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Greenwood Farm Inc. Fall H.T.

September 24-26, 2010 - Weatherford, TX

Results by Division

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Rowdie Adams No Money Down Competitor Mid-South Tent
Hayley Alvis King of Troy Competitor Marvin Savage
Allison Anson The Promise Minnie Mouse Competitor South Tent
Keith Augenthaler Potter Competitor Marvin Savage
Hannah Auldridge Sky's The Limit Competitor South Tent
Tara Auldridge Master Miles Competitor South Tent
Brooke Babcock Alta Competitor South Tent
Brooke Baker Much Ado II Competitor South Tent
Shannon Baldwin Simply Roman Competitor Marvin Savage
Teri Berbel Bold Decision Competitor Marvin Savage
Sarah Bradley Honey Bear Competitor North Tent
Rachael Brasovan Madeira's Symphony Competitor Mid-South Tent
Ellen Broaddus Finale Competitor North Tent
Kelly Brophey Play With Fire Competitor Marvin Savage
Rebecca Brown Vivian Leigh Competitor Mid-South Tent
Jennifer Burk Cadet Competitor North Tent
Samantha Burke Mister Mouse Competitor Marvin Savage
Samantha Burke Martin Competitor Marvin Savage
A. J. Clemmons Flirtations Competitor Marvin Savage
Lacey Cloud Hot Pursuit Competitor Mid-South Tent
Lacey Cloud Tack Mid-South Tent
Kaitlyn Conner Knock Your Socks Off Competitor North Tent
Carragan Cook Paul E. Peppywood Competitor North Tent
Sydne Cook Sig Fantastic Competitor North Tent
Taylor Copenhaver Victory Will Do Competitor Marvin Savage
Eirin Cox Gabriel Competitor Marvin Savage
Francesca Crichton Chez Pierre Competitor Greenwood
Allison Csaki Ballyhaise Spook III Competitor South Tent
Kristin Curreri Hondo Competitor Mid-South Tent
Federico Daners S.V.R. Ron Competitor Mid-South Tent
Caroline Daniel In Pursuit Competitor North Tent
Kristin Daniel Clifton Groover Competitor North Tent
Ashley Davis Amoreaux Competitor Greenwood
Debra Dealcuaz Paisano Competitor Mid-South Tent
Maggie Deatrick Divine Comedy Competitor Mid-South Tent
Julia Denton Win/Win Situation Competitor Marvin Savage
Ellen Doughty Sir Oberon Competitor Mid-South Tent
Courtney DuBuis Granville Hall Competitor South Tent
Courtney DuBuis Auda Competitor South Tent
Tripp Edwards Stina Competitor South Tent
Tripp Edwards Tack South Tent
Forrest el-Effendi Applause Competitor Mid-South Tent
Kathleen Elberson Bluebonnet's Valedictorian Competitor South Tent
Shelbie Embrey Joker Competitor South Tent
Suzanna Ewert With Amazing Grace Competitor South Tent
Matthew Ferguson Viva la Diva Competitor Marvin Savage
Meighan Ferguson Cappataggle Clover Competitor Marvin Savage
Cynthia Ferrell Baxter Competitor Mid-South Tent
Carie Fick Timeless Art Competitor North Tent
Audrey Figari Charles in Charge Competitor Mid South Tent
Audrey Figari Landofire Competitor Mid South Tent
Brittany Fleming Jim the Gent Competitor South Tent
Brittany Fleming Tack South Tent
Jacob Fletcher Come On Rocket Competitor Mid-South Tent
Zara Flores-Kinney Sir Isaac Newt Competitor South Tent
Allison Freeman El Duro Competitor Marvin Savage
Melanie Gatewood Bingos Mystery Bandit Competitor Marvin Savage
Sarah Goodyear Fulbrook Silver Moon Competitor Mid-South Tent
Barbara Greber Rest Assured Competitor Mid-South Tent
Carol Green Fiona Competitor South Tent
Melissa Griffith Bear's Shadow Competitor South Tent
Melissa Griffith Tack South Tent
Angela Grzywinski Novelle Competitor North Tent
Charlee Hagan Jace Competitor North Tent
Keri Hamrick On the Fritz Competitor North Tent
Keri Hamrick Tack North Tent
Diane Hanrahan The Donald Competitor South Tent
Judy Hartman Cabernat Competitor South Tent
Amy Haycox On A Sofa Competitor North Tent
Ashley Hays Mulligan Man Competitor South Tent
Ashlyn Hayworth Guinness Competitor South Tent
Hollie Hibbard That Hits The Spot Competitor Marvin Savage
Jamie Hill Splash VI Competitor South Tent
Melissa Hoon The Incredible Mr. E Competitor Marvin Savage
Cherye Huber Sportsfield Maisie Grey Competitor Marvin Savage
Roxy Huffine Bubba Gum Competitor Marvin Savage
Erin Jameson Angelo Competitor North Tent
Madison Jaros Dutch Air Competitor Mid-South Tent
Kelly Johnson-Poe Sneak Preview Competitor Greenwood
Stephanie Judkins Dakotas Dirty Dancer Competitor South Tent
Kelley Kays-Everett Hero II Competitor Mid-South Tent
Margaret Kitts Beacon Charm Competitor Marvin Savage
Avery Klunick In It To Win It Competitor South Tent
Avery Klunick Parnell Bridge Competitor South Tent
Stephanie Kuenast Amazing Grace Competitor North Tent
Marsha Lewis Pedro Competitor South Tent
Sheryl Lewis Bravo III Competitor Mid-South Tent
Kristy Limon Excel Competitor North Tent
Michael Marchbanks Path To Poverty Competitor Marvin Savage
Kimberly Mayfield Cruz Control Competitor Marvin Savage
Lida McAllister Finessa Competitor Marvin Savage
Jessica McCabe Dartagnian Competitor North Tent
Candace McCall Arab Influence Competitor South Tent
Catherine McCall Zarpazo Competitor Marvin Savage
Maddie McElduff Lemontree Voodoo Magic Competitor Greenwood
Maddie McElduff Tack Greenwood
Susan McGinnis Radiance Competitor Marvin Savage
Michaela Meeks Donner Boy Competitor South Tent
Erin Moore Baldur Competitor South Tent
Heather Morris Pasadena Fling Competitor Marvin Savage
Heather Morris Master P Competitor Marvin Savage
Heather Jane Morris Robstown Competitor North Tent
Sarah Nores Hully Gully Competitor North Tent
Julie Norman Dante Competitor South Tent
Julie Norman Consensus Competitor South Tent
Siobhan O'Brien Hoodwink Competitor Mid-South Tent
Claire Parker Good Friday Competitor Greenwood
Claire Parker Cloud Play Competitor Greenwood
Claire Parker Tack Greenwood
Rachel Pauerstein Rebels Robin Boy Competitor Mid-South Tent
Shelley Peters Chablis Competitor Mid-South Tent
Alyssa Phillips Sundance Bay Competitor North Tent
Tamara Pollard Sage Competitor Marvin Savage
Monika Qualls Sunny Competitor South Tent
Stacey Quarles MacArthur Competitor Marvin Savage
Cheryl Ramotowski Pilot in Command Competitor South Tent
Katie Rein Miss Metroplex Competitor South Tent
Katie Rein Expresso Express Competitor South Tent
Katie Rein Tack South Tent
Rebecca Rickly My Shamrock Paddy Competitor Marvin Savage
Courtney Rowles Cornerstone's Natural Perfection Competitor South Tent
Morgan Ruble Wolfgang Competitor Mid-South Tent
Ruth Sawin Hooked on Roses Competitor Mid-South Tent
Terrie Shaft Jessabelles Shadow Competitor South Tent
Karen Shull Just My Style Competitor Mid-South Tent
Jean Marie Stanley Dark Chocolate Competitor Mid-South Tent
Savannah Stone Dharma Competitor South Tent
Donna Struke Splashpoint Competitor Marvin Savage
Susan Sulentic Just Do It Competitor Marvin Savage
Meghan Sullivan Out of Phase Competitor South Tent
Allison Sumrow Just By Chance Competitor Marvin Savage
Janet Taylor Keno's Beduino Competitor Marvin Savage
Catherine Texter Baker Ronan Competitor Mid-South Tent
Karen Trout Fleur de Lis Competitor Greenwood
Ellen Truitt Be A Rebel Competitor Marvin Savage
Alyssa Valentine Made 'Ya Look Competitor North Tent
Brynn Waley Domino Competitor North Tent
Amy Walsh Two Out Rally Competitor Marvin Savage
J. Ellen Ward Tomba Foolery Competitor Mid-South Tent
Ashley Weathers Fairfax Sally Competitor Greenwood
Mihya Weber Juan Bandito Competitor South Tent
Kristen Wertz Kaboom Competitor Mid-South Tent
Kimberly Willnow Luna Charisma Competitor Marvin Savage
Christina Windsor Isenbard Competitor Marvin Savage
Hannah Wood Worth Every Penny Competitor North Tent
Samantha Wood Belistar Competitor Marvin Savage
Taylor Wood On Eagle's Wings Competitor North Tent
Taylor Wood Tack North Tent
Michele Woodford Nick of Time Competitor Mid South Tent
Kelly Zimmerhanzel Dustin Blue Competitor South Tent
Linda Zimmerhanzel Bighearted Competitor South Tent

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