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Copper Meadows Winter Horse Trials

March 15-16, 2018 - Ramona, CA

Rider Horse Stall Type Stall Shavings
Shelbie Acevedo Sign Me Pretty Cool Competitor G 01
Alessandra Allen-shinn Burleigh Grimes Competitor B 01
Domenica Amiri Dulcinea Competitor D 04 5
Stephanie Atkinson Merlion Competitor D 03 4
Nikki Ayers Lordanna Competitor H 07
Lexie Barrow Hershey's Kiss This Competitor C 08 8
Lexie Barrow Extra
Hailey Benton Mon Petite Chou Competitor D 13
Brooke Berke First Rule Competitor H 19
Sarah Berkowitz Jude Competitor C 02 6
Sarah Berkowitz Under The Radar Competitor C 01
Megan Beyer Passepartout Competitor C 07 4
Alexandria Biederman Ballustree Dun Believable Competitor I 19 6
Alula Bird Candy Competitor G 05
Bari Boersma Wild Media Competitor A 10 0
Dawn Bowes War Chancelor Competitor B 06 6
Dawn Bowes CTR Quartermaster Competitor B 07 6
Dawn Bowes Extra B 08
Dawn Bowes Extra
Leah Breakey Eazy Brass Competitor E 11
Leah Breakey Master Class Competitor E 12
Rylan BRENEMAN Fernhill Shannondale Competitor C 16 5
Karen Bristing Springvale Competitor K 08
Karen Bristing Moonlites Ranger Competitor K 09 4
Julia Brittain Haiku Competitor K 07 5
Dana Burow Mello Competitor D 12
Marina Bynum Chuck Norris Competitor I 12 5
Michelle Capparelli You Don't Know Jack Competitor K 06
Bonner Carpenter Summerbridge Parc Competitor F 16 3
Kimberly Carr Rafael Competitor H 01
Kimberly Carr Tack H 02
Elena Carrion Beacon Rock Competitor E 03 4
Savannah Carter WKD Lad Competitor I 16 5
Savannah Carter Tack I 17
Ava Chase Eloquence Competitor D 11
Harper Click Rubia Competitor E 15 5
Haley Cooper TC Royale Competitor C 03 6
Suzanna Curtis Sophisticate Competitor G 13 2
Suzanna Curtis Extra
Amaya Davis Evening Attire Competitor B 15 4
Annabelle Davis Accalia Competitor B 16 4
Caitlin Davison M Cloudy De Lune SE Competitor E 05
Mackenzie Davison Balla Ruan Competitor A 06
Dianne Dawes Noba Rock Competitor J 05 3
Jessica DiCostanzo Cocoa Z Competitor D 05 4
Johanna Diederichs Dream Squad Competitor B 11
Genevieve Dutil Just the Job III Competitor K 05 5
Christian Eagles Play Ruff Competitor G 19
Christian Eagles A Boy Named Sue Competitor G 20
Christian Eagles Extra G 18
Gina Economou Giacomo Competitor K 10
Will Englehardt Imax Competitor C 04 4
Callia Englund Xyder Competitor F 06 1
Ellen Estenson DEMONSTEROUS Competitor J 03
Auburn Excell Brady Whitethorne Ailton Competitor D 01 5
Auburn Excell Brady Sala Competitor D 02 5
Laura Faremouth Halia Competitor H 04
Robyn Fisher With Class Competitor D 20 3
Amy Foreman Playin It Cool Competitor C 20 5
Eliza Frazer Caetano de Lazy T Competitor I 03 1
kelson frieden castleside maguire Competitor I 05 6
Gracie Friend Feature Presentation Competitor D 14 4
Megan Gastel Rosewood Aoife Competitor G 02
Madison Gentry Bentley GT Competitor C 19 6
Sierra Gibson Cheval de Tonnerre Competitor J 04 4
Jamie Gilbert Annamation Competitor B 09 6
Jeff Goodwin Snip Of The Mist Competitor A 13
Jeff Goodwin Drunk&Disorderleigh Competitor A 15
Jeff Goodwin Drunk By Tuesday Competitor A 14
Julie Goodwin Pendleton Competitor A 17
Julie Goodwin Dee Dee Chaser Competitor A 16
Jada Graham Cilano Competitor A 19 1
Brooklyn Green College Point Blvd Competitor J 10
Tommy Greengard Sir Norman Competitor D 16 3
Jennifer Haglin Sky Competitor F 11 4
Dorothy Hamilton Eloise de Carlier Competitor J 01 2
Jess Hargrave Hypnotik Competitor J 02
Julie Haslem Forrest Jump Competitor E 06
Kristine Haut I Feel Free Competitor J 08
Jennifer Hawthorne Weapon of Choice Competitor K 11 2
Ali Holmes-smith CC Quiet Riot Competitor F 05
Ali Holmes-smith CC Gipsy King Competitor F 04
Tosca Holmes-Smith Fiat Competitor F 03 2
Tosca Holmes-Smith Tom Riddle Competitor F 01
Tosca Holmes-Smith Tack F 02
Tosca Holmes-Smith Tack
Ellie Hunt ME Hokus Pokus Competitor G 15 4
Rebecca Huth Tiger III Competitor A 07 4
Sasha Isaacman Alwyn Gingerbread Man Competitor K 20 2
Eneya Jenkins americana Competitor D 15 6
Emma Johnson Paint Me Perfect Competitor H 15 3
Hailey Johnson Amaze Me Competitor H 16 4
Erin Kellerhouse Perazzi Competitor paddock
Erin Kellerhouse Third Division Competitor A 02
Erin Kellerhouse Woodford Reserve Competitor A 01
Erin Kellerhouse Seychelles Competitor A 03
Delaney Killalea Trouvaille Competitor K 13 6
Natalie Kohoutek Element 79 Competitor B 13
David Koss Erusa Competitor D 19
David Koss Stunner Competitor D 17
David Koss Tack D 18
Fran Lancaster Elecktra Competitor H 03 4
Cara Lavigna Carrick Diamond Duke Competitor D 06
Grace Lebrecht Semper Fidelis Competitor G 17 4
Lilly Linder Codigo Competitor E 10
Aleja Lopez Red Velvet Competitor E 07
Crystal Marks Star of Arabia Competitor D 10
Jordyn Mary Agazon Competitor C 06
Jaya Mayne Graf Gerhardt Competitor K 16 5
Shirley McCune Java Jazz Competitor A 18
Keira McKeon Change of Luck Competitor C 17
Michelle Meghrouni Swizzle Competitor K 04 3
Kathi Michel Bedazzled Competitor A 20 2
Heather Morris Cheers Competitor G 11
Helen Morrison Lily Competitor I 01 2
Helen Morrison Chiquita Competitor I 02 2
Kinley Nye Slewth Competitor G 16 2
Analise O'Brien Buttons Competitor H 17
Andrew Paley Cobra Competitor K 01 4
Meg Pellegrini Cici Top Competitor K 17 6
Meredith Perry Secret Meadow Competitor H 18
Lucille Pulfer Kenai Competitor E 14 8
Linda Quist Belle Gambe Competitor I 11
Lauren Rath Syntax Competitor K 03 3
Tayler Ravenscroft Shadow Boxer Competitor K 02
Krissta Rexin Flyin Huckleberry Competitor F 07
Dawn Robbins Diablo Tejano Competitor E 04
Suz Roehl Playing Hooky Competitor I 08 3
Deborah Rosen Tumbleweedprincess Competitor E 01
Deborah Rosen Essex Junction Competitor E 02 6
Lauren Salgueiro Palatable Confection Competitor B 14 3
Madison Santley Excellence Competitor I 13 6
Madeleine Scott Automatic Competitor E 08 1
Madeleine Scott Crosby's Gold Competitor E 09 2
Sara Sellmer Freesela Competitor E 17 6
Sara Sellmer Balian Competitor E 19 4
Sara Sellmer Salido MS Competitor E 16 5
Sara Sellmer Quidproquo Competitor E 20 6
Stephanie Simard Roosevelt Competitor D 07 2
Anne Sisk Gamblin Edge Competitor H 05
Kyra Slutzky Nabouco De Lessay Competitor I 15 4
Kaylawna Smith Zia Competitor F 17 4
Tamra Smith Makemineadouble Competitor F 12
Tamra Smith Fleeceworks Ghost Competitor F 20 4
Tamra Smith Graceland's Liebling Competitor F 19 4
Chloe Smyth Danny Boy Competitor F 08 3
Chloe Smyth Happy Hour Competitor F 10
Luisa Southworth Elliot-V Competitor F 14
Aimee Stadler V.E. Whatta Good Time Competitor K 14 3
Sharon Steinhauser QCIX Ebony Bay Competitor D 09 7
Sharon Steinhauser Classy Little Lady Competitor D 08
Taylor Stotler Great Expectations Xi Competitor K 12 3
Sissy Sugarman Carmani Competitor C 10
Megan Sykes Classic's Mojah Competitor F 15 2
Morgan Taylor Sienna Sunrise Competitor K 19 2
Melissa Thorson Padric Competitor B 19
Melissa Thorson Pleasant Jack Competitor B 18 2
Melissa Thorson pridefulleigh Competitor A 12
Melissa Thorson Troy Story Competitor B 20
Whitney Tucker Billeter Karvaleo Competitor A 05
Audrey Van Leeuwen Tempest TM Competitor B 17 4
Kate Vorobieff Mr. Perfect Competitor K 18 3
Hailey Weber Master Jockey Competitor I 18
Amy West Benjamin Competitor J 06
Amy West Bronte II Competitor J 09
Amy West Extra J 07
Jeremy Williams Dreamer Competitor G 03
Cricket Wood Illuminare Competitor I 07 3
Zoe Zeller Tristan Competitor A 08
Zoe Zeller Countess Marguerite Competitor A 09

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