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Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge

October 19-22, 2017 - Lexington, KY

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Nicolette Adams Saul Good Competitor 1316
Katherine Alexander Denira Competitor 1448
Katherine Alexander Tack 1449
Krystin Anderson Locked And Loaded Competitor 1229
Sarah Andres Ima Little Waki Competitor 1426
Kara Andrew Sbt Clover Road Competitor 1807
Monique Archer Camross Diamond Competitor 1328
Zoe Archer Millridge Z Two Competitor 1327
Barbara Arnold Zak's In Town Competitor 1339
Ernie Arnouts Spanning the Globe Competitor 1525
Sydney Ayres Free And Easy Competitor 1933
Madeline Backus P.S. On Top Of The World Competitor 1901
Madeline Backus P.S. On Top Of The World Competitor 1903
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio Competitor
Madeline Backus Reflektion's Rio Competitor 1902
Madeline Backus Extra
Ashley Baehr Run Freely Competitor 1613
Ashley Baehr Ot Bandini Competitor 1612
Betsy Ball Red Mare Competitor 2003
Abby Basner Don't Get Me Wrong Competitor 1528
Bennett Baughman Arch Dancer Competitor 1309
Julia Becker Maximum Pride Competitor 1140
Lindsay Beer El Caballero Competitor 1237
Lindsay Beer Southern Time Competitor 1238
Gretchen Bender Brighton Halo Competitor 1114
Kyra Bergmann Quid Pro Quo Competitor 1725
Laura Bernardoni Drastic Measures Competitor 2009
Laura Bernardoni Contessa Of Gavilan Competitor 1128
Kaylee Blazeniak Caballo Oscuro Competitor 1034
Madeline Bletzacker Landtino S Competitor 1108
Madeline Bletzacker Drummer Boy Competitor 1107
Viktoria Bodnar SBT Amarone Competitor 1812
Jessie Bollinger Speed Rail Competitor 1350
Cindy Bonamarte Lottie's Wisdom Competitor 1524
Lori Bond Desert Storm Competitor 1504
Kelsey Boos Trocadero Competitor 1542
Kelsey Boos Trocadero Competitor 1543
Kelsey Boos Extra
Olivia Bosc Mon Mec à Moi Competitor 1326
Hannah Boyd Kiltealy star Competitor 1303
Meredith Boylan Hustle N' Flow Competitor 1122
Kelsie Bricker Lawman Competitor 1126
Kelly Brophey Collaborator Competitor 1204
Lauren Buhrmann Currahee Competitor 2005
Jeannine Buhse Good Juju Competitor 1817
Amelia Burgess Karisma Competitor 1833
Courtney Calnan Little Black Dress Competitor 1308
Courtney Calnan Tack 1307
Sherri Caneer Gallardo Competitor 1347
Sherri Caneer Tack 1348
Jennifer Caras Trendy Fernhill Competitor 1949
Jenny Caras Fernhill Finesse Competitor 1948
Jenny Caras Tack 1950
Larkspur Carroll Caspia Competitor 1306
Lillian Cederlund Mon Ami Competitor 1033
Brandi Chase Top of The Pops Competitor 1139
Kendall Church Casanova Competitor 1918
Christian Clark The Artful Dodger Competitor 1647
Lauren Clark Paris Can Wait Competitor 2009
Lauren Clark Glory Days Competitor 1101
Macy Clark The Dark Mark Competitor 2016
Michele Clark Zues Competitor 1747
Kristen Clase Das Boot Competitor 1712
Grace Clayton Fernhill Benelli Competitor 1125
Katherine Clements Heatherwood's Legolas Competitor 1642
Amanda Conti Griegermeister Competitor 1813
Amanda Conti Mr Pacific Step Competitor 1814
Sophie Coorssen Hickory Smoke Competitor 1319
Laura Crowl Dinner at Malones Competitor 1111
Bree Cunningham Secret Girl Competitor 1820
Alina D'Amico Key On Me Competitor 1115
Cierra Daratony Rio De Janeiro Competitor 2023
Skylar Davis Prescient Competitor 1909
Skylar Davis Tack 1908
Cami Diamond Ashford Castle Competitor 1607
Erin Dierks Mimic Competitor 1144
Rebecca Dillis Hint Of Spring Competitor 1724
Taylor Dillon Kera Competitor 1602
Carrie Dimon High Powered Competitor 2047
Carrie Dimon Extra
Samantha Diulus Salute The Truce Competitor 1121
Molly Doan Hurrikhana Competitor 1723
Molly Doan Northern Go Competitor 1722
Rachel Doan Donny Competitor 1721
Olivia Donnarumma Sure Competitor 1212
Jennifer Dougherty Juneau Competitor 1219
Elizabeth Drawe Sugar Ray Competitor 1427
Emma Drury Poncho Villa Competitor 1412
Emma Drury Tack 1413
Christine Duke Scope It Out Competitor 1633
Ondine Eardley Indigo Rsf Competitor 1216
Lauren Eckardt Skey Skippa VIP Competitor 2041
Lauren Eckardt Extra
Erica Eckenhoff We Need More Elle Bell Competitor 1215
Solomon Edwards My Valentine Competitor 2126
Tawn Edwards All of Indy Competitor 2127
Nancy Elberty Princess B Competitor 2010
Caroline Elgin Amazing Competitor 1503
Caroline Elgin Tack 1502
Gracie Elliott Ballylanders Finn Mccool Competitor 1244
Natasha Erschen FE Gran Torino Competitor 2026
Natasha Erschen Tack 2027
Corey Evans Prairie Rose Competitor 1507
Lenora Evans Hollmann Eis Eis Baby Competitor 1624
Lenora Evans Hollmann Christian Grey Competitor 1625
Eliza Farren Beahereincourt Competitor 1826
Maggie Fearon Brando Competitor 2011
Jordan Fellers Cor Qualitas Competitor 1828
Lauren Ferguson Mile High Murphy Competitor 1205
Lauren Ferguson Rory O'Moore Competitor 1210
Lauren Ferguson Tack 1209
Elizabeth Fettig Pippa Competitor 1523
Samantha Fogg Nacona Competitor 2122
Julie Foley Brechin Competitor 1450
Hannah Fountain Winston's Lucky Cup Competitor 1535
Mia Fox Sport Tracker Competitor 2013
Kathleen Freethy RREF FreeThyme Competitor 1239
Betsy French Aberlour Competitor 1447
Colin Gaffney Timaru Competitor 1935
Bella Gagen Rum Tum Tugger Competitor 1145
Amanda Gantz Must Dash Competitor 1334
Cori Garcia Gun Slingin' Bully Competitor 1829
Emma Garrett CiCi Ya Later Competitor 1217
Jessica Gesselman Huntin' For Trouble Competitor 1623
Kate Giarratana Rivertown Lad Competitor 1614
Nora Goldfarb Connor of Clearfield Competitor 1615
Ann Goodwin Fedarman B Competitor 2028
Maisy Grassie Irish Roadie Competitor 1129
Maisy Grassie Tack 1130
Amy Grayson Steady Smiler Competitor 1423
Elaina Grayson Legacy Competitor 1424
Caroline Greathouse Henery Viii Competitor 1746
Alexandra Green Fernhill Famous Competitor 1936
Cathryn Green Fernhill Celebrity Competitor 1123
Olivia Greene Louis Vuitton Competitor
Olivia Greene Louis Vuitton Competitor 1529
Ansley Haan Ms. True Silence Competitor 1527
Courtney Haessly Virgule Du Flonzel Competitor 1104
Sydney Hagaman Charmeur Competitor 1211
Zoe Hagedorn Street Cat Competitor 1425
Ryan Hall Graceland's Liebchen Competitor 1926
Ryan Hall S.V.R. RON Competitor 1927
Philippa Hambly Price Tag Competitor 2113
Mary Cason Harney Brynhild Competitor 1921
Sarah Harris Fancy Anna Competitor 1407
Ashton Hays A Boy Named Rozy Competitor 1920
Ashlyn Hayworth Borasco Competitor 1928
Megan Hazell Excalibur Competitor 1232
Kendra Heath-Brost Irish Dance Competitor 1522
Melanie Helms Md Turn Signal Competitor 1622
Helen Helton Treetop Flyer Competitor 1208
Ashley Hensman Hott Aventador Competitor 1227
Ashley Hensman Tack 1228
Britney Hensman Halo Above Me Competitor 1226
Katlyn Hewson-slezak Fernhill Choco Royale Competitor 1914
Emma Hilbert Percival Competitor 1832
Maggie Hitron Mawhinney Competitor 1749
Maggie Hitron Tack 1750
Cynthia Holbrook Blue Ridge Breckinridge Competitor 1924
Emily Hollon High Definition Competitor 1318
Janice Hoover Its Now or Never Competitor 1518
Darby Howard Made Ya Look Competitor 1320
Bethany Hutchins-kristen Geluk Hvf Competitor 2125
Bianca Iddiols Split Decision Competitor 2105
Deborah Iezzi Maxfli Competitor 1837
Deborah Iezzi Fancee Schmancee Competitor 1837
Hillary Irwin By A Hundredth Competitor 1922
Hillary Irwin Nutello Competitor 1923
Jennifer Jacobs That's Tequila Competitor 1515
Susan Jellum Rochambeau Competitor 1827
Beth Johnson SWF Stunt Pilot Competitor 1521
Campbell Jones Sophie Competitor 1409
Campbell Jones Tack 1410
Cecilia Jones Sweet William Competitor 1335
Brynna Jovanovich Smells Like Lilacs Competitor 1520
Clara Juckett Shoshone Competitor 1406
Evelyn Juckett Etoile Competitor 2024
Rachel Jurgens Heck Competitor 2049
Rachel Jurgens Tack 2050
Lauren Kannally Miss Airheart Competitor 1402
Rachel Kelley Barron It's Just George Competitor 1443
Rachel Kelley Barron Tack 1444
Jacquie Kelton Executive Power Competitor 2114
Gracelyn Kephart Carlie Mcclearin Competitor 1246
Gracelyn Kephart Tack 1245
Brigitte Kettell Jax Competitor 1117
Rachel Kiczuk The African Queen Competitor 1734
Rachel King Ziggy Competitor 2045
Rebecca Kleiser August Rush Competitor 1240
Lucy Knowles Not A Democracy Competitor 1415
Nancy Koch Quest In Time Competitor 1938
Lauren Kolegraff Cruisin' Around Competitor 1446
Michelle Koppin Fortunate Rebel Competitor 1941
Michelle Koppin No Stranger To The Rain Competitor 1939
Michelle Koppin Tack 1940
Paula Kotowski You're My Boy Blue Competitor 1531
Lily Kovach Denmark Competitor 1738
Ember Krajcir Adoreyble Competitor 1241
Dan Kreitl Carmango Competitor 1638
Dan Kreitl Eezy Cruise Lad Competitor 1637
Katie Labarge Ashton's Harper Competitor 2115
Molly Laird Doc Charlie Competitor 1943
Leah Lang-gluscic The Duck of Reed Competitor 1822
Leah Lang-gluscic Tack 1821
Leah Lang-gluscic Extra 1820
AnnaBelle Lansdale Buck Naked Competitor 1618
Susannah Lansdale Constitutional Competitor 1620
Susannah Lansdale Gotta Have Faith Competitor 1619
Mya Larson Wrenegade Angel Competitor 1102
Kelly Lawrence Renos Nevada Competitor 1106
Hannah Leahey Cassinova Competitor 2019
Kayleigh Leavell Branching Out Competitor 1743
Jackie Lemastus Denver Competitor 2015
Jackie Lemastus Tatton Winter Competitor 2015
Rachael Leneweaver Clear Sailing Competitor 1345
Tess Lesesne Rumblefish Competitor 2108
Allison Livesey Saguaro Flats Competitor 1530
Kathleen Lloyd Where's The Rhythm Competitor 1912
Kathleen Lloyd Cadence Competitor 1911
Christina Lockhart En Vogue Competitor 1735
Erin Loitfellner Bora Bora Bound Competitor 1143
Miranda Losey Rapid Tempo Competitor 1405
Courtney Lucas Titan Competitor 1534
Megan Lynn Have At It Playboy Competitor 1834
Madison Maavere Built Ford Tough Competitor 1135
Brianna Mackey Runabout Riley Competitor 1648
Lindsay Mahon That Wascalie Wabbit Competitor 2102
Lindsay Mahon Playtime Competitor 2103
Lindsay Mahon Creme Brûlée Competitor 2104
Lindsay Mahon Tack 2101
Meagan Majchszak Imperial's Catch Competitor 1417
Meagan Maloney Poster Boy TE Competitor 1235
Meagan Maloney Tack 1236
Jessica Maranto Czardus Competitor 1930
Jamie March Big River Competitor 1220
Isabella Marchioretto The Bright Side Competitor 1029
Tammy Marcinko Sassafras Competitor 2113
Kristina Marth Passing Go Competitor 1830
Kristina Marth MHS Fernhill Killey Competitor 1831
John Mason All Riled Up Competitor 1748
McKayla Mattison Duke Of Z Competitor 1103
Nicole Maynard Saint Competitor 1346
Molly Mcbride Runaway Fantasy Competitor 2119
Molly Mcbride Tack 2118
Shannon McCall TC Drummer Boy Competitor 1736
Ann McGrath Double - Steal Competitor 1606
Natanya McMahon Quiero Bourbon Competitor 1141
Jenna McPeek Blue Sky Law Competitor 1322
Jenna McPeek Tack 1321
Symantha Melemed CCS Aragorn Competitor 1629
Symantha Melemed Tack 1628
Ruth Mercer Aurora's Delight Competitor 1516
Jennifer Merrick-Brooks EJ's Imagine That Competitor 1526
Robert Meyerhoff Cabin Master Competitor 1713
Robert Meyerhoff Herr Winzig Competitor 1714
Rachel Miles Zane Competitor 1509
Rachel Miles Q Competitor 1507
Margaret Millar Gorsehill Zulu Competitor 1408
Amanda Miller Memeltanz Competitor 2043
Chloe Miller No Nottings Nest Competitor 1536
Lori Miller Heza Whyz Guy Competitor 1421
Lori Miller Extra 1420
Susan Moessner Satin Mystique Competitor 2111
Megan Moore Master Moretti Competitor 1248
Megan Moore Mooney Maguire Competitor 1247
Allison Morris Handful of Gold Competitor 1113
Kasey Mueller James Blonde Competitor 1120
Kasey Mueller Tack 1119
Jessie Muhic How High Competitor 1605
Carrie Mulks Riddle Master Competitor 1548
Carrie Mulks Sonny Competitor 1547
Carrie Mulks Zara Competitor 1549
Carrie Mulks Tack 1550
Carrie Mulks Extra 1546
Robyn Munson Karanos Competitor 1910
Jane Musselman Duke Of Diamond Competitor 1441
Jane Musselman Tack 1442
Remy Nash Who Needs Mr. Right Competitor 1730
Amy Nelson Hummingbird's River Competitor 1036
Addison Neumeyer Blaze Competitor 1641
Erin Neville Bluestone Competitor 2006
Erin Neville Booker's Wild Idea Competitor 2007
Chris Newton Sir Sheldon Competitor 2121
Chris Newton Good Measure Competitor 2120
Erin Nielsen Garden Valley Gold Competitor 1906
Erin Nielsen Tack 1905
Michael Nolan Bad Moon Rising Competitor 1809
Michael Nolan Dungar Silver Competitor 1808
Tate Northrop Fine With Me Competitor 1411
Isabella O'brien Limitless Competitor 1404
Isabella O'brien Tack 1403
Molly O'connor Dakota Competitor 1532
Molly O'connor Extra
Alexander O'neal Cedric Diggory Competitor 1844
Alexander O'neal Dj Competitor 1845
Alexander O'neal Zick Zack Competitor 1848
Alexander O'neal Fury H Competitor 1847
Alexander O'neal Giggles P.s. Competitor 1849
Alexander O'neal Dj Competitor 1846
Alexander O'neal Tack 1850
Alexander O'neal Extra
Stephanie O'neal Patch Adams Competitor 1843
Jennifer O'neill Sligovitz Competitor 2130
Mary Clare Owdziej Deal Me In Competitor 1537
Mckenna Oxenden Gossip Girl Competitor 1301
Madison Ozbun Zeus Beach Competitor 1711
Erin Marie Pace Fair Play Cody Competitor 1544
Monica Pagani Cool Decision Competitor 1545
Breanne Palmerini Dread Pirate Robby Competitor 1541
Blake Park Forefront Competitor 2022
Blake Park Factor Five Competitor 2021
Blake Park Tack 2020
Tiffany Parsons Not Your Average Joe Competitor 1315
Emma Partridge Max Attack Competitor 2017
Hannah Peach Bomb Diggity TE Competitor 1230
Beth Perkins Handsome Harry Competitor 2107
Brooke Petkovsek Grand Floridian Competitor 1510
Jennifer Pickering Hey There Delilah Competitor 1611
Barbara Pickl Cruella De Vil Competitor 1824
Anna Pierce River King Competitor 1929
Monica Pinkerman Horseradish Competitor 1727
Jodie Potts Island Fever Competitor 1917
Jodie Potts Wapiti Byrd Competitor 1916
Mya Poulos Merrylegs Competitor 1030
Charlotte Pruet Valadour Competitor 1325
Alyse Ptacek Monty's Tune Competitor 1610
Trudy Pulley Mega Tsunami Competitor 1634
Cheryl Quick Rock Spirit Competitor 1223
Cheryl Quick Tack 1221
Liza Ragan Genius To Go Competitor 1317
Bethany Randolph Mercy Me Competitor 1704
Carolyn Randolph Hoagy's Equality Competitor 1703
Jennifer Rebollo In Kahootz Competitor 1336
Jennifer Rebollo Tack 1337
Jennifer Reisenbichler Bourbon N' Ice Competitor 1501
Shelley Remensnyder Platinum Rhapsody Competitor 1907
Diana Rich Midway Train Competitor 1416
Jordan Riske Redemption Song Competitor 1539
Jordan Riske Amazingly Lucky Competitor 1538
Shannon Risner Motor Patrol Competitor 1419
Waylon Roberts Wakeup Competitor 1942
Rene Robertson Biscotto Competitor 1341
Rene Robertson Tack 1342
Audrey Rosen Dynamo Competitor 1131
Audrey Rosen Northwinds Breeze Competitor 1132
John Ross Motive Competitor 1231
Penny Rowland Sunset On My Harley Competitor 1133
Claire Rowlands Category 5 Competitor 1742
Rachel Rozenboom Worth The Wait Competitor 1428
Emily Rudolph Widespread Wisdom Competitor 1249
Makayla Rydzik Fluorescent Adolescent Competitor 1839
Kaitlyn Samuels Ballysimon Cavalier Competitor 2018
Lexie Samuels Grey Max Competitor 1733
Lexie Samuels Distortedhumorsson Competitor 1732
EZRA SANDERS Smooth Whiskey Competitor 1038
Camber Sannes Charlie Parker Competitor 1519
Katie Schaefer cold smoke Competitor 1214
Kathryn Schantz What Opposition Competitor 1250
Elizabeth Scheltema Tiz Rocknroll Competitor 1945
Elizabeth Scheltema Bill Owen Competitor 1944
Dominic Schramm Cooley Cut Copy Competitor 1745
Zoe Schroeder Piedmont Sundance Competitor 1028
Jessie Schwartz WHF Kitaro Competitor 2127
Madeline Scott Annaghs Spirit Competitor 1946
Tracy Scott Patent Pending Competitor 1506
Jennifer Selvig Chief Magistrate Competitor 1842
Cora Severs Cuervo Competitor 1904
Abby Shanahan Courtly Miss Competitor 1739
Erin Sheets Wilderness Road Competitor 1632
Erin Sheets Tack 1631
Jessica Sheffield The Luckdragon Competitor 1136
Lindsey Shepard Never Say Never Competitor 1603
Emily Shirley Fernhill Romeo Competitor 1744
Jessica Shull Luftmann Mwf Competitor 2002
Jessica Shull Tack 2001
Caitlin Silliman Vagabon de Champdoux Competitor 2031
Caitlin Silliman Ally Kgo Competitor 2032
Caitlin Silliman The Tinker Competitor
Caitlin Silliman Tack 2033
Noell Sivertsen Try This Competitor 1514
Rachel Skirvin Brand New Key Competitor 1701
Jes Skudlarek Lil'BitOfEverything Competitor 1032
Kevin Smith To The Beat of My Heart Competitor 1332
Kyle Smith KSE Crown Royal Competitor 1333
Laura Smith Andy O Competitor 1331
Laura Smith Little Vegas Competitor 1330
Molly Smith Pop's Loaf and Jug Competitor 1517
Tiffany Smith Indigenous Gent Competitor 1835
Tracy Smith Annabelle Competitor 1841
Leah Snowden Ormolu Competitor 2008
Francesca Spoltore Fernhill Reflection Competitor 1124
Julia Stadler Hidden Treasure Competitor 1709
Julia Stadler Tack 1710
Heather Stark MILORD Competitor 1137
Heather Stark Tack 1138
Emma States Infinnity And Beyond Competitor 1118
Alanna Stefanek Premie Dawna Competitor 1729
Heather Strawbridge Jonathan of Damascus Competitor 2117
Heather Strawbridge Joint Venture Competitor 2116
Tracy Strobel Hamilton Competitor 1937
Lauren Sumner CROSSFIRE Competitor 2040
Ellen Super Seattle's Finest Competitor 1112
Kathryn Surasky Crazy Choice Competitor 1913
Dani Sussman Thurston B. Howell Competitor 1931
Dani Sussman Tack 1932
Jena Tassone Call It Magic Competitor 2004
Ashley Taylor Untouchable Rock Competitor 1947
Holly Taylor Brady Lane Competitor 1608
Holly Taylor Tizawonder Competitor 1609
Katie Taylor Beam Me Up Competitor 1233
Nathan Taylor Fort Monroe Competitor
Maria Temperini The Flying Dutchman Competitor 1512
Maria Temperini Wendebro Competitor 1513
Maria Temperini Tack 1511
Lily Thomas Elysee Competitor 1705
Lily Thomas Tack 1706
Robin Thomas She's A Hollister Girl Competitor 1626
Robin Thomas Tack 1627
Sarah Thomas Docs Star Valentine Competitor 1617
Sierra Thomas Freckles Competitor 1616
Karen Thompson Shakespeare In Love Competitor 1445
Paige Thompson Slewdelu Competitor 1207
Paige Thompson Wreckless of Zipping Competitor 1206
Mary Thompson Dvm Fools Rush In Competitor 2124
Morley Thompson Jr. Sweet William Competitor 1422
Nicole Timm Special Edition Competitor 1302
Elliott Timmons Foothills Field Marshall Competitor 1925
Lindsay Traisnel Bacyrouge Competitor 2044
Anne Trout Samsational Competitor 1343
Anne Trout Tack 1344
Lydia Trudell Little Top Competitor 1146
Lauren Tucker Feelin Rowdy Competitor 1533
Megan Tyler Time World Competitor 1718
Claire Tyner Fly High Harvey Competitor 1934
Megan Tyrrell Drombane Dynamite Competitor 1740
Savannah Van Vuren Donadea Boy Competitor 1031
Katie Vandeloo Mirror Image Competitor 2106
Clare Vanderwoude Star Power Competitor 1142
Shelby VanHoosier Stitch This Mister Competitor 1035
Casey Vannicelli Polish Brigade Competitor 1604
Emily Vantassel Ready To Jam Competitor 1708
Leah Vasquez Case Clocker Competitor 1815
Sarah Verrill Isle of Skye Competitor 1720
Amanda Viscardi Zangetsu Competitor 1639
Amanda Viscardi Tack 1640
Hope Walden DHI Zatopek B Competitor 1148
Hope Walden Oldcourt Grafen Dance Competitor 1149
Andrew Walker Sbt Barolo Competitor 1802
Andrew Walker Aces Baby Competitor 1806
Andrew Walker Rock Ambassador Competitor 1805
Andrew Walker Tack 1801
Pamela Walker JP Zeus Competitor 1324
Pamela Walker Tack
Robin Walker Greenhall Exclusive Competitor 1804
Robin Walker Srs Picasso Competitor 1803
Wendy Watson Big Uno Competitor 1418
Brittany Weber Lucky Sevens Trademark Competitor 1546
Darby Weerstra Exultation Competitor 1401
Avery Whisman Stonewall Jackson Competitor 2025
LeAnn White Steller's Jay Competitor 1719
Zoe White Loughnatousa Thief Competitor 1414
Jayne Whitton Mr Big Competitor 1919
Cathy Wieschhoff Title Contender Competitor 1349
Arden Wildasin Sunday Times Competitor 2035
Arden Wildasin Udi-la Competitor 2037
Arden Wildasin Hellohello Competitor 2036
Arden Wildasin Dusky Shadow Competitor 2038
Arden Wildasin Watch Out Competitor 2034
Ashley Will Regally Blonde Competitor 1323
Cole Wilson Sirius Black Competitor 1825
Liz Wise Eagan Competitor 1220
Cathrine Wunderlich Benjamin James Competitor 1823
Gabrielle Yashinsky Soliliquy Competitor 1027
Sabrina Yashinsky Cherrybrook Blue Willow Competitor 1026
Lani Zabor Yes Please Competitor 1630
Zoe Zanides Palmyra Competitor 1035
Janet Zoller Chant Des Artes Competitor 1430
Janet Zoller Tack 1429
Leah Zommers The Sundance Kid Competitor 1234
Nicole Zullo Jettatore Competitor 1305

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Check out all the horse show scores and riding times in the equestrian calendar above. Trucks for hauling a horse trailer are needed by equestrian horse riders who attend horse shows with horse tack and supplies, veterinary supplies, riding clothes, saddles and boots and riding helmets.