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Flying Cross Horse Trials

September 15-17, 2017 - Skylight, KY

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall
Emily Claire Allen Hennison Competitor Longfield
Kara Andrew Sbt Clover Road Competitor Tent 7 1
Kathy Baar Quick Car Competitor Tent 5 / 2
Ashley Baehr Run Freely Competitor Tent 7 / 2
Ashley Baehr OT Bandini Competitor Tent 7 / 3
Elizabeth Bagsby Wild Poison Zone Competitor Spring Run Farm
Jane Beshear Mountain Light Competitor Tent 4 / 5
Viktoria Bodnar SBT Amarone Competitor Tent 6 / 1
Jessie Bollinger Speed Rail Competitor Tent 4 / 6
Justin Bray Roman Holiday Competitor Tent 5 / 5
Jacquelyn Brown Pearls-n-platinum Competitor Tent 2 / 1
Jessica Cassidy Moon River Competitor Longfield
Ellie Celarek Princess Song Of Joy Competitor Longfield
Kristen Clase Zander Competitor Tent 3 / 6
Katherine Clements Heatherwood's Legolas Competitor Tent 8 / 6
Sydney Cropper Chapparra Competitor Spring Run Farm
Christine Duke Scope It Out Competitor Tent 1 / 1
Jacqueline Ellis Premo Competitor Tent 1 / 2
Lilly Flowers Check In Advance Competitor Alta Vista Farm
Monica Foley Letuspray Competitor Spring Run Farm
Lani Gilliam Don't Quit On Me Competitor Tent 2 / 4
Nora Goldfarb Connor Of Clearfield Competitor Spring Run Farm
MAJ (R) Tedd Goth Born To Boogie II Competitor Longfield
Sarah Harris Fancy Anna Competitor Tent 1 / 3
Melanie Helms Turn Signal Competitor Longfield
Melanie Helms R Pair A Dice Competitor Longfield
Elizabeth Henry Charlotte La Bouff Competitor Tent 8 / 4
Elizabeth Henry Bring Home the Bacon Competitor Tent 8 / 1
Emma Higgins Jones Player Competitor Tent 5 / 6
Kendahl Holden Levitate Competitor Tent 5 / 3
Sally Holman Wistful Silence Competitor Tent 4 / 4
Cindy Huber Just Dan Competitor Longfield
Rose Huff Roxxy Competitor Tent 3 / 2
Sara Irvine A Prize for Luck Competitor Longfield
Brigitte Kettell Jax Competitor Longfield
Russlyn Kimbrough Sunday's Grace Competitor Longfield
Margaret Kimmel Garfunkel Competitor Tent 4 / 2
Thomas Kimmel Vital Eight Competitor Tent 4 / 3
Mary Kate Klir Vow of Honor Competitor Longfield
Susannah Lansdale Constitutional Competitor Longfield
Susannah Lansdale Gotta Have Faith Competitor Longfield
Katie Lippert Sir Tees Competitor Tent 1 / 6
Christina Lockhart En Vogue Competitor Tent 7 / 4
Jett Lord Big Money Competitor Longfield
Lauren Maultsby Ace of Spades Competitor Alta Vista Farm
Dorie Mayfield Gaston Competitor Spring Run Farm
Symantha Melemed CCS Aragorn Competitor Tent 3 / 1
Callum Meyer Jackson Competitor Tent 1 / 4
Amanda Miller Memeltanz Competitor Alta Vista Farm
Amanda Miller True Star Competitor Alta Vista Farm
Lori Miller Heza whyz guy Competitor Longfield
Austin Mockabee Etched In Stone Competitor Spring Run Farm
Kasey Mueller James Blonde Competitor Longfield
Addison Neumeyer English Sparrow Competitor Tent 3 / 3
Blake Park Forefront Competitor Tent 5 / 4
Claire Perrigo Easy Exchange Competitor Longfield
Shannon Pritchard Puttin' On The Fritz Competitor Longfield
Alyse Ptacek Monty's Tune Competitor Tent 7 / 5
Trudy Pulley Mega Tsunami Competitor Tent 2 / 6
Anna Robinson Cooper's Reserve Competitor Longfield
Alexandria Sacopulos Anna-Louise Competitor Tent 8 / 5
Eric Sampson Elvis II Competitor Tent 2 / 2
Marianna Schafer Spot On Competitor Tent 6 / 4
Melissa Schielein Lothario Competitor Longfield
Melissa Schielein ottonowhere Competitor Longfield
Melissa Schielein regae Competitor Longfield
Jenna Schildmier Romolo's Friar Competitor Longfield
Jenna Schildmier Fernhill Moonshine Competitor Longfield
Kaley Seitz HH Franco Competitor Longfield
Rita Selheim Thomas Is Rockin Competitor Spring Run Farm
Erin Sheets Wilderness Road Competitor Tent 3 / 4
Maria Sikic Ella Acappella Competitor Longfield
Elizabeth Silvia-Chandley Lillith Competitor Longfield
Heather Strawbridge Joint Venture Competitor Tent 6 / 3
Heather Strawbridge Jonathan of Damascus Competitor Tent 6 / 2
Amanda Suglia Boogieman Competitor Tent 7 / 6
Ellen Super Seattle's Finest Competitor Tent 6 / 5
Ellen Super Vendetta's Blue Sky Competitor Tent 6 / 6
Sarah Thomas Docs Star Valentine Competitor Longfield
Sierra Thomas Freckles Competitor Longfield
Tavy Thomas The Manager Competitor Longfield
Emily VanTassel Ready to Jam Competitor Tent 3 / 5
Kristina Vik All That Glitters Competitor Longfield
Randi Wagner Mambo Competitor Alta Vista Farm
Jeanne Wallace Qualifier Competitor Longfield
Bryan Williams Go Big Or Go Home Competitor Tent 1 / 5
Lauren Yeagy Breitling Competitor Tent 8 / 2
Lauren Yeagy Cut to the Chase Competitor Tent 8 / 3
Michaela Yowaiski Darla Doll Competitor Longfield
Lani Zabor Yes Please Competitor Tent 2 / 5

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