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Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. II

August 25-27, 2017 - Santa Ynez, CA

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
Tracy Alves Desert Pearl Competitor D/03
Tracy Alves Pandora Competitor D/02
Megan Beachler Beau Soleil Competitor B/07 5
maxine beck Small Dark & Handsome Competitor H/16
Madeleine Blinoff Ranger Competitor H/04 3
Jen Boulden Lou Lou Catchou Competitor B/11 3
Rylan BRENEMAN Fernhill Shannondale Competitor B/18 5
Julia Brittain Haiku Competitor H/09 6
Sarah Brown Rocket Fizz Competitor C/14 4
Sarah Bundgard Thorin son of Thrane Competitor C/13
Heather Cage Roweena Gold Competitor H/08
Mariela Caravetta Adios Nonino Competitor C/09 2
Emilie Christian Without A Hitch Competitor C/17
Emilie Christian Timshel Competitor C/16
Kyle Cline Zack's Got A Knack Competitor B/17 5
Susan Coert Mommy's Ferrari Competitor C/15 6
Megan Compton Happy Hour Competitor C/08
Sydney Cort Picture of Ellagance Competitor G/15 5
Emily Curtis Rough Draft Competitor B/01 6
Annabelle Davis Accalia Competitor G/14 4
Caitlin Davison My Pilot Competitor H/13
Caitlin Davison M Cloudy De Lune SE Competitor H/12
Kayleigh Dayka 44 Magnum Competitor D/01
Elle de Recat Secret Hunter Competitor D/13 4
Jessica DiCostanzo Sheer Theatrics Competitor B/16 3
Olivia Doman Davidius Competitor B/14 5
Kora Dumpert Oso Handsome Competitor F/01 3
Genevieve Dutil Just the Job III Competitor H/07 5
Gina Economou Exclusive Competitor
Gina Economou Springvale Competitor H/10
Courtni Ellis That One Fine Day Competitor G/13
Jessica Everton Banico Competitor D/06
Mia Farley Patina DCF Competitor C/07
Mia Farley BGS Firecracker Competitor C/06 5
Robyn Fisher Stunner Competitor D/18 2
Robyn Fisher Betawave Competitor D/20 6
Robyn Fisher Extra
Kristen Flowers Prestige Empire Competitor F/02 3
Gemma Forshaw Cailida Competitor G/16 5
Michaela Freebourn Zoe Girl Competitor H/20
Susan Friend LeTourneur Dogmatic Competitor B/10
Ella Garcia License and Registration Please Competitor B/03 4
Jadyn Gooch Minyffordd Maid Megan Competitor F/14
Lily Gordo Boing Competitor B/02 3
Kim Goto Miner Churchill Competitor F/09
Wendy Graham Chocolat Competitor D/09 1
Jessica Hamilton Chandler Competitor G/10
Jess Hargrave Regenmann Competitor G/11
Julie Haslem Yoshi Competitor H/14
Lucy Hinton Jameson Competitor B/19 5
Kelsey Holmes Royal Lux Competitor B/13 3
Tristen Hooks, DVM Learning To Fly Competitor F/11
Nicole Horton R. Star Competitor G/17 5
Eneya Jenkins americana Competitor D/14 2
Holly Jones Speed Bonnie Boat Competitor F/10
Cara Julian Wunder Schon Competitor D/15 1
Cara Julian Wunder Schon Competitor D/15 3
Jonathan Kennedy Brady Competitor F/03
Francesca Kirby Ricco Suave Competitor F/19 3
Randi Koehn Aideen Competitor D/05
David Koss Feature Presentation Competitor D/16
Natalie Kraus Grande Misto Competitor H/15
Leslie LaBraque Falkonet Competitor B/09
Cara Lavigna Roosevelt Competitor G/20
Tyler Leary Kaira Competitor C/12 4
Tyler Leary Tack
Sarah Leicht Famous Shoes Competitor D/08
Becky Leisz Cocoa Z Competitor C/03
Becky Leisz Secret Tapit Competitor C/04
Ginger Levison Twizzler Competitor F/05
Aleja Lopez Red Velvet Competitor H/19
Keelari Mauzy Amaretto Competitor F/08
Keelari Mauzy Extra F/07
Keelari Mauzy Extra scratched
Kristine McGee O' Henry Competitor G/01
Michelle Meghrouni Swizzle Competitor H/06 2
Kit Messick Colonial Art Competitor D/12 2
Angela Mitchell Nicodemus Competitor C/05 3
Anneke Obermeyer Van Gogh GS Competitor G/12 4
Anna Olsen Big Sky Sensation Competitor G/08
Andrew Paley Cobra Competitor H/05 4
AMELIA PARKS On the Rocks Competitor D/11 3
Anita Parra Sterling Competitor C/20
Marcy Payoyo Aloha Spirit Competitor D/04
Lauren Peterson Killossery Kountdown Competitor H/18 2
Darci Phelps Daisy Duke Competitor F/16
Nancy Pittman Panamericano Competitor G/09
Isabella Rega Sticker Shock Competitor B/04
Mia Richerson Armi Competitor G/02 5
Katelyn Roache BMW Competitor F/20 3
Suz Roehl Playing Hooky Competitor F/15 2
Deborah Rosen Essex Junction Competitor C/18 6
Deborah Rosen Tumbleweed Princess Competitor C/19
Sarah Rune Majesty Competitor D/07
Madeline Sexton Rise Against Competitor F/12
Madeline Sexton Tack F/13
Ashley Dianne Shrader Cliffside Academy Award Competitor C/11 4
Eric Smith Winchexter Competitor G/07
Sharon Steinhauser Wandering Lily Competitor G/19 6
Sharon Steinhauser QCIX Ebony Bay Competitor G/18
Ashley Stone Oso Happy Competitor H/03
Lisa Takada Paloalto Competitor B/20 6
Lexie Thacker Best Kept Secret Competitor B/12
Halina Thole Roma Competitor H/02 2
Marie Thorne-Thomsen Out of the Blue Competitor B/08 5
Riley Wahlberg Enzo Competitor H/17
Emma Weber Cinematic Competitor B/15
McKenna Winters Saved by the Bella Competitor H/01 2
Rishae Wood Great Catch Competitor F/06 3
Jennifer Wooten - Macouzet Eduardo Competitor C/10
Jennifer Wooten - Macouzet Bendeguz Competitor C/01
Roberta Zajac Look Again Competitor D/10
Amanda Zeddy Power Puff Competitor C/02 2

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