hannah Petrek Have A Drink On Me Competitor E23
Jessica Pieracci Apollo's Harp Competitor D21
Sarah Platshon Live Action Competitor B07 9
Sarah Platshon Aragon Competitor B05
Sarah Platshon Silhouette Competitor B06
Sarah Platshon Tack B08
Libby Porzig Leo Competitor GG10 4
Heidi Powers Wesley Competitor E27 3
Haley Provencher American Tribute Competitor R05
Kaitlin Ramos Six Pack Sam Competitor R06 2
Helen Rigg Fred Competitor E26 4
Helen Rigg Tack E25
Jeannette Robb Be Mine Competitor U02
Jeannette Robb Tack U01
Dawn Robbins Diablo Tejano Competitor I13
Lucinda Romero Kleary's Lucky Star Competitor GG19 2
Steve Roon Lismakerra Bilbo Competitor E22 3
Jason Roy The Sundance Kid Competitor S03 5
Gina Ruth Decision in the Dark Competitor U03
Gina Ruth TF Estrellita Competitor U04 6
Gina Ruth Extra
Tania Senter Petra Competitor O11 2
Alisa Shen Graceland's Reatta Competitor L07 4
Alex Skylark Grand Design Competitor D32 6
Barbara Slaughter Catchy One-liner Competitor L05
Maddie Smith Elfenwind Competitor S10 3
Maddie Smith Tack S11
Tylinda Sotelo Keeper Competitor A04
Jessie Spiers Panther Mackey Competitor C29
Jessie Spiers Kash Kan Do Competitor C30
Flynn Spitts Shotgun Ryder Competitor A05
Hillary Spry LTF Street Wise Competitor D34 3
Courtney Stammerjohan Bombay Competitor Q02
Courtney Stammerjohan Tack Q01
John Strassburger Alpine Music Competitor U10
John Strassburger Firebolt Competitor U11 15
John Strassburger Tack U12
Craig Suglian Lestat Competitor C14
Isabel Svec Stanalama Competitor I16 3
Alicia Swinton Napoleon Competitor E30 2
Eri Takada Othello's Fogata Competitor H15 6
Jena Tassone Afire Love Competitor B30
Jena Tassone Call It Magic Competitor B31
Kylie Taylor Streets Ticket to Ride Competitor T02
Kylie Taylor Tack T01
Madison Temkin MVP Madbum Competitor T14
Madison Temkin Duck Dynasty Competitor T12 4
Madison Temkin Let's Be Quiet Competitor T13 4
Madison Temkin Dr. Hart Competitor T15
Madison Temkin Tack T16
Jillian Terzian Zazu Competitor U06
McKenzie Thomas Jericho Competitor U09
Jonnie Thrower Swissblade Competitor E29
Whitney Tompkins Indian Summer Competitor C25
Whitney Tompkins DVF Caliente Creek Competitor C24
Filippo Tosi Steppinwuhlf Competitor D03 8
Aidan Trimble A Bit Risky Competitor I15 3
Whitney Tucker Billeter Karvaleo Competitor J07 9
Whitney Tucker Billeter Dakota Competitor J08 5
Haley Turner Orion's Sweet Rubio Competitor S09 4
Delaney Vaden Call Me Hobbes Competitor H12
Delaney Vaden Extra H13
Lisa VanBuhler Heart's Symphony Competitor D20 4
Lisa VanBuhler Tack D19
Emma Verbist Rebel Is A Golden Boy Competitor D14 3
Alice von Staden With Bells On Competitor J11 3
Matthew Walley Steamer Lane Competitor II12
Matthew Walley Isengart Competitor II11
Sara Wegner Blaze of Light Competitor D04 7
Natalie Weidick Maverik Competitor S04
Callan Weiss Princess Magnifique Competitor C08 4
Pascale Winnick Willett Competitor II13 4
Cricket Wood Illuminare Competitor HH18
Cricket Wood Extra
Cynthia Wright Adaire Competitor P14 2
Sadie Ziel Night Fury Competitor J10 4

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